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First pictures: Alpine’s new A522 runs on-track in Barcelona

2022 F1 season

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Alpine has begun testing its new A522 chassis at the Circuit de Catalunya.

The car was launched on Monday and ran in a filming day at the Spanish circuit yesterday.

Alpine presented two liveries on show cars in Paris on Monday. It will begin the season using a predominantly pink livery in tribute to its new sponsor BWT at the first two races of the year, before switching to a blue design closer in look to the one it ran last year.

Alpine displayed its liveries on show cars and presented images of its A522 chassis. The real car has now been seen in action for the first time.

Pictures: 2022 Alpine A522

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2022 F1 season

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7 comments on “First pictures: Alpine’s new A522 runs on-track in Barcelona”

  1. That livery, I’m just lost for words. It looks like an Indycar. Although I’m aware with that pink you can do nothing good, therefore I propose other pink, I mean Pink Floyd.

  2. Perhaps this one as the regular is better, after all, with specifically Alpine-related blue predominantly.

  3. Not gonna lie, this looks like it will be fighting the Alfa Romeo at the back.

  4. Someone must surely have broken the ugly stick, hitting way to hard and more than necessary on this livery.

  5. Nice, the only way pink can match blue.
    Did a great job there.
    Let’s hope El plan is successful

  6. Interesting to see the shallow top FW Element is making it to track. If that is enough to balance out the car, they have done a really solid job with the underbody. Will be nice to see the development within the field and how far they are spread once we get some real running in a few weeks.

  7. Nothing on this car makes me believe Alpine will be anything more than a lower midfielder or potentially even a backmarker with Haas and Williams. I pray I’m wrong.

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