2019 Azerbaijan Grand Prix championship points

2019 Azerbaijan Grand Prix

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F1 drivers championship after the 2019 Azerbaijan Grand Prix

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F1 constructors championship after the 2019 Azerbaijan Grand Prix

3Red Bull63
5Racing Point17
6Alfa Romeo13
9Toro Rosso4

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2019 Azerbaijan Grand Prix

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10 comments on “2019 Azerbaijan Grand Prix championship points”

  1. 4 races in, I’m already fed up with this season.

  2. F1 is boring day by day, would have been better atleast if ferrari was stronger. Charles leclerc deserves a better ferrari.

    1. not today he didn’t.

  3. The signs were there since day 1 winter testing, watched it on f1tv. Mercedes looked great, dont know why journalists keep reading into the times, ferrari is always quickest in testing.
    Another year of the same ruleset, cars get quicker increasing aero turbulence, new front and rear wings made no difference, in f1s defense brawn stated it would be even worse with last years wings. pirelli brought harder tyres but laptimes keep improving, guess bigger wings make cars faster.

    1. @peartree

      To be fair, the Ferrari looked a heck of a lot more balanced and stable than Mercedes during pre season testing in 2019.

      In 2017 and 2018, Mercedes never chased fast lap times in pre season testing, but their quickest lap times on slower compounds was more impressive than Ferrari, which showed that they still had pace in hand. In 2019, even on the slower compounds Ferrari had the edge, so, I can understand why journalists jumped on the ‘Ferrari are the team to beat’ bandwagon.

      Ferrari hasn’t really looked that bad this year. In the hands of Leclerc, they were the fastest in Bahrain and looked fastest in Baku as well. They just haven’t executed a strong weekend yet.

      1. the car seems to suit Leclerc much better than Vettel, who is always complaining about lack of grip and confidence in the car.
        If they fail to give him the car to attack the way he wants, i won’t be surprised if he doesn’t win a race this season.
        Leclerc, on the other hand, is a matter of time. He likes the car, uses it properly, is always as fast or faster. It will happen.

      2. @todfod Don’t agree as a result my predictions championship has been going strong. The big reason Leclerc was going to win at bahrain was the fact he had 2 new sets of the medium and Lewis had only one, the way lewis overtook vettel showed how much more pace that car has.

  4. And Vettel said it was the best winter testing he ever had.
    He clearly spent too much time with the italian crowd to be so emotional about his chances so early.

    Let’s see if AT LEAST in Spain Ferrari puts up challenge, cuz i can’t see this season changing one bit.
    Mercedes does what it wants on track. Hamilton even allowed Vettel to close the gap one time, to pull away right after.

    kudos to them for being this competitive for 6 straight years.

  5. Looks like drs is too strong. Makes for boring races. No skill to past, just get within 1 sec.

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