Kubica tests BMW DTM car at Jerez

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In the round-up: Robert Kubica has tested BMW’s DTM car at the Jerez circuit in Spain as he considers a move into the championship next year.

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Comment of the day

Should Kubica be bottom of the list in our 2019 F1 driver rankings? LB regretfully agrees:

I hate to say it because I like him as a driver and remember the good old days, but it’s very, very difficult to argue that he shouldn’t be 20th (though I wouldn’t have argued if Grosjean or Stroll had been there!).

In years to come it may not look so bad if Russell goes on to be world champion.
LB (@Burden93)

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On this day in F1

  • 40 years ago today CART IndyCar champion and Indianapolis 500 winner Rick Mears tested for Brabham at Paul Ricard

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9 comments on “Kubica tests BMW DTM car at Jerez”

  1. Keith will you guys try to get insight from the teams in order to understand their contengency plans after the elections?

    1. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
      13th December 2019, 12:09

      Contingency plans can probably be shelved, as with the scale of the conservative majority, it is likely we will see a softer exit from the EU with a decent amount of alignment, now that the euro-sceptic wing of the party has less of a grasp on the steering wheel

  2. Cristiano Ferreira
    13th December 2019, 0:36

    I’m happy for Kubica and i hope he succeeds at DTM. He must be feeling good now that he doesnt have to drive that piece of junk that Williams designed anymore.

    1. @Cristiano Ferreira

      > He must be feeling good now that he doesnt have to drive that piece of junk that Williams designed

      I agree with you. But let’s be honest here: he had the chance to drive an F1 car for an entire season. I don’t think his place was threatened at any time. Because of his physical condition, he shouldn’t have been there and I’m pretty sure that if it weren’t for those conditions and the crisis in which Williams finds himself, he would never have had the opportunity to race in F1 again.

      And anyway, let’s remember one thing: this year’s Williams was terrible, but it was still several seconds faster than the last F1 that Robert drove in the past. In Canada 2008 he qualified in 1.17, this year in 1.14

      1. So his Willams was quicker than the last F1 car he drove – agreed.
        Other cars were 2/3 seconds faster than the Willams he drove – was he expected to fight for podium finishes?
        By your own admission, “Williams was faster than the last…”, – he managed that car v.well, when you consider him not fit to be there? Contradiction and confusion rife in your statement.

  3. +1
    I’ll sure be watching the races next year, someone to root for.

  4. Merely a social event, but people surprisingly still made a big deal out of it, which is nothing new.

    I also agree with the COTD.

  5. Kyalami, Monza Confirmed on New-Look 2020-21 Schedule (SportsCar365)

    Kyalami’s one I’d like to see back in F1. God knows what the track would look like after being made ‘F1 ready’, but it has a bit of history and I’d quite like this particular World Championship to visit all the well-populated continents.

  6. I sure hope Lewis goes to Ferrari to end his career, what could be more exciting.
    Max to Mercedes. Of course It is also a great negotiating tool for Lewis with Mercedes.

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