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Norris ‘had to be aggressive’ with pass on Perez

2020 F1 season

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Lando Norris said he had to make an aggressive pass on Sergio Perez in order to claim his first podium finish.

The Racing Point driver having a five-second time penalty, meaning Norris would have been classified ahead of him even if he’d finished close behind Perez. But Norris said making the pass when he had the opportunity gave him the chance to reach the rostrum.

“I think today’s race highlighted that we had to keep on pushing through the whole race,” said Norris.

“Obviously it’s nice when you have a car which is, compared to last year, more competitive and you can be there or thereabouts on safety car restarts and so on.

“I’m so happy, because it very easily could have been the opposite of the result I have right now. I almost got back down to sixth after Charles [Leclerc] passed me and it was kind of going downhill and I was all over the place, locking up, going wide.

“But I knew I had good pace in the car so I had to get my head down and try to get past Perez when he got a five second penalty. I was fairly aggressive with my overtake but I had to be at that point.”

After passing Perez, Norris set off after Lewis Hamilton, who also had a five-second time penalty.

“I only managed to get him on the final lap of the race,” said Norris. “I think it was 5.8 onto the final lap and I managed to get it down to 4.8, so I wasn’t in the position I was in.

“If I didn’t put in the fastest lap of the race, which I’m very proud of, I wouldn’t be here. I just want to say big thanks to the team.”

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2020 F1 season

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9 comments on “Norris ‘had to be aggressive’ with pass on Perez”

  1. Paul (@frankjaeger)
    5th July 2020, 22:42

    So proud of Lando and McLaren today!

  2. Well done, Lando! That’s the drive of a future champion right there. The best rise to the occasion when they sense an opportunity.

  3. Only Facts!
    6th July 2020, 0:38

    I imagine that in that last lap Norris got the permission to release the kraken from his engineer, and he didn’t disappoint. Leclerc making an impressive lemonade himself.

    The boys are coming! No matter how much Vettel rear-end them, or Hamilton fish-tail manoeuver them, they’re going to keep coming.
    ✋ up for that Renault engine qualy mode pushing Norris in that last lap!

  4. YEAH LANDO!!! That will build his confidence! Lets see where this takes him now!

  5. Early days of course, but it looks like Sainz is taking a demotion switching to Ferrari and that Riccardo is getting out of a sinking Renault.

    Glad Norris made the pass on the Beta Merc, to take the spot away from Hamilton. A little karma.

  6. I thought I saw Lando overtake on the inside by going off the track (inside the white line) a bit like the Max move on Kimi some time ago (Max was penalised) I can’t playback and look again so I may be mistaken. What I saw was on the analysis screen where AD and KC showed a replay of the overake from an onboard and stopped the replay while discussing the action, not the ‘now visible’ white line to the left of his front wheel. AD seemed to quickly reach up and close the view and I was convinced he just saw what I saw? Hopefully I’m mistaken………..really glad for Lando, I like him more and more every day!

  7. Ben Rowe (@thegianthogweed)
    6th July 2020, 8:42

    It is quite amusing that 3 out of 4 of Mclarens latest podiums have all been due to penalties from drivers ahead. 2 of which were Hamilton getting one because of hitting Albon.

    The last time a Mclaren finished in a podium position was the first race of the hybrid era in Australia 2014 with Magnussen in 3rd. He got promoted to 2nd and Button also then into 3rd and on the podium due to Ricciardo’s disqualification.

    And the two more recent ones were again 4th place finishes that then got promoted. Nothing against any of their drives, is just quite funny that they still haven’t finished in a podium position once since the very first race I mentioned despite 3 of them turning into podiums.

  8. First time Ferrari & McLaren (the two most historic teams) share a podium since Brazil 2012!

    I honestly hope this year’s McLaren (and the 2021 one with the Mercedes engines) are regular podium contenders like they used to and if the opportunity arises to snatch the odd win at a crazy race. F1 needs McLaren back at the front!

    1. Also the first time in history that Mercedes, Ferrari and McLaren share the podium!

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