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Leclerc: I still haven’t finished a race at home yet

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In the round-up: Charles Leclerc rues his failure to finish in his home event.


What they say

Leclerc hasn’t seen the chequered flag in his last four starts at home.

Unfortunately I didn’t end this race either. I think since I came here I never ended a race at my home grand prix race. [Two] races during Formula 2 I stopped, last year I stopped, this year I stopped. It’s a shame.

It’s very disappointing but obviously 15th was not our starting position today. I tried, I knew I had to take risks and unfortunately we ended the race with a crash in Rascasse. But before that it was still a fun race for me doing some overtaking.

Quotes: Dieter Rencken

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Comment of the day

Will we see more teams copying MLlaren’s ‘go slow’ in Monaco?

Seems not quite ‘racing’ eh? A team gets more points by asking one of the drivers to go slower. Obviously only useful on a tight street circuit, but if this gets seen to work how long before Ferrari ask Leclerc to do 1:25 so Vettel can finish on the podium?

Can’t blame the lower order teams for smart ideas like this but I wouldn’t want to see the fastest teams regularly at the ‘train game’.

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25 comments on “Leclerc: I still haven’t finished a race at home yet”

  1. Not to wish any business demise, but the current Barcelona track will not be missed.
    There were very few memorable F1 races there. (Maldonado’s win?)
    The major example of action in almost 30 years on this track is 5 seconds image of a faster car overtaking a slower car. Is it possible that nothing else happened on this track better than that image? Spa almost every year offered some scenes to the season highlights.
    Most of the races on Barcelona were processional. Something very unusual and unexpected – tyres blowing up – had to happen something noticeable. Or non events as ROS-HAM clash.
    Worst yet, Spain seems to have FIA A-level tracks that were more promising – as MotoGP helps to show.

    1. DAllein (@)
      1st June 2019, 8:47

      You ate plainly wrong.
      Many really love this track. Me included

      If you don’t like it, ok, but try to not think only of yourself.

      And if you think Zandvoort will be even a slight bit better… I think you will be mistaken.

  2. To mention only two out of several examples available, I wonder if the COTD poster remembers Hungary 2018… Or if they noticed GIO at Melbourne…

    1. Oh I should have been more specific but I meant doing specific lap times rather than just going slower to hold the pack up. I know when asked to ‘not’ push the driver is probably given example lap times it was just this seemed so spot on accurate it was if software had recommended it. Admittedly I am back watching F1 after a long break… 30 years! Only started watching again after Austria 2018. Being in the US with no TV package didn’t help!

  3. cotd dig at Ferrari on a weekend when Bottas played martyr, again! for the 30th time since joining Mercedes, pretty usual, deflection.
    Sainz jr has a positive weekend, proceeds to toot his horn like a vuvuzela, can’t wait to see him out of f1, too slow.
    Ericsson was making f1 proud, until he locked up into the pits, had he smashed the indy field instead maybe he’d be worthy of another chance, surely he’s at sainz jr level.

    1. How was Bottas a martyr?

    2. @peartree how is Bottas getting a puncture and being relegated to a net 3rd due to an impossible track to overtake at ‘playing martyr’ pray tell. Rather a deluded assessment of his race.

  4. NeverElectric
    1st June 2019, 5:47

    Boy, this kid comments on everything every time!
    Great talent, but he now needs to shut it a bit. Too much lip.

    1. You got it backwards.

      He keeps getting asked. You cant blame him for answering questions.
      Especially not this early in his career, he hasn’t learned to say no yet.

  5. Panagiotis Papatheodorou (@panagiotism-papatheodorou)
    1st June 2019, 6:22

    Reading that article about Brundle’s wife, I was thinking of Martin’s talent and the fact he never got to win a race. He was a good driver but always unlucky in my honest opinion. He even beat Senna in F3 which he should be proud of.

    Other than that, he came close in Spa 1992 I believe. A lot of crashes in his career as well. However, he is still the best commentator of all time imo, even better than Walker. He has a great eye for detail and is always paying attention. He isn’t hyperbolic like Crofty.

    1. @panagiotism-papatheodorou

      It was a bit weird hearing Martin’s son Alex commentating on the Indy 500 for Sky. I know genetics and all that, but his voice is eerily similar. Not just accent
      , but expression, the way he gets excited.
      It was quite freaky in a way.

      My missus came into the room and asked how Martin Brundle could be doing both Monaco and Indy in the same day? Lol

  6. German auto industry on its way to losing jobs for trying catching up on electric car. Motor side, EV need only 50 parts while ICE need up to 1200 parts. Many suppliers are going out of business sooner than later. They need to channel their technology more to road relevant motorsport. Mercedes and Porsche decision to complete in Formula E was already best thing to do to maintain future car market. Let other manufacture have fun on the last era of F1.

  7. Ben Rowe (@thegianthogweed)
    1st June 2019, 8:11

    i don’t understand why Leclerc is saying his race was ended at that corner. His race was ended when he went stupidly fast with a puncture. I know that he won’t have been able to recover to a very high position, but he could easily have finished the race. In Baku in 2017, Bottas showed that you can drive back to the pits with a puncture on a very long track without wrecking your car. Leclerc wrecked his race, but he wasn’t because of hitting Hulkenberg that totally ended it.

    1. Exactly….(Just watching the reply again now) and as Martin Brundle rightly points out. (1) That in fact Leclerc himself ran into/clipped the barrier, with his right rear, Hulk gave him plenty of room. (2) You need to drive slowly back to the pits (almost walking pace) so as not to damage the car.

      1. Leclerc stock at an all time low following Monaco.

        1. Josh (@canadianjosh)
          1st June 2019, 19:44

          I rate him 2nd to Hamilton but politics has kept him quiet and an engine problem in Bahrain. His stock is high.

          1. @canadianjosh I rate Verstappen way higher. He started Monaco further back down the grid last year and lasted more than 15 laps. Leclerc needs a year to mature then he may be devastatingly good.

          2. Josh (@canadianjosh)
            1st June 2019, 20:46

            RB13, I’m an idiot and had a blank, I too rate Max higher. Dont know how I even forgot about him.

  8. Rossi on the pole for Race One in Detroit… Dixon drove the wheels off that car on his last lap, didn’t quit make it !

  9. Yes, he indeed still hasn’t managed to reach the chequered flag in Monaco in F1. Hopefully, the third time in about 12 months from now would finally lead to that happening.

    Regarding the COTD: That is something that has happened numerous times over the years, so nothing new there.

  10. Josh (@canadianjosh)
    1st June 2019, 19:42

    Is Charles going to dwell on Monaco until qualifying for the Montreal GP? He’s a racer so he likely will but jeez, get it out of your head and get ready for Montreal because Monaco 2019 is history.

    1. @canadianjosh – I’m pretty sure these are quotes from the post-race interviews, that are just trickled out in the lean period between GPs. It’s not something he said yesterday. Paging @coldfly, for whom this is a major bugbear ;)

      1. Thanks, but no thanks @phylyp.

        I’m already dreading the summer break, having to read old quotes on a daily basis.

  11. Possessed by the spirit of schumacher? Now this is interesting, sounds like an interesting excuse for speeding!

  12. Leclerc, nobody told you F1 is no piece of cake?

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