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First pictures: Williams presents its new F1 car for 2020

2020 F1 season

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Williams has presented the first images of its new car for the 2020 Formula 1 season.

Deputy team principal Claire Williams promised “a fresh start for the team” in 2020.

“We have spent time addressing our areas of weakness and have ensured that we have the right people, structures, procedures and resource in place to deliver competitive race cars,” she said. “We are all committed to re-building Williams and returning the team to competitiveness.

“As such, our 2020 campaign is about making progress. The fighting spirit is still very much alive, and this year, everyone will continue that fight until we get back to where we want to be.”

The team is looking to bounce back from its poor 2019 campaign. It finished last in the constructors’ championship for the second year in a row, and managed just a single points finish all year, courtesy of Robert Kubica.

Following his departure, George Russell leads the team in his second season of Formula 1. He is joined by last year’s Formula 2 runner-up, and the only rookie in the 2020 field, Nicholas Latifi.

Williams has also shaken up its technical department following former chief technical officer Paddy Lowe’s departure last year. That came in the wake of the team’s failure to complete its 2019 car in time for pre-season testing.

The team said it intends to complete its first shakedown run of the new car today at the Circuit de Catalunya.

Pictures: 2020 Williams F1 car

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2020 F1 season

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31 comments on “First pictures: Williams presents its new F1 car for 2020”

  1. 3 white cars! There’s not enough representation in f1!

  2. Williams have gone full-blown Marussia!

  3. Surely, surely THIS one can’t be as bad as the last. Everything crossed for a half decent season for Williams. I fear what the future might hold if 2020 is a repeat of the last 2 years.

    1. it looks very simple still compared to other teams aero. I think it will be a repeat of last year, they are atleast a year behind the others in development. Maybe 2021 will bring a change. Very nice looking livery though.

  4. Cmon, you have to admit, that’s a surprise, as the car’s looks simply great.

  5. AquaFresh should be their main sponsor.

    1. Pretty good. I was thinking Gleem Toothpaste.

  6. If the new FW43 is ready as planned when testing begins on Wednesday …

    I hope the FW43 gives some good lap times. The question isn’t so much “how bad are the lap times” as “where’s the car?”. If the car isn’t ready then I suspect most fans would take that as a bad sign.

  7. Good luck to them.

  8. Looks like those generic F1 cars you found in non-licenced games: very neat and simple. Which, in modern F1, isn’t a good sing.

    The livery looks great, tho. I hope they have a much better season.

  9. I would like to see this car at COTA.

    1. @jamt Well, it is going to race at COTA later in the year.

  10. That is a particularly refreshing livery. Or maybe i just drink a lot of Pepsi !!

  11. Strongly reminds me of the Williams livery from the ’98 or ’99. Enough said about the team’s search for their own identity.

    1. @pironitheprovocateur Not in the slightest. Search for identity aside, those liveries were horrendous. The colors just didn’t fit togetherness it all looked like a mess. This livery on the other hand is beautiful and harmonious.

      And coming back to that identity search, who cares? Searching for “identity” is a pastime for rich kids, while the modest folk think about where to get bread and butter from. Glad Williams found some.

      1. I’m kinda with @pironitheprovocateur on this one…

        With this livery, they’ve moved away from the blue and white identity they have run with for year and years. Seeing red in a sizable quantity immediately put the ’99 car in my mind, which was a time when they were again finding their identity having lost the Renault factory V10’s.

        All the other teams have a clear identity and fundamental colour scheme they still manage to rotate partners logos with. Alpha Tauri have just gone through a change of name and brand, but Williams haven’t. Rokit were happy with the blue presentation last year, but seems like they alone wanted red, and Williams rolled over.

        I hope things aren’t desperate in Grove.

  12. That livery is WAY better than last year.

  13. Roth Man (@rdotquestionmark)
    17th February 2020, 9:51

    That’s a beautiful livery. Hopefully that’s not the best thing about the car.

  14. Im surprised at all the comments saying it’s a vanilla design. Those sidepods are a work of art and very very tightly packaged. The elements are there, they just need to work out how to maximise them.

  15. Its a better looking livery than last years but it kinda screams backmarker to me.

  16. I like this year’s livery as much as I hated last year’s. It looks really nice, not like a tube of toothpaste anymore.

    Here’s hoping the car is as good as it looks.

    1. Forgot to mention – the two-tone halo looks very neat!

      1. +1 on the halo

        2nd best halo livery implementation after Mercedes with their ‘coupe roofline’ look.

  17. Livery reminds of of the 97 arrows (colour scheme wise)

  18. So… Toothpaste livery pt.2?

  19. Nice mixture of colors there although a bit weird that Rokit is still a sponsor even though Kubica isn’t in the team anymore.

    1. @jerejj Orlen are Kubica’s personal sponsor. Now with Alfa Romeo and in DTM with him. Rokit have nothing to do with Kubica

      1. @montreal95 Yes, I realized that later. I just mixed them up, so my bad.

        1. @jerejj Figured as much. Could be worse, I was once actually sure that Rexona were Kimi’s personal sponsor hh

  20. Beautiful livery! hope the car is at least more competitive than last year.

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