Aitken makes surprise F2 return as Nannini abandons dual programme

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In the round-up: Jack Aitken, who made his Formula 1 debut in last year’s Sakhir Grand Prix, will make an unexpected return to Formula 2 in Monaco this weekend.

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Aitken returns to Formula 2

Aitken’s return to Formula 2 at this weekend’s triple-header in Monaco and the following round in Baku will come in place of Matteo Nannini at HWA. Nannini has abandoned his attempt to contest the series alongside his Formula 3 campaign, and will focus on the latter from now on.

A four-time race winner at this level, Aitken brings huge experience to the HWA team, which began their 2021 F2 campaign with an all-rookie line-up. He will partner Alessio Deledda for the upcoming rounds.

“I was surprised but also very honoured that HWA asked me to support the team in Monaco and Baku,” said Aitken. “They are two of my favourite circuits and it is going to be a real pleasure.”

Magnussen visits Brickyard as Indianapolis 500 practice begins

Will Power headed the first day of practice for the Indianapolis 500. The 2018 winner set an average speed of 364.468kph (226.47mph).

Former Haas F1 driver Kevin Magnussen, who has previously indicated his interest in the race, was present to observe the action. He now races in for IMSA for Ganassi, which has four cars in this year’s 35-strong Indy 500 field.

Max Chilton, who missed the previous IndyCar round due to travel problems, returned to action for Carlin. His day was disrupted when an air hose to his helmet worked loose.

Hamilton’s 2010 McLaren to go on sale

Lewis Hamilton's 2010 McLaren MP4-25
Lewis Hamilton’s 2010 McLaren MP4-25
A 2010-specification McLaren MP4-25 will be auctioned during the British Grand Prix, in what is believed to be the first time an F1 car driven to victory by Lewis Hamilton has been offered for sale.

The car, chassis number one, which he drove to victory in that year’s Turkish Grand Prix, is expected to sell for between five and seven million dollars.

Netherlands to get new F1 broadcaster

Formula 1 is to announce a new broadcaster in the home of one of its most popular drivers. Dutch broadcaster Ziggo confirmed yesterday it will relinquish broadcast rights in the Max Verstappen’s home country at the end of the season.

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Comment of the day

Are Ferrari contenders for the rostrum in Monaco?

This is probably Ferrari’s best chance to get on the podium on merit this season. Their car is very good in low speed corners and there are almost no other corner types in Monaco (except three medium speed corners: Massenet, Casino and Tabac). Plus they aren’t disadvantaged by their weaker power unit, as power and straight line speed/drag are irrelevant at Monaco.

They and Alpine are going to be the dark horses this weekend.
Srdjan Mandic (@Srga91)

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On this day in F1

  • 20 years ago today Kenny Brack won the fifth race of the CART IndyCar series for Rahal at Motegi, moving into the lead of the championship

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  • 14 comments on “Aitken makes surprise F2 return as Nannini abandons dual programme”

    1. Honestly have no idea whether the Melbourne GP will actually go ahead. Given the current political climate here I would be surprised if the race did go ahead as planned. I think it will be dependent on our (glacially slow and massively behind schedule) COVID-19 vaccine rollout.

      1. I am surprised to hear this. My news feed told me that Australia has also placed an order for Moderna’s under-trials booster dose which will be required later (late 2021, early 2022) and can also work against COVID variants.

        I felt that was quite a wise long-term strategy.

      2. I have an opinion
        19th May 2021, 7:18

        As with the cricket and tennis, Formula 1 will go ahead if international attendees are prepared to quarantine for 14 days in Australia beforehand. It could go ahead as scheduled if the Brazilian GP is cancelled, or it could be held on the second of January, 2022 as the season finale. I would put money on Kimi finding a reason not to go.

        1. @I have an opinion No, it most definitely wouldn’t take place in January. We can drop this option immediately. Abu Dhabi wouldn’t like this, and the indication last year was that F1 seasons wouldn’t last past the second quarter of December.

      3. @justrhysism Same here. The vaccine rollout and subsequently quarantine requirement will probably determine the viability of holding Australian GP as rescheduled in November.

    2. COTD: Not on pure pace. The Mercs and RBs (Max at least) will definitely qualify and remain ahead unless something happens to them.

      Coincidently F1 broadcasting rights switch hands in two countries after this season.

      The MP4-25 containing monocoque copy 1 was probably used in more than only the Turkish GP, though.

      1. @jerejj
        In the 4 races so far, only in 1 of them have all red bulls and mercs qualified in the top 4. In one of them (two if you count Norris at Imola) a non RBR/Merc was third on the grid. Then consider how hard it was to overtake at Spain and Monaco will be far worse. The sensible money is obviously on a Merc/RBR podium but it’s far from a certainty.

    3. Netherlands to get new F1 broadcaster

      Formula 1 is to announce a new broadcaster in the home of one of its most popular drivers. Dutch broadcaster Ziggo confirmed yesterday it will relinquish broadcast rights in the Max Verstappen’s home country at the end of the season.

      Ok this is very strange the buyer doesn’t have any broadcast posibility in the Netherlands. I wonder is Ziggo going to rent it because without F1 they are going to lose a lot of customers (I will be the first)

      1. Hm, that might explain why they call it out – as part of running negotiations @macleaod. It is a bit of a strange one.
        I guess they are looking at finding a broadcasting partner in the Netherlands right now to resell part of the package. If it goes on streaming, that would surely also mean the end of the agreement that allowed F1TV to work for Ziggo customers (well obviously for those) so it would probably stop being an option for the Netherlands.

        1. I did read some very and opposing views on the impact on F1TV in the Netherlands. Obviously it would not be part of the Ziggo package anymore. But will it also impact the general availability of F1TV Pro in the Netherlands? I am currently having a subscription since I don’t have Ziggo and I prefer listening to the Sky commentators, but it would be quite disastrous if the F1TV Pro possibility would disappear. If we need to take Sweden as an example where the Nordic Entertainment Group (NENT) also has the exclusive rights, but F1TV Pro is still available, then I think we don’t need to worry as F1TV Pro subscribers in the Netherlands.

          1. I have both and used F1TV PRO for the Sky commentators which is separate of Ziggo. Otherwise i get the free Live feeds of the internet if i don’t get what i want (and Pay for)

    4. Re F2: As if only F2 and F3 weren’t split up…bring back F2 and F3 together.

      1. Completely agree! It might not be interesting for the casual watcher, but for the F1 addict indeed this was mighty interesting to learn all the things going on in the background which we are normally not aware of. I loved to see and hear the inside communication.

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