Sergio Perez, Max Verstappen, Red Bull, Istanbul Park, 2021

First pictures from the 2021 Turkish Grand Prix weekend

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Pictures from the build-up to the 2021 Turkish Grand Prix.

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6 comments on “First pictures from the 2021 Turkish Grand Prix weekend”

  1. What the f&!* is Hamilton wearing man

  2. Awesome Lewis! Bringing a good vibe to F1.

  3. Redbull livery looks awesome!

    1. I must say I do like it much better outside in the daylight than the first shots we saw of it. I was kind of in agreement with others who said it still looked too busy compared to the 60’s car, and part of me wished they had left the Red Bull off the car, but really, I think the spirit of the tribute to Honda, with all that white, is still there. Lol I guess from a marketing perspective, while one has peoples’ attention with a suddenly white car, what better time to have the usual Red Bull logo on there too.

  4. The Redbull Honda car looks even better outside, Banzai!

    I hope they make scale models for these, cause they are gonna sell like hot cakes.

  5. I think it really looks nothing like the Honda livery they are supposed to be honouring………..

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