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Sainz: I don’t think about the danger because it would make me slow

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In the round-up: Carlos Sainz Jnr says he avoids thinking about the danger of Formula 1 because it might compromise his performance.


What they say

Sainz was asked how he deals with the danger of F1 racing:

I honestly don’t think about it. I might be right or wrong but I’ve never thought about danger in a Formula 1 car.

Yes you’ve thought, probably in a rainy race where you actually see nothing on the main straight of Hockenheim and you go 300 kilometres an hour seeing absolutely nothing, yes it’s risky, and you probably back out a bit of the throttle.

But you don’t think about it and about the consequences of a big accident because when you think about that, in my opinion, you will become slower. So I never thought about it.

Quotes: Dieter Rencken

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Comment of the day

Is reviving the use of the ‘unsportsmanlike driving’ flag a change for the better?

I think it’s a good idea, this can effectively warn a driver who’s being over aggressive without disrupting the race order, it will also reduce these overused time penalties that for me detract from the sport.

For sure, if a driver do something blatantly aggressive, he can be punished straight with time penalty, but at least this flag can reduce the amount of silly penalties being handed for small infractions.

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    1. Some news about Correa, it doesn’t sound good:

      Statement from Juan Carlos and Maria Correa regarding the condition of their son Juan Manuel Correa:

      First of all, on behalf of our son we wish to thank everyone within and outside the motorsports community for the wonderful and caring get well wishes that we have received, as well as messages for a speedy recovery. We are confident that Juan Manuel will review them all himself once he is back in charge of his social media accounts.

      Honoring our son’s straight-to-the-point and honesty that characterizes him, we wish to update you on the status of his injuries and physical condition.

      As time has progressed, new complications have surfaced as a consequence of the massive impact he suffered Saturday in Belgium. On his arrival to London, Juan Manuel was diagnosed with Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome. This is an injury considered common in high impact accidents such as this one. Unfortunately, this injury resulted in Juan Manuel falling into Acute Respiratory Failure. Juan Manuel is currently in an Intensive Care Unit that specializes in respiratory injuries. At this point of time he is an in induced state of unconsciousness and under ECMO support. Juan Manuel is in critical but stable condition. We are confident that our son will surprise us like he always does with his tremendous fighting will and strength and will recover completely. At this time, we kindly request that our privacy and space be respected. As a family, we need to pull together and be 100% there for Juan Manuel. Maria and I wish to take this opportunity to give our condolences to the Hubert family for their loss. Our hearts are broken, and we can only imagine the pain this loss has brought them.

      1. My best wishes and prayers are for you and yours.

      2. @francorchamps17 – thanks for sharing, I do hope he recovers. In typical cases where ECMO has been used (that I can anecdotally recall), the prognosis has not been good. :(

    2. Sainz jr, you’re already slow.

      1. So, suit up and do better. Then shoot your mouth off … or I should say … type faster mommy’s boy.

      2. Sometimes I wish commenting on the internet would be more dangerous, so keyboard warriors wouldn’t be so fast :P

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