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Alonso is one of the options for Renault – Abiteboul

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In the round-up: Fernando Alonso is under consideration for a return to Renault for the 2021 F1 season, says team principal Cyril Abiteboul.

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Phil isn’t convinced an F1 return would work out for Alonso:

I like and admire Alonso but I am really not very sure he should return. I voted for slightly disagree.

I have little doubt he would still be competitive in the right car but what team is he going to drive for? If it were going to be Red Bull or Mercedes this would be very exciting and he would I think have chances of winning races again or getting podium finishes. But let’s face it, his drive is likely to be at Renault. OK he does seem to fit in very well at this team but he’s still going to be off the pace of the fastest cars and scrabbling for 6th or 7th place at best in most races.

I think a return now might be quite a frustrating experience for all involved. Alonso himself, the team and his fans. I hope whatever he decides though works out for him.
Phil Norman (@Phil-f1-21)

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23 comments on “Alonso is one of the options for Renault – Abiteboul”

  1. Only Facts!
    1st June 2020, 0:52

    I don’t know what to read from Abiteboul’s words.
    Is he trying to downgrade Alonso, saying he’s just another driver?
    Is he working the prospects to get a discount?
    Is he trying (unsucessfull) to steer the press attention away from Alonso’s deal so he can make a big announcement later?
    Or is it just Cyril being Cyril?

    1. alonso is one of many options.. Ocon is not short term but a multiple year project. Now is a time of reflection. He goes for a typical cyril half hearted dig, this time at ferrari and mclaren. he adds that it is strange that some have signed drivers for 2021 even though 2020 is yet to start.
      Driver choice is part of the rebuilding puzzle and “insert” cryptic non answer to crisis.

      IMO Alonso not really happening or not suitable for Cyril. Team managers often nod when journos say Alonso is a problematic person and it is his fault he can’t get good drives. But a top driver can easily fire a team principal.

      1. I don’t know if it’s still up to Cyril to decide.
        Alonso looks bored and racing for the top of the midfield must have looked like a mountain from the back of the grid.
        If Renault value a PR coup over the comfort of their F1 manager.

      2. ColdFly (@)
        1st June 2020, 8:00

        But a top driver can easily fire a team principal.

        That will change my vote in yesterday’s poll to ‘strongly agree’.

    2. pastaman (@)
      1st June 2020, 2:54

      He is trying to make the Renault seat seem more prestigious than it actually is. So yeah, Cyril being Cyril

      1. [Cyril] is trying to make the Renault seat seem more prestigious than it actually is

        @pastaman – if that is the case, I have to admire the man’s chutzpah :)

    3. I think it’s too early for Renault to be making a decision as to who will be their other driver. Drivers seem to be decided roughly in order of how a team appears in the World Constructors’ Championship, and Renault was 5th, so one shouldn’t be expecting a decision from them until we’ve heard who gets the seats at Mercedes (2 seats) and Red Bull Racing (1 seat).

    4. The last one, what an incompetent man

  2. Top 3 team or nothing for Alonso. This is a waste of time.

    1. NeverElectric
      4th June 2020, 1:38

      Nothing, then.
      What Alonso should have remembered when he was destroying – rather than building up – his relationships all over the paddock over the years: “The future is that time when you will wish you had what you are not doing now.”

  3. Regarding the CoTD… I’m not sure F1’s return to F1 is going to work out.
    Could be double jeopardy for Fernando.

    1. ColdFly (@)
      1st June 2020, 9:27

      Took me some time to find it.

  4. It will be interesting to see what choice Renault makes for a driver.

    Whilst the Dan Ricciardo experiment has not proven successful, their original intention of demonstrating how seriously they are taking F1 still stands.

    That would suggest that they would be looking to sign a big name to underpin that they are still serious about their F1.

    Those currently available are Vettel and Alonso. Others “may” become available at the end of 2020, but the logical choice would be that they’ll sign one of the above.

  5. That tweet from Tiff Needell has made me think… obviously Monaco actually does have rows (or near enough) because it’s curved. Other than Monaco, what were the most recent circuits in F1 have featured curved grids? Valencia was slightly curved at the front, any others? It’s a shame circuits are so standardised now that features like this don’t exist

    1. One thing I would love F1 to do is experiment with different grid layouts. They used to do staggered grids, that would be cool to see. Or “rows” of 3. They could also try moving the slots closer together (safety permitting). The amount of time before the start lights extinguish doesn’t have to be the only way of making it more interesting

    2. Curved grids: at least old Silverstone (before the relocation of the start/finish straight to where it currently is), Spa (before the 2007 modifications), Interlagos (when there were more than 20 cars on the grid).

    3. Brands Hatch still has the curved grid

  6. I share the same views with the COTD.

  7. ColdFly (@)
    1st June 2020, 8:07

    If P3 is as much alongside P2 as P2 to P1, then P3 is alongside P1 with the benefit of the tow on a long starting straight.
    Continuing this reasoning it might be best to start in P20.

  8. RocketTankski
    1st June 2020, 20:01

    At Renault one Alonso is worth 15,000 mere mortals.

  9. As much as I would LOVE to see Alonso back on the grid, I find it hard to imagine a partnership with Renault ending in any other way than in tears, as was the case with McLaren. You could make the argument that it would make sense to make a comeback to provide a foundational impetus for team development going forward, even if the actual rewards of these efforts may fall outside of his active career (a bit like Schuey at Mercedes).

    The sticking point of course is that Renault have been guarded on their future commitment to the sport which is too big a red flag to ignore. Several commenters have said something similar and I agree that the only thing that would make sense would be for him to either return with one of the big three teams or call time on his career altogether.

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