Ticktum disqualified from sprint race, Ilott declared winner

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Dan Ticktum has lost his victory in today’s Formula 2 sprint race at Monza after being disqualified for a technical infringement.

His DAMS team failed to provide a representative fuel sample after the race as required by the regulations.

Competitors are required to provide samples of at least 800g of fuel at any point during a race weekend. Only 50g could be taken from Ticktum’s car after he came to a stop immediately after taking the chequered flag at the end of today’s sprint race.

“Having considered the matter extensively, the stewards determined that it was not possible to take a fuel sample of 0.8kg from car two after race two,” said the stewards in a statement. “The technical delegate’s report stated that sample extracted was 0.05kg. This is a breach of the technical regulation and car two is therefore disqualified.”

Ticktum had scored an emphatic victory in the race, taking the lead from pole winner Louis Deletraz at the start and leading Callum Ilott home by 4.6 seconds.

Ilott, who originally finished second, has therefore been declared the winner. Christian Lundgaard moves up to second place ahead of Mick Schumacher. Louis Deletraz, is promoted to fourth ahead of Robert Shwartzman, Jehan Daruvala and Jack Aitken, while Nikita Mazepin inherits the final point for eighth place.

In the revised championship standings Ilott has 149 points, Schumacher 143 and Shwartzman 140.

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10 comments on “Ticktum disqualified from sprint race, Ilott declared winner”

  1. Expected after stopping the car in Curva Grande.

  2. Having had such a huge advantage at the front, it’s weird that they didn’t ask him to coast and manage a little.

  3. This is truly amateur, these fuel regulations have existed for a long time.

  4. Shame, but yeah, that is a nono in motorsports. They probably just put in a bit fewer than they though, but one can never completely disregard being seriously underfuelled either. Or even fidgeting with the fuel to get that tiny bit extra performance.

  5. Thats a shame he really drove a good race.

  6. He basically said in his post-race interview with Rachel Brookes that he thought they were going to be in difficulty with it, so not really surprised. He obviously knew what was coming.

  7. I’ll look forward to him making a fool of himself via social media later on then!

  8. Oh well, what shame, never mind.

  9. His car had a known fuel leak. The team is furious about it

  10. So what would have he done if there was no VSC….well we know the answer….

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