DS is second manufacturer to commit to Formula E’s third-generation era

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In the round-up: DS Automobiles, whose Formula E team have won the teams championship for the last two years running, has committed to the series’ for the 2022-23 season, when its next generation of car technology will be introduced.

DS commits to Formula E

DS has joined Mahindra in committing to Formula E’s third generation of cars, which will be used until 2026 at least. The news is a boost for the series which has seen BMW and Audi confirm their intention to depart at the end of this season.

The manufacturer, whose Formula E team is run in conjunction with Techeetah, has taken two drivers to the championship on three occasions – Jean-Eric Vergne twice and Antonio Felix da Costa last year.

“We have been the first premium car maker to enter Formula E and our brand has significantly benefitted from the work and the successes of DS Performance, both in terms of development and brand awareness,” said DS Automobiles director general Béatrice Foucher. “If today DS Automobiles is the multi-energy constructor with the lowest average of CO2 emissions in Europe, it is also thanks to the expertise acquired in Formula E.”

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Paul Ricard may need more than a new surface to capture the imagination of F1 fans in the region:

Paul Ricard is the worst track of the calendar on television and nothing really exciting nor brave to drive on. It’s a high speed test track, nothing to add on.

On a better note, I’m pleased they’re hearing the critics and somehow trying to operate in this direction.

Point is, as a Frenchman I never been to Circuit du Castellet or whatever the name is, but I’ve been to Spa a dozen times.
Retired (@Jeff1s)

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