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Norris to join Verstappen and Gasly at back of grid with penalties

2019 Italian Grand Prix

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Three drivers will be moved to the back of the grid for the Italian Grand Prix following power unit parts changes.

A power unit change has been confirmed for Lando Norris, who joins Max Verstappen and Pierre Gasly in falling to the back of the grid.

As announced previously by Honda, Verstappen and Gasly have taken complete new power units. Norris will have a largely new Renault power unit, having retained the same set of control electronics, following his retirement on the penultimate lap of the Belgian Grand Prix.

His team mate Carlos Sainz Jnr suffered a power unit problem at the start of the race, but his power unit has been salvaged and he is running it again in practice today.

The two Ferrari drivers are also running new engines, turbochargers and MGU-Ks. These are the last new examples of these parts they can run without incurring penalties.

Power unit parts used so far

10Toro RossoHondaPierre Gasly655533
27RenaultRenaultNico Hulkenberg644323
26Toro RossoHondaDaniil Kvyat555433
55McLarenRenaultCarlos Sainz Jnr544443
3RenaultRenaultDaniel Ricciardo544333
4McLarenRenaultLando Norris444443
99Alfa RomeoFerrariAntonio Giovinazzi444224
23Red BullHondaAlexander Albon444333
33Red BullHondaMax Verstappen444333
18Racing PointMercedesLance Stroll444211
63WilliamsMercedesGeorge Russell333233
20HaasFerrariKevin Magnussen333223
5FerrariFerrariSebastian Vettel333223
7Alfa RomeoFerrariKimi Raikkonen333222
8HaasFerrariRomain Grosjean333222
77MercedesMercedesValtteri Bottas333222
44MercedesMercedesLewis Hamilton333222
16FerrariFerrariCharles Leclerc333222
11Racing PointMercedesSergio Perez333211
31WilliamsMercedesRobert Kubica333211

ICE: Internal Combustion Engine
TC: Turbocharger
MGU-K: Motor Generator Unit – Kinetic
MGU-H: Moto Generator Unit: Heat
ES: Energy Store
CE: Control Electronics

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10 comments on “Norris to join Verstappen and Gasly at back of grid with penalties”

  1. I don’t know if this has been answered before, but of what benefit is penalising drivers for changing control electronics.

    1. Same as for the others: Saving money. If there were no penalties, big teams would use one item per weekend or even per day if that gave them any benefit.

      1. What would be the benefit of using new control electronics though? Engines wear out as you put miles on them, but does the same thing happen to the control electronics?

      2. Are the control electronics that expensive relative to the ICU, MGU-H/K, ES?

    2. It’s the car that is penalized, not the driver. Case in point, Albon’s penalties last weekend.

    3. The limited the number of available engines to cut cost’s as before the limits were introduced the big teams would use as many as 4-5 engines over a weekend. This was not only deemed an unnecessary waste of money given that they could do more miles than some of them were but also something that was unfair on small teams some of whom were already having to use one engine over multiple weekends because thats all they could afford.

      As to why they give grid penalty’s, It’s because thats the only system that has been put forward that works as a disincentive for the top teams to use more than the allocation but that also doesn’t hurt the smaller one’s.

      A constructors point penalty for example would be inconsequential to some of the top teams but it could potentially be a massive penalty for a mid-field/back of the grid team as the point gaps tend to be smaller.

  2. Shaping up to be an interesting start, with these potentially fast cars at the back.

  3. A good old start from the back of the grid race with Verstappen…it’s been a while

    1. Be interesting to see if Albon can keep pace with Verstappen as they work their way through the field. Hope Max doesn’t hold Alex up :-)

      1. Albon won’t start from the back, he should start 5th on the grid.
        The interesting bit will be to see if he can finish ahead of Max with a 13-15 place headstart.

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