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He did the same for me: Hamilton on why he told media to show Vettel more respect

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Lewis Hamilton says he told media to show his championship rival Sebastian Vettel more respect because the Ferrari driver has defended him in the past.

Following the last race in Japan, Hamilton wrote a social media post stating “the media need to show a little more respect for Sebastian”.

During today’s FIA press conference Hamilton said he expects other drivers would have done the same for him. “I think if I was in the same position they would probably do the same thing. As drivers we are all members of the GPDA [Grand Prix Drivers’ Association] and I think we just all need to stick together. The respect we have for one another is probably the greatest it’s been for many years, at least the years I’ve been in Formula 1.

“Ultimately as a four-time world champion it is the most intense year that we’ve had. Everything, every hiccup is magnified, as it is in any sport at the top.

“There have been several times that I’ve been in the firing range and Seb’s always been really respectful in supporting me so I thought it was only just to do the same.”

Vettel criticised journalists for asking Hamilton and his Mercedes team mate Valtteri Bottas questions about Mercedes’ team orders which handed victory from Bottas to Hamilton in Russia. He also complained when a journalist asked Hamilton about a comment he made referring to Max Verstappen after the Bahrain Grand Prix.

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9 comments on “He did the same for me: Hamilton on why he told media to show Vettel more respect”

  1. Respect my foot! Where was his “respect” when he hit you in Baku, Mexico and Monza? Where was it when he pushed you off the track at COTA last year? Or in Spain and Silverstone?

    Seb was simply doing self preservation regarding his comments about Mercedes team orders, rather than sticking up for Lewis. Surely, Lewis cannot be that naive. He does not want the same comments directed at him when Ferrari are guilty of the same issue, so it makes sense to defend any other team (or driver) that it happens to. Smart cookie!

    And yes, i am a bit cynical. :-)

    1. Only proving the point that most of the beefs between famous people are created by fans or media.

    2. Panagiotis Papatheodorou (@panagiotism-papatheodorou)
      18th October 2018, 20:43

      Why does everything have to be like that mate? What if they truly feel like that? In COTA he didn’t push him outside of the track since he was holding his line, in Spain it is called racing, Lewis has done a ton of times, in Britain I don’t even know what you are talking about. The rest I agree with. Crashing with someone doesn’t mean you don’t respect him as well. Senna respected Prost yet they crashed quite a few times.

    3. I think you’re definitely being cynical, as I was initially about Hamilton to be fair. I think it’s nice to see a bit of mutual respect in F1 as media and fans seem to be getting worse for extreme views recently.

      I’m not a fan of Hamilton but admire his stance here, hopefully he and Vettel keep fighting (on track) for a few more years.

      1. +1 glynh

    4. @kbdavies, the ways in which drivers behave on and off the track can and should be worlds apart. Off the track, be respectable. But when that visor comes down, nothing should get in the way of winning, including breaking the rules, if they can get away with it.

  2. They are “enemies” on the track. They are not enemies in life. Why should they be? Such small minded people lol.

  3. Many fans think the “us vs them” mentality as in “us” is their preferred driver and similar minded people and “them” is the supposed rival driver with their similar legions of fans. What they don’t realize is for most of the drivers the “us” is people who directly worked in the sport including rival team members and “them” is everyone else including annoying sensationalist journalists and lunatic fans (i.e. the aforementioned fans who think the driver is definitely on their side).

    So yeah, people please stop degrading and belittling any drivers with your comments. The truth is most likely your “hero” didn’t like what you did and even hate you for saying those kind of words.

  4. Hamitlon the empathetic!
    What a champ!

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