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Verstappen says wind contributed to crash

2019 Austrian Grand Prix

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Max Verstappen says wind levels were a problem throughout second practice following his crash at the Red Bull Ring.

Verstappen spun his Red Bull into the wall at turn 10, causing heavy damage to his car.

“I was already complaining all my laps about the wind being really tricky,” he explained. “In some places, just losing the rear.”

He said much the same happened when he lost his car for good. “I got into that corner and you can see in the data the rear turned around. So that definitely didn’t help.”

Several drivers from front-running teams had spins during the session. Sebastian Vettel went off at the same corner as Verstappen, but avoided the barriers, while Valtteri Bottas crashed his Mercedes at turn six.

“This year the cars in general are more sensitive to the wind,” said Verstappen. “I think you could also see with Valtteri at one point just lost it.

“Crashes can happen, unfortunately. Maybe it’s a good thing because they’ll take the whole car apart and put new parts on it.”

Although his team mate ended the session with the second-fastest time, Verstappen is unsure whether he’ll be able to qualify in the first two row.

“I don’t know yet,” he said. “We still have a lot of work to do because I think things can always be better in terms of balance.”

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14 comments on “Verstappen says wind contributed to crash”

  1. He better ask HAM, before the Quali starts, how to go with the wind and ride the wave.

    1. @mg1982
      Is that the same HAM who said after qualifying in paul ricard that he got caught out by the wind at the second to last corner and threw away a few tenths?
      Or is it the HAM who crashed in fp2 and contributed it to the gusty conditions?

      1. It’s also the same HAM who got pole in Paul Ricard nonetheless

        1. @Rockgod .. it’s not hard to get pole if you have the fastest car! It’s impossible for RBR to get pole that’s a big difference!

          1. Did I give an impression that Mercedes and Red Bull both have equal chances to be on pole? All I’m saying is HAM could adapt to the changing conditions (gusty tailwinds, rain etc.) better than rest of the field.

    2. This has nothing to do with Lewis

      You’re maybe confusing this with FP2 in Canada

  2. I don’t care if it is wind – rain – earthquakes or alien vomit. Anything that shakes things up is welcome for me.

    Actually alien vomit might be going a bit too far but you know what I mean.

  3. Poor guy needs a Rennie.

  4. Well, whilst Horner might have been complaining earlier about the impact of the kerbs, he might now be thinking that he has rather larger issues on his plate right now after that crash…

  5. I share Max’s pain.
    I once had a really good Korma, but it gave me bad wind. Let out a trump while driving home and nearly crashed the car.

  6. “Verstappen says wind contributed to crash” – been overdoing the beans?

  7. A windy Verstappen let’s one escape as his rear leaves skid marks in a world of pain….

  8. With max and vettel you know its either going to be the wind or car or team or tyres

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