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Esteban Ocon enjoyed a breakthrough year at Alpine in 2021, taking his first grand prix victory, but can he translate his skill onto the basketball court?

NBA star Chris Bosh found out in Austin with Fernando Alonso ahead of last year’s United States Grand Prix.

Can you come up with the best caption for this picture? Post your funniest suggestion in the comments below.

A selection of the best will feature in a future edition of the RaceFans Round-up.

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33 comments on “Caption Competition 176: Ocon the court”

  1. ‘Ocon the court’
    Is the title already a submission?

  2. Honey, I Shrunk Fernando

  3. Ocon: just like my win, now I will sink this shot.
    Alonso: and just like the season, the game is not won with a single shot….

  4. Ocon: Me and you, Fred. 10 free throws and the loser drives for HAAS.

  5. The new Alpine Executive director making sure that Alonso and Ocon will not drop the ball during next season.

  6. Even though no ballast is applied, Ocon is confident he can get head this time.

  7. It’s Hungary all over again: while Ocon goes for the win, Fernando is keeping tabs on their closest competitor …

  8. “I meant you were a lion not lebron

  9. New miniature Fernando Alonso doll from Mattel.

    With lifelike ego and free deckchair.

  10. OCON: I can do this, I can make this throw, I just need to take my time, and line it up correctly
    Chris Bosh: Esteban. Fernando is faster than you.
    Esteban moves to the side…..Fernando grins and steps forward to take the shot…..

  11. In an attempt to spice up the show, F1 decided to trial its own style of a quali shootout tournament.

    1. That FE head to head lark has gone too far here!

  12. Fernando: “You’re so cool Chris. Can I interest you in a Kimoa sponsorship?”
    Chris: “I didn’t know they had goobers in France! Look at this kid lol”

  13. If only it was as easy as this to score points in F1.

  14. Ocon was later disqualified for wearing the wrong compound sneakers.

  15. With Esteban as the focus of attention Fernando was ready to try his luck outside track limits once again.

  16. “Alonso is taller than you”…… as he suggested to Chris that it only appeared otherwise because he was much further away from the camera.

  17. Planning the El-lley hoop.

  18. Chris wondered why it was he had to keep telling Esteban and Fernando not to step over the white line before throwing the ball.

  19. Are you sure you want to go for the win without me defending you from Chris?

  20. “Who needs LeBron when we have El Plan?”

  21. “OK – so you an me got balls …. but what about Fernando?”

  22. “Not sure I can block this guy, Esteban. You’re on your own!”

  23. “I don’t care if you guys wear your hats back to front – you’re still never gonna look as cool as me”

  24. Ocon had already started preparing for 2023.

  25. After the huge success Netflix partnered with Warner Brothers to make the new
    Space Jam F1 edition

    1. Success of DTS

  26. This is going to be easy like passing Hamilton!

    * [Because someone heavy is pulling the net and the Steward will watch the phone and not the replay.]

  27. It was within this moment Alonso began to realise El Plan had gotten a little off track

  28. Bosh – Esteban, I don’t know what’s worse.. Your free throw face or your actual free throw.

  29. Ocon: Watch me outsmart Dikembe’s hand? This is my house.

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