“You needed to be lucky to win” rues Grosjean after leading again

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In the round-up: Romain Grosjean says he had the pace to win after leading an IndyCar race for the third time last weekend but finishing 16th.

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Grosjean “had the pace” to win in Nashville

Romain Grosjean said he was quick enough to win last weekend’s IndyCar race in Nashville after qualifying fifth and leading the race, but rued the string of caution periods which turned the race into a lottery.

“We had some pace, we were up there with the top guys, we led a few laps,” said Grosjean. “But with all the yellows you needed to be lucky to win and that’s what happened today and for us, we didn’t get lucky.

“So it’s a bit of a tough one to digest because we had the pace, we were fighting at the front but we didn’t get the yellows that we needed.”

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Comment of the day

Sunday’s IndyCar race in Nashville proved divisive:

I’ve regularly sang the praises of IndyCar on this forum, but yesterdays race highlighted its negative aspects.

The circuit was a brave attempt to create something amazing, but ultimately it fell short. The surface was just too bumpy even by IndyCar standards and some sections of the track were guaranteed to make accidents. The driving standards were appalling. So many clumsy moves and so many full course yellows meant that anyone could win.

I felt so sorry for Herta. He was head and shoulders above anyone else all weekend and the fact he didn’t win is a travesty. IndyCar need do do some head-scratching.
Biskit Boy (@sean-p-newmanlive-co-uk)

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  • 14 comments on ““You needed to be lucky to win” rues Grosjean after leading again”

    1. Todd (@braketurnaccelerate)
      10th August 2021, 1:50

      NASCAR Cup drivers aren’t thrilled for the Indianapolis road course Race

      The only thing that’s going to save NASCAR is a transition away from ovals. The vast majority of the younger generation who enjoy motorsports, even those in NASCAR’s bread and butter States, aren’t terribly big fans of oval racing.

    2. I thought Hobbs died. Glad to find out he didn’t. I guess it just seems that way with Brundle and that other clown Croft commentating on the races.

        1. Clown is probably putting it nicely. Croft has gone down massively since the days when he was at 5 Live, when I often had to switch to that commentary because of Legard, who was even worse.

          I’m not sure if it is Sky encouraging this, but it is getting quite tiresome hearing the constant false excitement he tries to make about ‘potential moves,’ that even a casual fan knows is never going to happen. The mistakes seem to have gotten worse too like getting the wrong driver etc. Some of the things he has said in the past are proper face palm moments, I think Rosberg has called him out on several occasions when he has been talking absolute nonsense.

          1. I much preferred Steve Slater ,Steve Dawson, Paula Malai ALi, Alex Yoong and Gary Anderson for tech coverage at Star-Sports-ESPN in India all those seasons where the broadcast rights of sky were diverted through Malaysia using ESPNStar. Have watch all the Schumacher races on the RaceDay and ChequeredFlag converge with this team of commentators.

    3. If Honda’s experience with the engine layout change was anything to go by, Renault are a few years too late. Considering they were planning on hitting the ground running next year, this layout change, which is massive, will only set them back. This will effectively be an entirely new PU.

      We only have to look at what happened to Honda in 2017. I can agree that it may not be a comparable example, but they did fall further back in 2017 with the new layout, before getting to where they are now, but it took 3 seasons.

      Alpine are supposed to be a front running team by next year, I doubt this will happen. Sure they’ve score podiums and a win since Renault returned to Enstone, but all those results were fortunate. They should have taken the plunge a few years ago and committed to the new layout. Cyril was too busy trying to score political points over Red Bull for a time, when he should have been focusing on building his team. As result, now they have no customers, and possibly the worst PU on the grid. Its no surprise that all the key figures from the pre Luca De Meo era have left, about time.

    4. No one told him the concept before?

    5. Re Grosjean: Also, you need to be a true survivor, heroic cursebreaker and a real defier to win too.
      Re Alex Brundle tweet: “Close Field”? :D
      Re F1 2021 patch: New tracks next month?

    6. Grosjean calls it luck, but he could have pitted at the first caution like many others did behind Herta and he would have been where Ericsson was. With some many cautions likely, it didn’t take a rocket scientist to work that out, I understand why Herta didn’t pit being in the lead, but otherwise hindsight of course, but it’s not all luck. Requires the team to make sensible decisions also at the right time.

    7. So Taffin left over a month ago, but the matter remained unknown until today.

    8. Grosjean needs to be lucky to win alright.

    9. Is the official F1 eSports simulator a Playstation and Xbox arcade game? Are you kidding me?

    10. Grosjean isn’t wrong; it takes a bit of luck to win at everything. You can have the best car on the grid but if nothing goes your way then it doesn’t matter much. Still good to see him thrive in Indy.

    11. Robert Laipply
      11th August 2021, 15:16

      Get the F1 Tv app and buy a subscription, it’s worth it. I watch the pit lane channel just to hear the different commentators. Sam Collins insights during the race are very inciteful.

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