Williams will perform better at Imola, Latifi predicts

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In the round-up: Nicholas Latifi expects Williams will be more competitive at the second round of the world championship in Imola.

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Latifi expects “truer read” at Imola

Williams had a difficult start to the new season in Bahrain where strong winds upset the handling of the FW43B. Latifi, who retired shortly before the end of the race with a power unit problem, said he’s “excited” about the team’s chances at the next race as “Imola was obviously one of the tracks that seemed to suit our car much nicer last year.”

The Bahrain race turned out better for the team than they initially expected, he said.

“Despite the difficulties we faced, obviously the main problem was the engine, I think the car pleasantly surprised me in a few aspects comparing to how it felt in testing and last year.”

He expects the team’s performance at Imola will be more representative of what they can expect for the rest of the season.

“I guess [there] is a bit of hope and optimism on that side going to a track which hopefully has more stable wind conditions, a track that I think the layout of the track will suit our car better. We are curious to see how we’re going to perform and get a truer read on where we will be for the rest of the year.”

Kanaan’s Legion livery

Tony Kanaan, Ganassi, IndyCar, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, 2021
Tony Kanaan, Ganassi, IndyCar, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, 2021

Tony Kanaan will carry this American Legion livery on his Ganassi machine at the Indianapolis 500 and one other race he will participate in during the upcoming IndyCar season. Kanaan will participate in the four oval rounds on the calendar this year, while Jimmie Johnson will take part in the road and street course events.

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Comment of the day

Does Miami look like a worthwhile addition to the F1 calendar?

I’m finding it very hard to be optimistic about this venue. Another Caesar’s Palace race.

Please add more races at proper race tracks instead of building facilities that will only be used once per year and need to be assembled and disassembled for the event. This is not sustainable. If F1 wants to race on the east coast go back to Indianapolis. Road America. Sonoma Raceway. Bring Watkins Glen up to grade one standards.
Sir Ryanoceros IV (@Ryanoceros)

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14 comments on “Williams will perform better at Imola, Latifi predicts”

  1. Cracking COTD. Would personally love to see a race at Road Atlanta (never going to happen). But as you say there’s so many good tracks to pick from in the US. We don’t need another generic once a year wonder.

    1. How good would all these other tracks be after they’ve had the Grade 1 treatment?
      I’d suggest that many of them are as great as they are because they aren’t sanitised to Grade 1 levels.

      1. True. Road Atlanta and Laguna Seca wouldn’t be the same. Now Road America might work, if it wasn’t so isolated… then again, it’s a perfect venue for these times!

  2. Although it may not be my favorite livery, that is an outstanding photograph of the Williams. Nice!

    1. None more striped.

  3. What’s with the “testing day” for Charles Leclerc – seems too much distance for a “filming” day and they look like normal 13” tyres so what exactly is he testing?

    1. @dbradock The car is SF71H, so the testing and filming day restrictions don’t apply.

  4. Just don’t get Williams cursed at all, Nicholas.

  5. Only Indianapolis, besides COTA, holds the FIA grade 1. Not that the others couldn’t get upgraded.

    Did all grandstands get built or only some, given the earlier words that 50% attendance capacity would be allowed in the Monaco GP?

  6. So tried of people selectively complaining about human rights abuses. It always happens when f1 goes to countries like China, Bahrain, Saudi or Russia. Yes, terrible things are happening there, but all countries have problems. They were no calls to boycott COTA when they were separating families and putting kids in cages. They were no calls to boycott Silverstone and Indianapolis when they waged an illegal war. It seems they line between activism and racism is very blurry

    1. And this is a response to what ?

    2. Biden has already stopped that practice and you wouldn’t be disappeared or jailed for complaining about it let alone chopped up into pieces or put into a concentration camp.

      But, as someone said, what WAS this in response to?

    3. illegal war? I will not comment on a country waging a war but there isn’t something like a illegal war! There is war and those means everything broke down and both parties are going to get their right by arms… which isn’t good.

      You probaly heard of the saying in Love and War is everything allowed……

  7. Nice piece on the Top Gear link – well written opinion and after watching it, feel like its both fair and balanced.

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