Rowland targeting “two or three” Formula E titles after Mahindra move

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In the round-up: Rowland aiming for “two or three” Formula E titles after Mahindra move

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Multiple Formula E titles the target for Rowland

Formula E driver Oliver Rowland says he is aiming to win multiple titles in the series, which he hopes to compete in for the next decade.

The 28-year-old has moved from Nissan eDams to the Mahindra team for the upcoming season which begins in Abu Dhabi at the end of January.

Speaking to the Barnsley Chronicle, Rowland said that winning the Formula E championship is his main aim.

“I would hope to have more than one, that would be ideal for me,” Rowland said.

“Two or three titles in Formula E would be my main aim but I will have to work extremely hard for that to happen and it will involve a lot of other things as well.”

Rowland says his first aim for this season is the build a “good, solid foundation” with his new team.

“There’s no reason, with mine and their potential, that we can’t win some races and, once you do that, you will be in the hunt for the championship.”

Austria’s F1 TV ratings hit 20-year high

TV ratings for Formula 1 on Austria’s ORF network last season reached a high not seen since the year 2000.

Speedweek reported that the season-ending Abu Dhabi Grand Prix earned a peak of 1.2 million viewers in Austria, making it the race with the highest number of viewers on ORF since the 2000 Austrian Grand Prix.

The current arrangement of F1 broadcasting rights in Austria sees races shared between ORF and ServusTV – both free-to-air channels. Both stations show the Austrian Grand Prix live.

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Comment of the day

This weekend’s Caption Competition winner is @black:

Nikita Mazepin, Mick Schumacher, Haas, Circuit of the Americas, USA

Despite Mick’s best efforts, Nikita still couldn’t believe that Haas VF-21 had an eighth gear…

Thanks to everyone who came up with caption this week, including amusing entries from RocketTankski, scalextric and a particularly ego-stroking one from Pat Ruadh.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Cameron, Nano Rock, Sams, Ryan-Veitch and Euro Brun!

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12 comments on “Rowland targeting “two or three” Formula E titles after Mahindra move”

  1. Surprised it was Monza tbh. My personal favourite was actually, against all my expectations, France, but I also very much enjoyed Hungary.

    I caught a bit of that Indycar/Newgarden video when it was premiering on YouTube yesterday, seemed quite interesting from the few minutes I saw.

    While I haven’t seen the video linked yet (it’s on my watch layer list though!), I would highly recommend The Tim Traveller if your interested in transit, transport or quirky geography, and want a comedic but informative stuff on quite a lot of hidden things (mainly in France at the minute as that’s where he’s based now, but pre-covid there’s some good videos in both the UK and the rest of Europe and the world).

    1. I think it shows how desperate people are to see somebody win other than a Merc or RB. Can’t blame ’em

      1. Also can’t discount the sizeable personal following Ricciardo has thanks to Drive to Survive.

      2. Agree, but at the same time I would have thought Hungary, also a race where RB or Merc didn’t win, might have done a bit better than fifth.

  2. playstation361
    10th January 2022, 1:48

    Nice glimpse.

  3. Congrats to @black on the caption win. One day I might get one myself (doubtful).

  4. Lol between his friends Yuki looks really young….

    Note: those French 1950 track i saw in a docu abandon tracks are still there breathing that special feeling. But i am old maybe it’s that.

    1. @macleod To me, he doesn’t look really young versus the two around, LOL.

  5. Well there you go, eh.
    The favourite race of the year was the one where the two dominant teams and drivers were off the pace, ended up together on track and ultimately took each other out.

    Makes perfect sense, actually.

  6. Take the 2022 Global Indycar survey, help convince the powers that be to expand the sport beyond it’s current reach.

    1. Thanks for the link! I just completed the survey.

    2. It didn’t work very well for me…

      After filling in the first page I pressed next and then it said thanks for completing the survey lol

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