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FIA race director Masi visits Zandvoort to inspect track plans

2020 F1 season

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FIA race director Michael Masi visited the Zandvoort circuit this week to discuss the planned changes ahead of Formula 1’s return to the venue next year.

Masi discussed the alterations to the track which have been proposed by architects Dromo. Representatives from the FIA, Formula One Management, the circuit and Dutch auto club Knac Nationale Autosport Federatie joined them at the inspection.

The delegation spent four hours inspecting the 4.3-kilometre track which has been added to the 2020 F1 calendar. The proposed changes are expected to be put before the FIA Circuits Commission in August in order for construction work to begin in November.

Dromo founder and head of circuit design Jarno Zaffelli told RaceFans “we were positively impressed by FIA attitude in supporting our vision.”

“Michael was very professional and collaborative, supporting solutions that might be groundbreaking to increase the show in F1.”

RaceFans understands one proposed change to the track involves adding a steep banking to the final corner, to allow F1 cars to pass through it flat-out while using DRS to aid overtaking, and to reduce the amount of run-off needed at this part of the track.

However it is not clear whether it will be possible to complete the work in time for F1’s expected return in May. F1’s official tyre supplier Pirelli has raised concerns that adding a steep banking will require teams to use much higher tyre pressures, which will negatively affect the cars’ handling elsewhere around the circuit.

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2020 F1 season

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20 comments on “FIA race director Masi visits Zandvoort to inspect track plans”

  1. Anyone else getting Donnington flashbacks?

    Might have been an idea to add Zandvort to the 2021 calendar to give them a bit more time to make the alterations.

    1. euh construction starts in november and will be finish on time, it’s rather simple work. Asfalt works is finished in 2-3 days ground work 5-6 days so it should be finish the same month.

      1. GtisBetter (@)
        26th June 2019, 16:08

        I can guarantee you the alterations wil not be done in one month.

      2. @macleod, I am curious what you are basing those assertions on, because it sounds extremely optimistic, if not downright unrealistic, to claim that the works will be done that quickly.

        For a start, from what I can tell, November is one of the wettest months of the year – around 80mm of rainfall on average that month – and a high probability of rain falling in that period (about 20 days that month will see rain falling). That is basically the worst time of the year you could possibly pick for any sort of construction works, especially if it involves undertaking earthworks construction (which will be required if they are creating a banked final turn) – I think you are badly underestimating quite how long it will take to do the works.

        1. Your right ALL the alterations will be done in 2 months. BTW works doesn’t stop for a bit of rain (60mm max average for Zandvoort) source: Jan Lammers,

          We are not building a metroline under ground…

          1. @macleod, so your source is essentially “because Jan says so”?

            You might say “works doesn’t stop for a bit of rain”, but trying to heavily compact soil when it is raining heavily is an extremely bad idea – you’re highly likely to be unable to compact that material at all, as it is far more likely to end up having a basal failure when you apply significant load to it. You come across as a bit high handed, whilst at the same time giving the impression that you’re not really familiar with what is actually involved in constructing earthworks.

          2. @macleod, well, coming back to this now in late December, it turns out that your confident statement that “ALL the alterations will be done in 2 months” and your confident assertions that the groundworks would be done in a week are miles out.

            This video was taken of the circuit at about Christmas time – and it shows that they haven’t finished with the earthworks for the final corner, with large chunks of the track having also been dug up to create trenches to install new tunnels underneath the track.

            I wonder if, now it has been shown that your rather rude and high handed predictions were completely and utterly wrong, whether you will be prepared to apologise for your behaviour and retract your claims.

  2. My thoughts exactly. Why rush. They should have started this 3 years ago when they saw how popular Max was. Now, they are trying to rush through a big circuit renovation, which they will probably botch and then the circuit will lose its charm and probably have bumps.

    1. Bumps are good for racing.

    2. you people aren’t used by goodworkmanship? they are not building a new paddock just a addon.

    3. It’s already bumpy, which isn’t a problem except for the engineers setting up the cars and drivers who have to navigate them. Bumps are good. Laying asphalt and reprofiling one corner isn’t a major undertaking.

  3. Look at those lovely curves, fantastic flowing track, the kind you could drive all day and never get tired.

    Savoir the memory as they insert two chicanes for DRS overtaking.

    1. layout stays the same silly!

    2. Yes, it’s a fantastic driving circuit. Unfortunately, not a place you can overtake in a car which relies on significant aero.

  4. DAllein (@)
    26th June 2019, 15:30

    Nice, narrow, overtaking-unfriendly track. Covered in a layer of snow.

    Perfect sight I would like to see next year.

    1. Poor Sally, will be disappointed. There’s no snow in May in the Netherlands.
      But I would have been a nice extra, snow tires instead of rain tires.

      1. DAllein (@)
        26th June 2019, 19:24

        This year it was 6-10C during the weekend, which is supposed to hold race next year. And it was snowing in SPA during the same weekend.

        Just wait, see and you will be shocked.

        And I will ne happy. Mark my word.

        1. GtisBetter (@)
          26th June 2019, 20:30

          It’s still very very rare to be that cold and snowy in may in the netherlands. It could happen again of course, but the chances are not very high.

        2. @dallein Whether you are happy or not is interesting to absolutely nobody.
          What is relevant, however, is the weather in May in the Netherlands and I have to agree with Erikje here. It doesn’t snow in May. It might rain, it might be annoyingly grey and depressing (i.e. rather British) or it might be sunny and hot, but it won’t snow.

  5. I’d revert Zandvoort to its origial 1967 state

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