Gianluca Petecof, F4, 2019

Ex-Ferrari Driver Academy member Petecof jumps up to F2

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In the round-up: Gianluca Petecof, who split from the Ferrari Driver Academy after winning the Formula Regional European championship last year, will race in Formula 2 this season.

Petecof to race in F2 for Campos

Petecof beat fellow FDA member Arthur Leclerc to the FRE title by 16 points last year. The 18-year old will graduate straight to Formula 2 with the Campos and join Ralph Boschung in the team’s 2021 line-up.

He was signed to the team by its founder Adrian Campos prior to his sudden death last week. “It is an honour to know that one of the great Adrian’s last wishes was to have me in a Campos car and it motivates me in a special way more than ever before,” said Petecof.

“Campos Racing has a winning culture and giving unique opportunities to young drivers is in the team’s DNA. I cannot wait to start working with them and prove ourselves once again.

2021 Formula 2 driver line-up confirmed so far

ART1Theo Pourchaire
Campos1Ralph Boschung
Campos2Gianluca Petecof
Carlin1Jehan Daruvala
Carlin2Dan Ticktum
DAMS1Marcus Armstrong
DAMS2Roy Nissany
Hitech1Liam Lawson
Hitech2Juri Vips
HWA1Matteo Nannini
HWA2Alessio Deledda
MP1Lirim Zendeli
Prema1Robert Shwartzman
Prema2Oscar Piastri
Virtuosi1Felipe Drugovich

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Magnussen heads to WEC

Former Formula 1 driver Kevin Magnussen will be part of Peugeot’s six-strong line-up for the World Endurance Championship.

Magnussen joins fellow ex-F1 racers Jean-Eric Vergne and Paul di Resta plus Loic Duval, Mikkel Jensen and Gustavo Menezes in the race seats. James Rossiter was named reserves and simulator driver.

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Comment of the day

Is Lewis Hamilton planning to walk away from Formula 1 at the end of the year?

I think this is a wise deal for both parties. For Hamilton, potentially seal the all-time championship record, retire on a high and pursue other avenues in life. Hamilton’s spoken about wanting a family etc… and he’s obviously found a second calling with his fight for equality and human rights.

For Mercedes, well, the future. Hamilton isn’t getting younger, father time catches up to everyone, even the greatest of athletes in any given sport. With 2022 regulation change, rumours of Daimler wanting to leave F1, it just makes sense for everyone to keep their options open.

Personally, even as a Hamilton fan, this doesn’t concern me. For anyone who’s followed him since junior formulae the talent has been there and he has given us more than enough special performances and memories to look back on. I’m content with the idea of Hamilton retiring at the end of the season, eighth title or not. He’s already made history even if the haters argue until they are blue in the face.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Bullfrog and Akshay!

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  • 12 comments on “Ex-Ferrari Driver Academy member Petecof jumps up to F2”

    1. I’ve never really seen much point in putting up links to articles that require registration.

      Regarding the COTD: I could indeed see him walking away if/when he becomes the outright record holder in WDC wins this year. He’ll surely reach the first three-digit number in both race wins and poles, but very likely also the record-breaking 8th WDC.

      1. putting up links to articles that require registration.

        – I think there are quite a few people out there who have an account for those. Most offer some amount of free to read articles per day/week/month.

        Better than linking to a site that copied the story from one of these newspapers @jerejj!

        As for Hamilton, I guess we’ll see! I just think that it was more about keeping options open and expecting to get a higher sum out of it as well (since currently it is not the right moment to sign a hundreds of millions for a multi year driver contract announcement).

        1. Most offer some amount of free to read articles per day/week/month.

          Fair point, @bascb
          Disregard my comment below then.

      2. Agree on the ‘registration required’. Keith,Hazel, or Dieter could’ve tweeted that quote, guaranteeing a reference in the round up.

        I also think that Hamilton decided to enter into a 1-year deal to keep his options open. But I doubt that this is a precursor to leaving the sport. Rosberg showed that at Mercedes you can quit halfway through a contract without consequences.

    2. Very, very cool that Hamilton held out on his own contract to secure promises on diversity and commitments across an intersectional plan to improve access to motorsport careers. We’re really lucky to have a seven time champion like this, he doesn’t have to. — Hazel Southwell (@HSouthwellFE) February 8, 2021

      Bless.. As if that was the reason he held out on his contract. Hm, what do you call it when a false narrative is deliberately forwarded in media without basis in reality?

      Only a few more years to go..

      1. That and 40 other million reasons

    3. I would have preferred to see Magnussen join Grosjean in Indycar, just to see what they could do and since I will be watching (if I can get access).

      1. @balue If Grosjean stays for 2022 I’m sure you’ll get your wish. I don’t believe for 1 second that CG signed a driver of KM caliber without the intention of utilizing him in Indycar

    4. Re Petecof: That was unexpected. Thought his chances of getting an F3 seat was unlikely as I heard from someone.

    5. Lewis seems to care alot about diversity but I don’t think it is the same diversity Hazel is thinking of. I think Hamilton’s middle name might be Diversity.

    6. Interesting article – a small typo:

      Gianluca Petecof, … will race in Formula 1 this season.

    7. Hazel has admitted that her tweet is wrong. Why is this not corrected in this article?

      And please don’t sneak edit.

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