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Russell “a little bit gutted” not to reach Q2

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In the round-up: George Russell says he didn’t expect to come so close to reaching Q2.

What they say

Russell got within a tenth of a second of making it into the second round of qualifying:

Less than a tenth away from Q2 and this time on pure pace, I think that’s the pace of the car, is positive. I’m a little bit gutted we didn’t just creep in. I think we had the potential had I nailed a slipstream. But nevertheless, pleased with the result.

I think if we nailed the slipstream, we could have got it, I think. I got a really good slipstream from Alex [Albon] on the previous session. But the track’s obviously improving constantly. I went quicker overall, but I lost two tenths in the straight. Like I say, if everybody had the perfect slipstream, maybe they’d all be in the same position. But nevertheless, it’s nice to sort of be here and say, in another P19.

It exceeded my expectations, even. I knew we’ve made a step forward. I honestly didn’t think we’d be in this position. I thought we’d be still on the back row of the grid. So I’m pleased. I think we did a very good job as a team to get the most out of our car. Let’s see what we can do tomorrow.

Quotes: Dieter Rencken

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Comment of the day

Phil offers a view on the Formula 2 season-opener:

Mick Schumacher can’t be making those mistakes from good positions if he wants to be challenging for the title.

Really good from Zhou up until it all broke for him. He had some really good pace and was relatively controlling it. Ilott did well to pick up the pieces, and basically drove away from those behind, so a strong showing from him.

Armstrong, Shwartzman and Lundgaard all did really well for debuts. Daruvala unlucky with the first lap contact, definitely think he had more to show.

Overall, looks like a highly competitive field for the season. I think Zhou might be the favourite, but it’s not going to be easy. At least, hopefully it won’t be. But a lot of bright talent on show.

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On this day in F1

  • 50 years ago today Jochen Rindt won the French Grand Prix after a failing tyre cost Jean-Pierre Beltoise the chance of a home victory

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11 comments on “Russell “a little bit gutted” not to reach Q2”

  1. To offer up some perspective of Conor Daly’s heart stopping results ….
    I recall reading (yes, I was a kid at the time) about Jo Siffert winning the 1968 British GP in a Rob Walker Lotus. This was one of the first times that heart rate data was recorded during a race. If memory serves me correctly, he peaked at over 210 and didn’t drop below 190 over the 2 hours. Very impressive.
    I ain’t no kid any more (60 with a bunch of years experience), but even I can maintain over 135 (83%of max) for 2+ hours on a bike.
    Suggestion for Mr. Daly, you might benefit and drive faster with some training.

    1. You have your athletic science backwards, I’m afraid. Daly having a low heart rate over the course of a physically challenging race is proof that he *is* fit. Siffert averaging 190 means that he was not very fit in comparison.

      The higher your heart rate during a given exercise, the less fit you are.

      1. @rekibsn does have a point though too @exediron – while practising to get that good condition associated with a (unforced by medicine) low resting heart-rate, you certainly go to extended periods of heart-rates over 130 or so, ie. cardio-training.

        The better your starting condition, the longer you will be able to keep going at that elevated heart-rate before your body cannot cope. But also, the better your condition, the harder you have to extend yourself to get to that rate.

        For example, after an OP last year which required me to let wounds heal for six weeks, initially already light exercise could get me towards cardio-training, then it had to be, at least, vigorous hoovering, and now I have to actually work out for a bit of time to get there.

  2. I appreciate that people are willing to blow the whistle on people not complying with the covid protocols. If they keep ignoring the requirements, we could be out of a season before we know it… Everyone has to be held accountable even if they’ve been tested as negative, who knows what can happen in the span of a day with using the proper protection

    1. I sort of agree @daytek that everyone has to keep to the protocol. Though in that thread there was also a photo posted of Jean Todt, having diinner with a group of people (family/friends/FIA people? not sure), while he was shortly afterwards in Austria.

      As @ruliemanaulana suggests, it seems tests of all persons involved in F1 came back negative, so no physical harm done so far. But I disagree with his/her conclusion that mask & distancing were not needed – that’s only the case for as long as the people in the bubble have no contact with the outside, which is never guaranteed.

      While on the topic of no physical harm done/that twitter thread: There is a failure in the letter, it names a Helmet Marko. Given lack of masks, and also my immediate association with Spaceballs’ Lord Helmet, I grinned.

      1. ColdFly (@)
        5th July 2020, 8:31

        Of course with a helmet it is not necessary to wear additional face covering.

  3. All 4,032 people there was proven negative. The mask & distancing protocol for public place was not needed. It’s already a save bubble.

    1. Testing negative does not prove you don’t have the disease. Testing is getting better but I’ve seen reports of high rates of false negatives (~30%), which sounds terrible but even long established medical diagnostics are not infallible. It does mean however that people need to behave more carefully and they need to keep testing testing testing.

    2. ColdFly (@)
      5th July 2020, 8:39

      Even if tested negative you can be infected with the virus.
      The test only returns a positive result when after an infection your body starts to reproduce the virus in large quantities (incubation). This could take days.

      And then of course there is the chance of false negatives.

  4. Also, on this day in F1: The 2015 edition of the British GP won by Lewis Hamilton took place five years ago today.

  5. binotto said that at Ferrari’s launch

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