Gasly not dwelling on possibility of Red Bull return after Marko praise

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Pierre Gasly welcomed Helmut Marko’s recent words of praise for him but isn’t considering the possibility of a return to Red Bull in the future.

The AlphaTauri driver spent half a season at the team in 2019 before being dropped. Since then he has finished on the podium three times for the midfield outfit, including his shock win at Monza last year.

Red Bull motorsport consultant Helmut Marko recently revealed he had spoken at length with Gasly, who he believes is performing better now than ever.

“I think it’s fair,” said Gasly when asked about Marko’s comments. “I’ve improved now with more experience, I’ve grown up a bit.

“Knowing the team also better: I’ve been working with them for a few years and I think we have a good working relationship, we know exactly what we need from each other. So I think it’s a fair comment.”

Gasly said he “had a good conversation with Helmut” when the pair spoke in Graz, but isn’t considering what it might mean for his future plans.

“We’ll see what happens for next year at the moment. I’m just focusing on myself and my own performance, trying to bring as many points as possible to the team because we are doing a very strong season, fighting for the fifth position which never happened for the team and I really hope we can get this at the end of the year so that’s the first priority and we’ll see what happens for next year a bit later in the year.”

Alexander Albon, who took Gasly’s place at Red Bull in mid-2019, has since been replaced by Sergio Perez. Red Bull is yet to confirm who will partner Max Verstappen at the team next year.

Gasly doesn’t expect an decision imminently, and stressed he is happy at his current team.

“I’m performing very well with AlphaTauri, I’m really happy with what we are doing. But obviously, personally, I’d like to be in a position to fight for better positions. It doesn’t mean I am not happy with where I am. It’s just a personal target and what I want to achieve in Formula 1.

“But as I said it’s not a decision which will be made in the next few days. My future at the moment is in Red Bull’s hands and we’ll see what happens for next year, I’m sure, in a couple of weeks.”

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2021 British Grand Prix

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6 comments on “Gasly not dwelling on possibility of Red Bull return after Marko praise”

  1. I actually think the move back to Toro Rosso/Alpha Tauri has done him well. Imagine he’d have stayed at Red Bull. Would we have seen the confident driver we’re seeing this season? I doubt it.

    It’s funny how not that long ago a 25 year old driver would still be considered a rookie. Mansell made his debut at what, 27? Hill didn’t start until he was in his 30s!

    You have to wonder how many potential title contenders Red Bull have thrown away over the years through their haste. Vergne, Buemi, even Alguersuari wasn’t bad. And what about those that didn’t even make it to F1 like Felix da Costa. They’ve brought a lot of good to F1 but I feel they could’ve brought a lot more…

    1. Yes, vergne was most impressive I think.

      1. Doug Adamavich
        15th July 2021, 23:33

        Always wondered what the story was with JEV. He was right there along with Riccardo, thought that he had talent. Never understood him getting cut.

  2. I don’t want him to return there.

    1. @Dave I do, but I don’t see a return happening.

    2. Me neither, dave, I don’t think he’d be capable of driving a red bull properly, if I were horner, marko or whoever decides and perez wasn’t up to par, I’d give him a 5-races trial, if not back to perez.

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