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Warmer temperatures and strong gusts forecast for Azerbaijan Grand Prix

2021 Azerbaijan Grand Prix weather

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The 2021 Azerbaijan Grand Prix will be run in considerably warmer conditions than its last edition, in 2019.

With air temperatures around 7-10C higher for this year’s race, teams may face greater challenges in managing the performance of their tyres.

The Azerbaijan Grand Prix is being held several weeks later in the year than previously – the race had a late-April slot in 2019. As a consequence, temperatures will be higher. The average across sessions in 2019 was in the teens, with the three practice sessions hitting a maximum of 17C air temperature, compared to an expected 27C for 2021.

Qualifying and the race should see air temperatures will into the mid-twenties, with a maximum of 26C predicted.

Pirelli has brought its softest range of rubber to the Baku City Circuit, which sees some of the highest speeds of the season. The C3, C4 and C5 compounds were used in Monaco a fortnight ago, but the demands of Baku’s long acceleration zones are very different, especially as the principality was relatively cool for its race.

That might prove an advantage to Mercedes, who were in all kinds of trouble with their tyres two weeks ago. Track temperatures were well into the 40s at Baku two years ago, and should be warmer this year. Mercedes were in much better shape during Thursday’s practice in Monaco before temperatures fell over the rest of the weekend.

Williams and other teams which have cars that are particularly sensitive to wind will be regarding the forecast with concern. Friday running should be in comparatively calm conditions, from 15-25 kph wind speed but the wind will pick up for both qualifying and the race to around 20-30 kph, but with gusts of up to 50kph possible.

There is no risk of rain over the weekend. However, track temperatures could vary significantly on Saturday with the morning set for full cloud cover during final practice and the afternoon in bright sun. Race day should also be sunny.

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    8 comments on “Warmer temperatures and strong gusts forecast for Azerbaijan Grand Prix”

    1. The mid-20s are good, as are the low and sub-20s. Both late-April events were warm too, but I’m happy Baku is back in the Northern Hemisphere summer, although I wouldn’t mind September either.

    2. Cracking picture – modern F1 cars look so much better from the back.

    3. “Strong Gusts” – Williams panic intensifies

      I hope it’s not too windy, I see Bacu as a chance for the Grove team to score points. It’s always a hectic race and with those long straights.

    4. This looks like NOTAM, only differs in measures, I have to recalculate it into kts.

      1. Coventry Climax
        3rd June 2021, 12:49

        Or, like the rest of the world, which conforms to international standards, you could try to learn and get a feel for what the metric units are all about. I’m a pilot (too?), but why so many still use the antique ‘knot’ is baffling me. And then there is the scale of Beaufort, with it’s descriptions of what the sea/land looks like at certain wind-strengths. That’s ancient too.
        Stop teaching your kids these things -so the get a natural feel about metric units- and start using metrics on road signs, broadcasts etc. You’re just keeping the misery alive otherwise.

        1. <> Batten down the hatches! Beaufort, SC? NC? Beyoo-fert vs. Bo-fort!

      2. Coventry Climax
        3rd June 2021, 15:23

        NOTAM’s refer to unusual, unexpected states, weather wise, and are communicated on short notice.
        This is not on short notice, not about being unusual, but just a consequence of the race being held at another time in the year.

    5. Coventry Climax
      3rd June 2021, 13:08

      @Hazel: Are these higher temperatures due to a high pressure area over Baku? Or are they due to an overcast cloud, with the heat unable to escape? High pressure areas (thicker air) are generally sunnier, so hotter, but that eventually also makes the air hotter (thinner) and rise, so there’s contradictory things there. The bigger the difference between, and the closer a high and low pressure zone are, the heavier the winds that occur.
      With the given that high altitude circuits (low air-pressure/thin air) influence aero performance and cooling ability, I wonder how much of a factor the weather situation in Baku is, concerning aero performance, and if that plays into the hands of one team or another.
      With the combination of dependence on aero, the ability to cool the car, the row over fexible rearwings and the long straight, air pressure might be of interest?

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