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Alfa Romeo signs Correa as development driver

2019 F1 season

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Alfa Romeo has signed 19-year-old American racer Juan Manuel Correa as its new Formula 1 development driver.

Correa will race for Sauber’s junior team Charouz in Formula 2 this year.

He has graduated to F2 from GP3, where he spent last season at Jenzer alongside Alfa Romeo’s other test driver Tatiana Calderon. Correa ended the season 12th with a best finish of fourth place at the Circuit de Catalunya.

Correa previously raced ion the Italian and German Formula Four championships. He finished fourth in last year’s Toyota Racing Series New Zealand, winning twice.

“Juan Manuel will be taking on a new challenge with our team as our development driver and we look forward to further advancing his skills in support of his progress as a racing driver,” said Alfa Romeo team principal Frederic Vasseur.

In addition to Correa and Calderon, Alfa Romeo can also call on the services of former F1 driver Marcus Ericsson, who is now racing in IndyCar.

“To have received this opportunity and to be a part of such an iconic team and brand in motorsports, Formula 1 in particular, is a privilege for any driver,” said Correa. “I will do my best to honor the opportunity I have been given and want to thank Fred and the entire Alfa Romero Racing Team for having me. I’m excited for what the future has to hold.”

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2019 F1 season

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7 comments on “Alfa Romeo signs Correa as development driver”

  1. So does he get to actually ever drive an F1 car?

  2. Correa’s an Ecuadorian-born racer and used to race under Ecuadorian-flag licence before.
    My wife, also born in Ecuador, would love to see the first Ecuadorian F1 driver on track. She would stare at the screen during races instead of snoring with the cat beside. But small southern country, small southern money.

    1. Sounds like you got a real winner ;)

  3. His name has speed written all over it!

  4. Never heard of this guy.

    Looks like a PR stunt to me, driven by FCA. Their whole point of going into the Alfa-Sauber partnership was to market Alfa’s in the States (primarily), where it is quirky little brand. Using F1 as platform to market it as a serious automotive marque is a bit of gamble considering the State-side market, but having an “American” driver strutting around if Alfa gear, doinga few PR stunts and events, can only help.

    1. He didn’t do very well in any junior series so far in his career. Yet, he seems to be moving up to higher series every year. I think this guy is loaded.

  5. What an odd choice: Callum Illot, the other Charouz driver, is miles better than him and on top of that is also an FDA member…

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