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Gasly says he only reached 80% of his potential at Red Bull

2019 F1 season

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Pierre Gasly says he’s rediscovered his since returning to Toro Rosso from Red Bull.

He came back to the team after the Hungarian Grand Prix, his 12th race for Red Bull. Gasly said he didn’t get the best out of himself while driving the RB15.

“As a driver you never forget how to drive within a couple of weeks, a couple of months,” said Gasly in an interview ahead of the Brazilian Grand Prix. “Between Budapest and Spa I think there were four weeks. You don’t learn to drive again within four weeks.

“I’ve won Formula Renault 2.0, finished second in (Formula Renault) 3.5, I won GP2, I finished second in Super Formula, I was strong in the Toro Rosso last year. And in my career it’s been only these six months that we were not competitive.

“That’s why I said I realised how much of a team sport Formula 1 is over the last couple of months. I just feel like we were far from the full potential that we had.

“It’s just a shame that we didn’t make this work because I think we had, if we wanted, all the things we needed to make it work.”

However Gasly, who finished a career-best second behind Max Verstappen’s Red Bull at Interlagos, said his experience at the beginning of the year hasn’t put him off wanting to drive for a top Formula 1 team.

“As a driver you always want to be in the fastest car possible and fight as high up on the grid possible,” he said. “But in Red Bull it feels like we were 80 percent of the potential we had most of the races, for different reasons.

“Since I joined Toro Rosso this has changed a bit and every weekend and I feel I’m able to put stronger performances. This is of course more enjoyable. But ultimately as a driver, you always want to be the fastest car possible.”

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2019 F1 season

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11 comments on “Gasly says he only reached 80% of his potential at Red Bull”

  1. Yeah, it looked like that.

    1. @jureo It looked like 50%. If this was 80% then he would never be good enough for Red Bull

  2. Glad to see that RBR does not treat Albon better than they treated Gasly.

  3. Translation: senior red bull team is all built around Max and they couldn’t care less about the other driver.

    1. Translation: his 100% at a “b-team” is all he is capable of.
      He got his chance and its clear he is not in the same league as drivers like leclerc, norris etc.
      They all are able to adjust to the car, Gasly needs the car to adjust to him……
      No one was expecting him to fight the mercedes and ferraris, but he even had trouble finishing p6.

      So what if the team is build around Verstappen, Ferrari is build around Vettel? Norris came into a car that was setup by vandoorne and alonso.

      There is 0 excuse for driving that bad.

    2. @david-beau
      Sure, sure…they rather lose Hungary than giving their 2nd driver a chance, right?
      Sure, sure….they rather finish 3rd in the WCC than giving their 2nd driver a chance, right?
      Sure, sure…..and thatś why Albon is now doing everything Gasly didn’t…..

      Mercedes is 100% build around Hamilton, and Bottas is simply a piece of furniture they can move around at will….yet he manages to win races this year!

  4. I’ve won Formula Renault 2.0, finished second in (Formula Renault) 3.5, I won GP2, I finished second in Super Formula

    Wow with a trophy cupboard like that this kid is almost as good as Paul Di Restop (autocorrect winner).

    On a less mickey taking note, it’s a shame Gasly couldn’t get the most out of his time with the big Bulls as it may prove to have been his only chance in a car like that. Might be seen as French Heidfield now

  5. And by that he means red bull gave him set ups that were 20% slower then max. Amazing how he has the skills to get a podium in a torro rosso but not a red bull

    1. @carlosmedrano

      Pure propaganda Carlos. VER has already said he himself is not getting the full potential out of the car.

  6. He wasn’t that strong in Toro Rosso last year, but ok.
    Unless they promoted him with the clear intent of burning him, there is no excuse for his performances at Red Bull. At his best one in Silverstone, he did look like what Albon is doing effortlessly since geting the seat.

    Paul Ricard and RB Ring were both beyond bad showings. He is showing his potential at STR, being better than Kvyat, but now it’s too late for that.

  7. Cristiano Ferreira
    21st November 2019, 0:26

    Well he had his chances at Red Bull so he can’t complain because its not the team’s fault that he performed that bad. Maybe he can’t handle the pressure of Red Bull but can drive without worries in a Toro Rosso, where every points earned sounds like a win.

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