Jerome Stoll, Renault, 2018

Stoll remains in charge at Renault as Koskas steps down

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In the round-up: The departure of Thierry Koskas from Renault means Jerome Stoll will remain in charge of the F1 team.

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Comment of the day

Will 2019 be Honda’s breakthrough year?

I think hardly anyone doubts how much Honda wants to win and disprove their critics. But many doubt that they know how to do it, despite throwing as much money at it as they have.
Surely Honda partnering with Red Bull makes sense for both. And both will want that success. And will invest a lot of money into it.

But none of that actually guarantees much. As Gasly rightly remarks, it is not a straightforward path to find the “missing” (see, still not there!) power. It will eventually come, certainly if the current engines are kept for a while longer, but when?

Also, since their second year back in F1, Honda have always seemed to have at least some kind of power-up for qualifying, it showed in the difference between their qualifying and races for McLaren, and the same trend was pretty discernible with Toro Rosso. And it showed with the change of engines for both of those teams.

While that can be very helpful for Red Bull – gaining a qualifying spot with a top three chassis should help gain more chances at top results – especially at higher power tracks, it will still leave them with lower power to keep ahead if that cannot be sustained for the race.

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18 comments on “Stoll remains in charge at Renault as Koskas steps down”

  1. Is there any suspicious reason why Koskas has departed…?
    It reminds me of Arnoux’s departure from Ferrari…

    1. The exact reason for why Koskas has parted company with Renault is not yet clear – the way that it’s been phrased is a bit ambiguous, simply referring to him “departing from the group” – it is not clear if that means he has chosen to leave or was sacked, but the way that some news sites have reported it have hinted that it was possibly the latter and possibly that the decision was related to the ongoing debate over Ghosn’s detention.

      1. @anon Debate? I believe he is incarcerated and not likely to be set loose. I also wondered whether that scandal at Nissan could have an impact on Renault.

  2. I agree with the COTD in principle although not necessarily entirely with the third paragraph: That hasn’t really seemed to be the case every time, though. Quite often, the Honda-powered cars have either remained on their qualifying-positions or dropped from there.

    Sainz Sn could’ve retired competitive racing altogether when he retired from rallying in the middle of last decade and still be a legend.

    1. Sure, @jerejj, I do get the impresssion from the pattern shown in the last few years, but since there are no clear data to go on, it is by no means certain i am right there.

      Sainz Sr. – great driver, really has a heart for motorsport, doesn’t he.

  3. Congrats to Jenson for being a father. That baby will be in F1 in about 20 years.

    1. Coincidentally, that’s when FE’s exclusivity clause ends. I wonder what the state of motorsport will be in that year.

      1. Someone screenshot for a 20 yr challenge.

  4. Break through yr for Honda? Well it is all perspective, and from mine I would say no. I am definitely hoping for
    an improvement in power and reliability along with McLaren.
    I was able to watch bits of the Dakar this yr and Sainz was up against it from the start. It’s a cliche but just finishing is an achievement. Sometimes when I hear F1 drivers whining about how hard things are I wish they could drive just one Dakar stage, a few nappy changes there I rekon.
    And of course a big congratulations to all of the winners but especially to Toby Price winning the bike section (2nd time) with a damaged wrist from the start.

    1. Break through yr for Honda? Well it is all perspective, and from mine I would say no. I am definitely hoping for an improvement in power and reliability along with McLaren.

      ehm… do i read/understand this wrong or did you missed the fact McLaren uses a Renault engine?

      1. No you read correctly, neither have I missed the fact that you are a Verstappen fan and hope like hell the Honda can pull a miracle and Renault fall flat. :))

        1. Hmm. strange remark. I am a F1 fan, and yes VER is what we desperately needed to spice up things.
          But as far as teams go, i really hope (like every serious fan should do imo) that there are 4 matching engines on the grid. Fighting for every place on the grid in 2019 would really spice up things..
          So i detest people who think, that only by degrading others you’re driver can “win”

          1. As far as strange remarks go read yours again. I clearly say that I hope for an improvement at Honda and Renault. You make a disparaging remark about Mclaren using Renault engines, implying they are not going to improve. Then go on to say you want more engines to be competitive, make up your mind.
            Also I definitely did not degrade you or Verstappen.
            Oh quick question, what do think makes a serious fan?

  5. Thanks for the CotD @keithcollantine!

  6. That terrible moment when you misread a headline and think Lawrence has bought his son another team…

    1. @neilosjames – I think we may both have whiplash from the same doubletake at the headline :)

    2. I read that and briefly wondered when I’d missed Lawrence buying the entire bid in the attempt to become the next Bernie Ecclestone.

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