Fan crafts incredibly authentic ‘Senna Monaco 1991’ simulator using rFactor 2

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In the round-up: A dedicated fan of Ayrton Senna his built a multi-axis simulator to recreate his the three-time world champion’s 1991 McLaren-Honda MP4/6 at Monaco.

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Comment of the day

Real-world drivers should show sim racers more respect, says ReWright:

As a sim racer and motorsports fan in general, these ‘professional’ drivers are starting to strike my nerves.

I get it that they’re having fun and putting on a show. But that should be what they’re doing in the real cars too. Any of us guys who are sim racers can only imagine the thrill of being able to get behind the wheel of the cars these drive to earn their pay cheques.

As such, if we came onto a real-world race track and behaved the way they do, I’m sure these ‘pros’ would far less than appreciate it. Obviously the consequences are more severe, but there has to be a certain level of respect for anything that presents itself as pure motorsport. Whether it’s in the real world, or the virtual world. I’ve lost a great deal of respect for quite a few drivers over the past month.

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On this day in F1

Elio De Angelis, Alain Prost, Thierry Boutsen, Imola, 1985
Prost flanked by De Angelis and Boutsen on the podium before his disqualification
  • 35 years ago today Alain Prost won the San Marino Grand Prix – briefly. His McLaren was disqualified for being underweight, handing victory to Lotus’s Elio de Angelis.

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  • 19 comments on “Fan crafts incredibly authentic ‘Senna Monaco 1991’ simulator using rFactor 2”

    1. But what if there isn’t going to be anyone on the grandstands? In this scenario, the specific date wouldn’t matter anymore. I wouldn’t necessarily be against betting on any potential F1-race taking place within this year happening without spectators in attendance no matter the continent.

      1. It struck me as quite a leap too @jerejj, to expect all those people who planned to visit to turn up. I don’t think many from western Europe or the USA will do. And I think many from Asia / Central Asia and from Russia itself are not that likely to have travelling to Sochi for the F1 race as their highest priority either. If it will even be remotely close to being safe to do so in masses. Travelling there by plane (since it is too far away from anyplace else to get there, apart from maybe cruise ships?)

        1. @bascb Cruise ship across the Black Sea.

          1. Corona cruises. Lovely idea.

      2. @jerejj @bascb
        I get what you’re saying, and its quite reasonable in sane minds, but I feel that you’re underestimating Russia and Putin in terms of propaganda and spin. Whether people should be there or not, what an opportunity for him to put one over the world by being the first nation to quote “fully recover” and host an open international event.

        1. @eurobrun, yes, although it depends how firm in control Putin can keep during the summer.

      3. @jerejj Russia is too far away from its slot to assume it won’t be able to accept any visitors. Yes, there’s likely to be a reduction in the numbers for several reasons, but Russia is four months away. I’ve seen at least one vaccine trial team indicate there is likely to be an actual vaccine in public circulation by late September. If so, it would be simple to say “If you are coming, you must prove vaccination” and then accept however many or few spectators can comply with this.

    2. Obviously the consequences are more severe

      Now, that is an understatement…

    3. That Senna rig is great and all, but where’s the variable Argos fan blowing wind into the driver’s face? Seems like a missed opportunity.

    4. I wouldn’t call the recreation of Senna’s Monaco 1991 lap in the simulator authentic – the camera didn’t turn to white & grey static when he went into the tunnel!

      In all seriousness though, some people have too much time on their hands..

      1. and disposable income!

        1. Ironic on a Formula 1 fan site.

      2. It’s a simulation of the driver’s experience, not a TV viewer’s experience.

    5. Derek Edwards
      5th May 2020, 11:05

      I admire that the Senna rig also has some 1988 compatibility built in. He can lose concentration in the race, put it in the wall, get out of the car and go directly back to his apartment to mull it over. Very realistic!

    6. Regarding the Max Papis tweet – The cars in the virtual races can race nose to tail to because they’re essentially spec cars, fixed performance with fixed setups, so there’s no performance differentiator. We see races not so dissimilar in the lower Formulae classes.

    7. I wonder where the Senna guy got the replica helmet and race suit from. As a massive sci-fi fan I go to a lot of Comic-Cons and there was someone there at London Film and TV Comic Con back in February (when we were still actually allowed to go to places and do things at big events with lots of people …) who was cosplaying in Senna’s ’94 Williams suit and helmet, and he’d also made his own 3D-printed replica of the “Sonic the Hedgehog” trophy from the ’93 Donington GP. I think he’s on Instagram as brazilian_stig_cosplay.

      1. You can get them all over the internet…here is one example:

    8. Wow that simulator is fantastic, and so is the video. The helmet cam is very close to the original. Kudos to this guy for taking it next level.

      Also love the way the steering wheel is placed in relation to the screen and cockpit. Surprised not more are doing this.

      1. Magnus Rubensson (@)
        7th May 2020, 11:05

        Rfactor (versions 1 and 2) are very good simulators, I’ve raced both. Lots of modding opportunities.
        It takes a lot of time and effort though.

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