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Correa’s parents issue update on son’s condition

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The parents of Juan Manuel Correa, who was seriously injured in the Formula 2 crash which claimed the life of Anthoine Hubert two weeks ago, have issued an update on his condition.

Correa remains in an induced coma in an intensive care unit at a London hospital which he was transferred to following the crash during the feature race at Spa-Francorchamps.

His parents, who have remained at his bedside, said they “have good days and bad days as well as long nights and short nights but with the support of the motorsports community, our friends, family, country and fans, we continue to pray for Juan Manuel.

“Juan Manuel remains in a state of induced coma with paralysis in order for his lungs to get as much rest as possible. Continuing to be assisted by an ECMO [Extra Corporeal Membrane Oxygenation] machine many of the key vital indicators have improved slightly while others have deteriorated very little.

“We have been reminded by the doctors that as long as Juan Manuel continues in an upward trend of improvement, even if very little, it is all that we can ask for at the moment. Infections are under control and respiratory indicators remain stable and all vital signs continue to remain consistent and stable.”

Correa’s condition is improving at a slow rate, his parents said. “We believe in our son’s strength and determination, we see the minor improvement as an indication of him starting to turn the tide in his favour, we just need him to do it a little quicker.

“Doctors continue to monitor and change the bandages when necessary and confirm that the fractures are multiple and severe. Additional surgeries will be required once Juan Manuel’s lungs improve to a state that it is safe for doctors to proceed.

Correa’s family thanked his fans for their support. “We would like to thank each and every person that has called, text, sent emails and reached out on social media. We have received and read or continue to read and show all the messages to Juan Manuel. Your messages help him to fight and never give up.

“This will be the biggest single motivator for Juan Manuel when he regains consciousness. We invite fans and friends to continue to send supportive messages via social media or to info@jmcorrea.com. Again, thank you for your support.”

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29 comments on “Correa’s parents issue update on son’s condition”

  1. I think everyone on this forum is thinking of Juan Manuel, I know we tend to talk about statistics, opinions, make fun of stuff, DRS, track limits etc. But there is a real risk, and I hope that stuff is contextualised by this.

    1. +1 Very much so.

      1. Great to see the parents be this transparent and open about his status. It is great for all those who care about him, who want to send notes, say prayers, etc.

        It’s pretty much the exact opposite of the way the Schumacher ordeal.

        1. Wow, this is your reply to a post about perspectives and our petty squabbles, to criticize the manner in which another family chose to handle a traumatic injury?
          Do you release press releases when ever a family member is suffering through a serious medical condition? Do you think your medical history should be public information?
          The Schumachers are right to chose to limit the public information, just as the Correa’s are right to release their information, it’s a personal choice and only they get to decide what they’ll share.
          You are owed nothing by the Schumachers, even fans, like myself, are owed nothing.
          Try to have some empathy for others in future.

          1. @Michael Ward yikes… touchy subject? You definitely ready way too much into it. I was just stating a fact. That seemed to offend you

      2. All thoughts with him and his family. Didn’t realise he was in a coma, thought he was relatively stable and ok. We’re all wishing him to have a speedy recovery and recuperation!

        1. medically induced coma to give him the best chance

    2. Very well put.

    3. It’s great to have an update. Fingers crossed for Juan Manuel full recovery. Thinking of the family at this traumatic time. X

  2. It is reassuring to see this update, even if the actual news is quite neutral.

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery to Juan Correa, and strength to his family and loved ones, as this is no doubt taking a toll on them as well.

    1. Not really neutral if you read between the lines and have some medical knowledge

      If he survives the injuries, neural and skeletal, will likely be lifelong and career ending. Poor guy. Miracles can happen tho, pray for that.

      1. I think @phylyp means neutral in the sense that there is some recovery, though slowly. Once it turned out Correa had to be put in induced coma with the ECMO, it was already clear his recovery would be long, and unlikely to allow a quick, if any, return to motorsports.

        1. Thank you @bosyber, that is correct. Apart from his physical injuries which in themselves are likely to require physical rehabilitation, the news that he had been placed on ECMO worried me. Right now, any form of progress is to be seen as a victory in itself.

          Today’s round-up had one cheerful bit of news after those unfortunate 10 days – a picture of Peroni walking around with a big grin at the airport after his massive crash.

  3. Pfff… I hope Juan can have a complete recovery and lead a fulfilling life.

  4. wishing him speedy recovery!

    who pays for this recovery? i read somewhere that a driver is responsible for his own insurance?
    if so , i pray his insurance pays ALL his med bills… this one is going to go long and i hope it does not bankrupt the family! it should not in an ideal world

    1. He’s at a hospital in london. Assuming he’s british, he doesnt have to pay anything

      1. Ecuadorian-American racing driver who races under an American license

    2. They all have insurance, otherwise wouldn’t be allowed to race. I remember reading Robert Kubica had to pay back insurance he was receiving to come back to f1, as originally he would have been paid out for career ending injuries.

    3. Racing insurance at F2 level is required to have an allowance of millions for precisely this reason. If Juan Manuel is in an NHS hospital, even as a foreigner, there will be a hard limit on how much he is charged. Even private hospitals (which generally aren’t the ones with intensive care units) tend to be more reasonably priced than American equivalents, which means that American insurers rarely give as much hassle regarding bills obtained in British (or other European) hospitals than their American counterparts.

      All of which is some relief.

  5. I like the fact the family explained the conditions a little, this is what one would expect from schumacher’s, much better handling imo.

    1. It’s not for others to decide how people should handle private matters. They have no obligation and people have no right to expect anything.

      1. +++++1 Perfectly stated

  6. Wishing nothing but the best for him and his family.

  7. All the love, respect and strength to his family.

  8. Such an incident got many drivers spooked… Vandoorne was a guest in a Dutch TV show, he will compete for another year in FE… when asked how he felt about Indy, he mentioned being a bit scared of the many incidents at absurd high speed. FE is a save choice…. Indy does 350km/h laps with great risks, F1 and F2 are relatively safe, but an incident like in F2 always looms.

    Hubert is gone, it looks like Correa’s career is gone… and may suffer from a long, very long recovery

  9. The parents updates read similar to Bianchi’s updates…

    1. @kpcart I respect and appreciate the fact that they provide updates for those who love Juan and want to know how he’s doing. Quite the contrast to the Schumachers who have spent millions just to keep everything a secret, ironically bringing more attention to themselves in the process. Best wishes for the Correas

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