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F2 title-winning 2020 campaign was my best year yet – Schumacher

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In the round-up: Mick Schumacher says he performed better than ever last year, ahead of his upcoming Formula 1 debut.

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Schumacher, who will make his grand prix debut with Haas, was only ninth in the Formula 2 standings after nine races, but recovered to win the title. He was asked what his 2020 season was like:

People who work in racing tend to look to the future and not back and that goes for me too. It’s a matter of mentality, because in such a competitive environment, we always think about what more we can do and how to do better.

But perhaps in this case one can make an exception, but not based on personal reasons. The pandemic really affected everyone and created serious problems for a lot of people. That’s why it seems almost unfair for me to be happy about what 2020 was for me, because to be honest, it was the best year since I’ve been racing, the one in which the dream I’ve had since I was a kid came true. Now I can say I’m ready for Formula 1.

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Comment of the day

Should Ferrari return to a more ‘heritage’ shade of red?

Ferrari should do something about that colour. It rather looks more like they are in the rescuing services than in an ancient racing outfit.

People liked the burgundy for the 1,000th anniversary race, so somewhere in between is for sure a more fitting colour in my opinion.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Sridhar Gopalkrishnan!

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On this day in F1

  • Born on this day in 1917: Paul Frere, who went on to win the 1960 Le Mans 24 Hours and finished second in his final grand prix appearance at Spa in 1956. He died in 2008.

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13 comments on “F2 title-winning 2020 campaign was my best year yet – Schumacher”

  1. I can’t quite fathom the rationale behind formula E racing on city tracks instead of established ones.

    Surely we might actually see some genuine racing on a wider purpose built track instead of the bumper car style that seems to be the most common form of overtaking on these narrow city tracks.

    Personally I’m excited about seeing a race on a proper track as I see it being the next step to making the series better.

    1. I like FE’s city-street approach. Even if you take away the “showcasing electric mobility in cities” aspect (which is no small thing), just purely on racing terms, for me, the tight confines and uneven surfaces of street circuits are part of the appeal. The racing is fun and unpredictable, but not in a safety-car-lottery kind of way. I don’t mind a bit of “bumper-cars” — it’s not really any different from a touring car scrap (and FE are hardly open-wheel cars, anyway).

      It’s nice to have variety in racing series. If FE were to move to all purpose-built tracks, it’d just be an international F3 series with no noise.

    2. Not sure if it is true, but I think it was mentioned before that FE needs tracks with a pronounced stop-start nature to help with energy regeneration. Long straights and flowing corners don’t suit those cars. More cynical reasons were that the cars lack speed and range, so tried to avoid direct comparison with other classes.

  2. They looked pretty good in testing. I think they’d look OK on city streets too sans unrelieved hoardings.

  3. Here we go, Racefans, 2021 starts today with the 59th Rolex 24 From Daytona, stream available worldwide at imsa.tv starting 3:35 ET (20:35 GMT) or your local tv provider.

    I’m not rooting for anyone in particular but I’m certainly not betting against a Cadillac to win. And K-Mag in the Ganassi entry has been the story so far

    1. I’ve always been a K-mag fan, and he seems to be relishing being at a top team with a good car capable of winning the venerable Daytona 24. Good for him!

  4. COTD: Ferrari has never raced in “Burgundy”. Ever.

    Nor will they.
    Rossoautomobili has the story in case you might want to educate yourself

  5. I don’t have a problem with Ferrari’s present red shade.

    BTW, the WTCR link leads to the Forum instead of the actual post. I don’t know what the ”title (source)” is about either.

  6. Sustainable biofuel from P1 Racing Fuels to power WTCR (WTCR)

    “Berlin-based P1 Racing Fuels has been confirmed as the WTCR’s official fuel supplier by the FIA World Motor Sport Council after it was successful in developing a bespoke racing biofuel product for the WTCR during a rigorous tender process overseen by the FIA technical department.”

    1. It will result in WTCR drivers being powered by a bespoke fuel featuring 15 per cent renewable components for the first time.

      Now I understand why the link wasn’t included; the story isn’t by far as exciting as the headline.

      15% is like issuing a daily round-up only on Sundays.
      Where would I get my links to the RF Twitter account the other six days of the week?

      1. @coldfly it is also worth noting that the World Touring Car Championship originally promised back in 2007 to make a switch to a pure bio-fuel mixture by 2009…

  7. Re DAMS: So that means Lundgaard stays at ART.

  8. F2 title-winning 2020 campaign was my best year yet – Schumacher

    Good compared to the sheety seasons he had from German F4.

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