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Rate the race: 2019 Japanese Grand Prix

2019 Japanese Grand Prix

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What did you think of today’s race? Share your verdict on the Japanese Grand Prix.

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35 comments on “Rate the race: 2019 Japanese Grand Prix”

    1. Interesting because there is only 3 votes right now with 5, 6 and 8… 6 is mine, okay race.

      1. 8, it’s fun seeing Ferrari doing their thing. The pressure. Di Resta put it perfectly, todays vettel is aware he has to perform 100% so he crumbles.
        It looked like mercedes was going to gift ham the win, again but they thought otherwise. why? doing it this way will anger Lewis, just pit both at the same time or go for a single pitstop with both, contrary to what Croft thinks, if you put any driver on different strategies they can’t race, they must share race track to race.
        Vettel ought to have been penalised.

        1. Have to say, I am so over Croft. At times he is so frustrating to listen to I yell at the TV. DiResta was great today I thought. Driver of the day for sure, apart from Sainz.

  1. That was an enjoyable race. Some nice overtakes especially by Leclerc, it’s nice to see Bottas back on top, been a while. Also that scrap in the end between Lewis and Seb was really good. Enjoyed that one.

    1. Indeed … Leclerc did some good work on Gasly w/o DRS. Carlos’ McL best-of-the-rest @ 5th. Last few laps an entertaining chase-down (almost).

  2. A decent race.

  3. An F1 car at Suzuka is just amazing. Throwing in some decent (non-DRS) overtakes and you get an 8. Feel sorry for Max. I reckon he could have spiced it up some more. Glad to see Bottas win again.

  4. Decent race 5/10. Laughable stewarding again.

    1. And what was laughable?

      1. What wasn’t?

    2. I am not a steward to judge, but, you seem like Max fan. Am I right?

      1. well, Masi is making us miss charlie more and more.

        1. I don’t. Masi is doing a good job. Before Masi, stewarding was very inconsistent. Masi is letting them race.

      2. @psi Probably like me and many other hoping the stewards would have protected other drivers today, criminal Leclerc was not forced in he also should have came in when Ferrari came in he could have killed Lewis Hamilton today with his debris Hamilton could have got hit on the head he had to swerve out the way it still flung his mirror off.

        1. too bad he did not

  5. 9

    Awesome race!

    Can’t understand though why Merc pitted Lewis… he had 70% of tyres left, he could have held to P1.

    1. @dallein I thought the same, Merc being super cautious I suppose. But it did guarantee themselves the WCC, while Hamilton now looks pretty much unbeatable.

      1. @johnrkh Hamilton looked entirely comfortable, Bottas might have caught up but Vettel was surely too far behind to endanger 2nd. And by giving up position, didn’t Mercedes just seal the WCC by one point thanks to Hamilton’s fastest lap? Which Leclerc almost nabbed? It looked the less cautious option to me. I thought it was a more a case of the one stop working for Lewis and Mercedes wanting to ensure Bottas won the race (or he’d be the one complaining to them about strategy when he had led the race from the start and put in a great first stint).

        1. @david-br Yeah from that point of view and with what Vettel said after the race, Merc did look like they gifted the race to Bottas.

    2. @dallein To give Bottas the race, though they lost 2nd to Vettel doing so.

  6. 8 good race with some great overtaking.

  7. Gave it a 7. If hamilton would have drs’ed past vettel I would have given 5. It was more entertaining seeing whether hamilton can do it or not instead of having anticlimatic change of positions with a button. And I wanted hamilton to get through but at least he had to earn it to take it and this time he couldn’t. Liked some of the passes into spoon but the drs passes everywhere else were forgettable as usual.

  8. 7 Leclerc made some good overtakes, but he took Verstappen out of the race and the decision to carry on lapping with bits flying off his car was absurd. And Mercedes’ decision not to allow the 1-stop versus 2-stop battle play out annoyed me, should have been a battle for the win at the end between their two drivers, but they ducked it.

    1. LEC also ruined Norris race and was lucky the debris hit Lewis mirror instead of his helmet

  9. Voted a 7 for the racing at the front. But watching the position tracker the race might have been a 9 what with Perez and the Renaults doing a fair bit of overtaking in the very tight midfield. Unfortunately we didn’t get to see any of it.

  10. 7/10, it had great moments, but in between (though that might have been partly the direction not showing all of the midfield action?) it certainly had a lull. I think the midfield still, as usual, and aided by some good overtakes by Leclerc too, provided most of the good stuff – the Renaults did good, Stroll followed cleverly, for example. The HAM/VET battle was sort of interesting, but, with that pack of drivers ahead we could already guess that HAM’s tyres would be gone before Vettel’s were too bad to defend – with that, Vettel being good at Suzuka, and the esses, there was just way too little opportunity to be entirely convincing as a possible overtake. But, nice to see a solid drive from Bottas, and have to say, the way Ferrari keep snatching (relative) defeat by team and/or drivers (too much pressure to do well once they are ahead?), well, has to be a big part of the story of the season being a Mercedes one once again.

  11. Some nice non-drs passing, I gave it a solid 8. I would love to know who had the audacity to rate this race as a two – probably a Max fan I guess.

  12. 7 – when Lewis caught up with Sebastian but just couldn’t….there was tension.

    Congrats to Bottas! Finally a race win for 2019.

  13. Fantastic race! 10! No jump start for Vettel, initially no penalty for Leclerc (No Investigation necessary). I was laughing a lot about this farce. (sick).

  14. Gave it 7, there were some midfield battles like often, and also a couple of battles between front runners, I think neither of the first 3 drivers really had to go on a 2 stop and I think both teams went for the losing strategy and each would’ve got an advantage with 1 stopper with the right tyres, which in vettel’s case obviously doesn’t mean putting 2 sets of red tyres in a row!

  15. Honestly confused how both Ferrari’s didn’t get a bigger penalty. Vettel for jumping the start and Leclerc for knocking Verstappen out. Bottas looked fairly untouchable today – it’s a shame he couldn’t bring this pace to every race. Nobody else really stood out, apart from Sainz and maybe Albon.

  16. 6/10 for me. OK race but not ultra exciting.

    Nice to see Bottas get the win and I think he drove very well. An interesting battle at the end as well between Vettel and Hamilton. I honestly thought with fresher tyres Lewis would more or less drive past Seb but it did not work out that way.

    A good recovery drive by Ricciardo as well.

  17. i gave it a 5 because while there was a lot of passing i felt a lot of it was fairly straghtforward due to drs and a big difference between tires.

    watching a car easily breeze past another with drs or because he’s 3 seconds a lap faster due to tire deg i just don’t find that fun. i like seeing competitive racing where a car ahead has something to defend with so we see some proper battling with any overtake down to driver skill rather than gimmicky assists.

    i watched the 2005 race when f1 streamed in on youtube yesterday and watching the racing/overtaking back then was exciting as it was all genuine. just doesn’t feel as exciting for me today because of the gimmicks, you always have to think about how big an impact drs had or what tires they were on and it just feels artificial to me and therefore a lot less fun.

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