Lawson disqualified from Monaco sprint race, Ticktum handed victory

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Liam Lawson has been stripped of his victory in today’s Formula 2 second sprint race in Monaco.

The Hitech driver’s car was found not to confirm with the technical rules. Dan Ticktum is therefore promoted to first place.

“A defined throttle pedal progressivity map programmed in position one of the steering wheel throttle map rotary knob must be used during all formation lap starts and race starts until the car speed reaches 50 km/h,” the stewards noted. “Car seven [Lawson] used a different throttle map at the race start.

“Having considered the matter extensively, the stewards determined that car seven was therefore in breach of the technical regulations and is therefore disqualified from the results of race two.”

Oscar Piastri therefore moves up to second place in the final classification while Piastri inherits the final podium place. Robert Shwartzman moves up into the final points-paying position and claims the bonus point for fastest lap relinquished by Lawson.

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Revised Monaco sprint race two result

1Dan Ticktum
2Oscar Piastri
3Juri Vips
4Theo Pourchaire
5Ralph Boschung
6Richard Verschoor
7Lirim Zendeli
8Jehan Daruvala
9Jack Aitken
10Robert Shwartzman
11Bent Viscaal
12Alessio Deledda
13Guilherme Samaia
14Felipe Drugovich
15Guanyu Zhou
DNFDavid Beckmann
DNFRoy Nissany
DNFChristian Lundgaard
DNFMarino Sato
DNFMarcus Armstrong
DNFGianluca Petecof
DQLiam Lawson

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19 comments on “Lawson disqualified from Monaco sprint race, Ticktum handed victory”

    1. It kind of sounds like just a tech glitch causing this? Then again, maybe having used a different map for that gave him some kind of tyre warmup advantage?

      Bit of a shame to have this happen after such a great race, Lawson really seemed to do it with great racing, pushing etc, lovely move for the lead. The whole podium deserved it IMO. This does make it a great weekend for Pourchaine and for Piastri now though!

  1. I hate it when things like that happen over a technicality, but ultimately if let one slip, they will all go wild in various different ways.

  2. Thomas Schiff
    22nd May 2021, 11:56

    Vips take the last spot on the podium, Schwartzman doesnt score any regular points, only FL as top 8 only scores.

  3. The stewards are a bunch of double agents.

  4. Who knew a spec series also had spec engine maps.
    A sucky way to lose out. Surely a time penalty rather than a DQ would have been more appropriate, given that the infringement was only for the tiny amount of time between 0 and 50km/h?

    1. RandomMallard (@)
      22nd May 2021, 12:09

      A technical infringement such as this is almost always a DSQ. That’s been the precedent for quite a while I think

      1. @randommalard @eurobrun LOL, I wanted to bring up and looked up the 2019 German GP where the Alfa Romeos got a 30 second time penalty for a clutch infringement at the start in similar conditions (equating it to a false start), but apparently that was an infringement of the sporting rules (the “no driver aid” one). How is this one a technical infringement then? It was just in the wrong setting, not an illegal car or part.

        1. Also it’s ironic Lawson got a penalty since he lost a place at the start…

        2. That was F1, this is F2.

          And having a rubbish start doesn’t negate a penalty for breaching the regulations.

          1. Agreed, with the same map everyone else was using He could have lost 2 places.

  5. I thought the top eight receives points from sprint races, so still no FLAP points for Shwartzman. Top ten only in the feature race. A shame for Lawson, but technical rules are technical rules.

    1. RandomMallard (@)
      22nd May 2021, 12:16

      Top 8 score points in the SR, but you can still score FLAP points in the Top 10 @jerejj

  6. Rules are rules!
    Better they learn it here.

    Otherwise they will “bend” something in later races or series.

  7. I believe the intent of this regulation is to prevent special engine maps that prepare for the race start or limit wheel spin.

    Surprised they allow changing it so quickly, perhaps other parts of the regulations allow the inspection needed to prevent cheating.

    The start at Monaco is really important. Seems this warrants disqualification to me.

    1. Funny considering he lost the start. Still think it pretty tough call for a setting that is used for such a tiny moment. Surely a time penalty would have been more proportional.

  8. Oscar Piastri therefore moves up to second place in the final classification while Piastri inherits the final podium place.

    I reckon you mean Juri Vips inherits the final podium place. @keithcollantine

  9. Shame for Lawson, but I’m enjoying the title fight between Zhou, Ticktum, Piastri and Lawson so far. They have definitely been the stand-out drivers of this season so far. Hopefully, Pourchaire can get in there (Bono style) soon enough.

  10. Hitech letting Vips down in Round 1, Lawson down in Round 2. At this rate Red Bull will pull their support and switch back to Carlin from next year.

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