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Grosjean’s running limited by “big cut” in tyre

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In the round-up: Romain Grosjean says a tyre problem limited his running on day one at the Red Bull Ring.


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It was smooth except that we had a big cut on the medium tyres from the first run in the afternoon and we didn’t get the chance, Pirelli didn’t allow us to run them again in the long run so we don’t have any information about the medium which is a bit of a shame. The softs were having a tough time after 18, 19 laps so it was getting tricky. So a bit of a shame, didn’t go off-track but obviously got a big cut in the tyre. Not so good in that aspect but the car felt better and the boys are working quite nicely. I think we’ve got ideas of what to do for tomorrow.

Quotes: Dieter Rencken

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Comment of the day

Steve like Grosjean’s idea of bordering asphalt run-offs with grass to enforce track limits:

I agree with Grosjean on this, I’ve always though a two-metre boarder of grass before tarmac would be a good compromise between needing safe run off and actually, you know, having a well defined race tracked.

But why would the tracks do this? Paul Ricard is a test track first and the tarmac run off is a big part of that. And why is it a test track first, because there is no money in hosting an F1 race. This is true of a lot of tracks they’re going to tarmac because its better for track days or lower formula and they do this because that’s how they make a profit. And this is just ridiculous and is all down to the ridiculous hosting fees and limits on advertising.

Surely hosting the pinnacle of motorsport should be the most profitable weekend for these circuits and if it was they would be tripping over themselves to make a circuit suited to providing good racing in F1.
Steve Rogers (@Yossarian)

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17 comments on “Grosjean’s running limited by “big cut” in tyre”

  1. Mark Webber believes Vettel “needs a couple more lieutenants”.

    Is lieutenant Aussie slang for carers ?

    1. No ! it’s a military analogy, I’m sure you can work it out.

      1. I think it’s clear in the article that Webber talking about religion.

  2. I think he needs a couple more lieutenants, he needs to have less responsibility in the team and just more reassurance that the Monday to Friday stuff is going to be dealt with.

    I’d be curious to know what extra workload he’s shouldering, according to Webber. It’s something I’ve heard in the past as well (i.e. under Arrivabene) that Vettel was having to do more than just a driver at Ferrari. If this is continuing to be the case, I’m surprised that Binotto isn’t taking steps to let Vettel focus on his driving responsibilities.

    1. It’s something I’ve heard in the past as well

      What is it? Technical or marketing duties? @phylyp

      1. @ruliemaulana – no, I meant I’ve heard this reason being given in past years as well, for Vettel at Ferrari – that he’s having to stretch and do more than other drivers, stemming from a lack of trust/confidence in the team. It could be technical or strategic related stuff, but I’d like Webber or someone else who keeps claiming this to provide a little more detail.

        I wouldn’t count marketing as an unfair burden, however, because F1 drivers drive for free and are paid to fulfil marketing & press obligations. ;)

        1. It’s frustrating when we had news but it didn’t tell us what the is it about. RaceFans should follow up this.

        2. I would guess that it’s technical stuff, as Vettel is reputed to be one of the more technically-minded drivers. In 2010 he was the only driver to visit Pirelli to gather information about the tires in advance of the 2011 season. But that’s just a guess based on my knowledge of his past predilections.

    2. @phylyp My guess is that Webber is describing an off-track workload that Vettel takes on and is not one expected of him. If he feels that things aren’t running correctly, then he’ll try to do something, which in turn distracts from his driving. To me, it could point to a dysfunctional organisational culture

      1. @neilsalton – true, that makes sense. And I think that’s where a mentor like Lauda or Marko help – they can help focus the driver on the driving, and ensure that their driving doesn’t suffer while they stretch to cover the mistakes of other departments.

        1. @phylyp — That’s where I believe Schumacher would be, had him in condition.

          1. @niefer – what might have been, eh? :(

      2. dysfunctional organisational culture

        I’m not sure of the original source, but Alain Prost is reported to have said of Ferrari “from the outside, you wonder how they ever lose. From the inside, you wonder how they ever win.”

        1. F1oSaurus (@)
          29th June 2019, 13:21

          @flatdarkmars Probably depends where you look at it from the inside. The people who design and build the drive train and car do a pretty amazing job.

          The strategy people and drivers indeed manage to lose over and over with a car that is more than capable of winning. Indeed one wonders how they will ever manage to win.

  3. Okay, hands up everyone who totally expected that the Rich Energy/Whyte Bikes court case would result in a loss for Rich Energy?

    Hmmmmm…..that’s everyone then.

    I’ve only ever seen the stuff on Amazon and reading the reviews – the actual real ones, not the obvious shill ones that post five star ‘Best energy drink ever’ reviews on every page for a Rich Energy product, it tastes really bad.

    1. @nikkit – I actually bought 3 cans on Amazon just to try it – and it tastes just like the majority of other energy drinks (surprise surprise) , marginally more palatable than Red Bull, but less so than Monster.

  4. Regarding the COTD: Grass has its problems in the form of maintaining it after it has been run over by vehicles, so there are downsides to that as well. Overall, there’s a valid reason for this excessive use of tarmac run-off areas at present, and that’s to suit everyone since a lot of the circuits in F1 are used by other categories as well, not only four-wheeled vehicles but also two-wheelers, so everyone’s needs need to be taken into account, not only F1’s. It is what it is, and probably is going to stay that way since above all tarmac slows the cars down significantly more effectively than grass or gravel. I, in general, don’t have a problem with this exercise of tarmac run-off areas even if they might be more inviting for off-track excursions.

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