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Rate the race: 2020 Bahrain Grand Prix

2020 Bahrain Grand Prix

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What did you think of today’s race? Share your verdict on the Bahrain Grand Prix.

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What were the best and worst moments of the race? What was the main thing you’ll remember about it? Rate the race out of ten and leave a comment below:

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28 comments on “Rate the race: 2020 Bahrain Grand Prix”

  1. 5/10. So happy that Grosjean is alright, but very meh all-around.

    1. Honestly, I voted it a 9 out of 10 exactly because Grosjean was able to get out of that accident with seemingly only minor injuries @huhhii @velocityboy. I even considered giving it a 10 just for that

      THe FIA does get another few minuses for handiling stuff – that marshall running over the track right ahead of Norris could have ended well. But overall I was just happy to have a perfectly uneventful race after the shock of how it started.

      Also, a decent effort from Sainz to give us at least a few worthwhile passes today.

    2. 10 because all we care is about drama. Another Istanbul, very dull.

  2. All that needs to be said about the state of this race (and F1 as a whole, I presume) that the only part worth paying attention to was the one where we were unsure whether a man died. 2/10, and I am being generous.

  3. An OK race, albeit very messy.

  4. 6/10. Interesting midfield battle, but ruined by late safety car. Commiserations to Racing Point and hope Grosjean is OK.

  5. Voted 6, would have been a 7 if the Gasly situation could have played out in last laps against Ricciardo and Bottas. Should have been a VSC for me at end although wouldn’t have made much difference.

  6. Well it was a 2-3 stop race so clearly must have automatically been the greatest race ever!

    Oh wait it wasn’t so can we now stop talking about that myth? 2-3+ stop races are no better than 0-1 stop races, Never have been & never will be!

    Race was duller than any of the 1 stops we saw this year.

  7. 10/10 for F1 for ‘simply’ preserving the life of a driver. Does anything else matter under the circumstances?

  8. Decent race and the only thing that matters today is that Grosjean and the marshalls are ok, I gave it a 7, woulf have been an 8 but the marshal on the track near the end got me angry.

  9. 5, maybe even 4. Apart from the crashes, this has been a standard 2020 race which wasn´t even helped by different strategies.

  10. 10/10 for the medical car!

  11. Horrendous for Romain…pleased he has survived…a little quiet racewise but possibly the drivers were a little subdued.Poor perez, worthy of a decent drive next season, but stroll still wants to be the next maldonado

  12. This was a good race for standard 2020, lots happening in the midd field and many dramas.

  13. Bye bye formula 1.
    Another boring career, without any interest.
    Every day there are fewer people interested in this absurd circus in which the capitalists only have an interest in making money, the more the better, the faster the better.
    Good job ba Hamilton of course.

    1. Bye bye Jorge

    2. How come, you leaving now that Alonso is coming back?

  14. You should not be running Rate the Race today. the race does not matter.

  15. Not voting on this one.
    It was too close to a man dying for the love of what he does.

    Thanks to all the Marshals and emergency services today.
    They are today’s winners for me.

    1. It does feel a bit as if people are kind of treating Grosjean’s accident in a bit of a flippant and trivial matter to then snap back to complaining that the race was boring and making the same complaints as usual.

      When you consider what could have been in that incident, it does kind of put things into perspective and makes you think that, in all honesty, it kind of didn’t matter what came next – you’re just kind of relieved that it wasn’t more of the same.

      1. The chat is to rate the race, so that’s what people are doing. The severity or shock value of accidents doesn’t ever factor in my rating of a race so why should I mention it. Had Grosjean been seriously injured, I would arguably have not rated the race at all as I would have been against it being held.

  16. Apart from the Grosjean shunt, same old same old: mindnumbingly boring at the top (Max never came close and Valtteri was far behind), but plenty of entertaining battles at the midfield. The late SC was very unfortunate, not only for Checo and Racing Point: an interesting battle for Gasly’s position was brewing. His tyres seemed overcooked but the SC saved him. Even a SC restart with Max on fresher tyres could have been interesting, but an SC endrace is the worst. A generous 6 for the midfield battles; the second and fourth position for WDC, and third for WCC are still very much open.

  17. Rated an 8. 10 if we had a battle for the podium. The midfield battles have been good and the television coverage has been showing them. The track tears up the tires requiring multiple pit stops which also made it interesting.

  18. 7/10 based on the actual race and not taking into account the Grosjean incident. No real action or competitive race at the front but there were some interesting battles in midfield. Mildly exciting.

    Oh course the overriding factor is that Romain was able to walk away from that accident. This is a testament to the rules and procedures F1 has put in place to make racing as safe as possible. I am very relieved this was not a much worse outcome.

  19. 6. I glad for Grosjean’s miracle. He survived a horror crash! After than Stroll’s roll it became to a dull race. Bottas had a puncture, Gasly had some battle and the two Renaults fought for few point. McLaren, Gasly and Albon were lucky for Perez’s DNF.

  20. Looking at the race only. Great to see Roman walk away but again It was another precession for Mercedes. Well done to them for building the best package but it doesn’t half make the sport boring. Such a shame…

    On a side note why did Ricciardo restart from 6th behind Albon when he was 5th when race was stopped? Any insight?

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