Mercedes rear wing, Jeddah Corniche Circuit, 2022

First pictures from the 2022 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix weekend

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Pictures from the build-up to the 2022 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

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19 comments on “First pictures from the 2022 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix weekend”

  1. Merely seeing people over-dress (wearing hoodies, etc.) in high-20 degrees C or 20s generally makes me feel slightly warm.

    1. over-dress for

    2. Low to mid 20’s is cold in the Gulf… :)

  2. I guess this is Mercedes’ ‘chainsawed’ less draggy rear wing? Methinks all teams are going to be running less rear wing this weekend anyway, no?

    1. Yep! Albert has a good comparison. Who knew Toto would literally take a chainsaw to the rear wing!

      Different angle


      1. @macademianut Ok very good and thanks for that.

      2. @macademianut Thank You that was very helpful to see the differences.

  3. That Verstappen photo looks like the recreation of last laps from the last race on Red Bull side

  4. Happy birthday to Alex Albon

  5. Ouch, that’s some serious sunburn you’ve got there Niels!

    1. Lol speaking of red, looks like LH is trying to get into a Ferrari now after all. Mercedes might be seeing red, seeing LH in all that red;)

    2. @Lightspeed I noticed the same. Sun exposure in the Middle East.

  6. What on Earth is Hamilton wearing… Too much money isn’t healthy.

    1. Lol didn’t see your comment until I posted mine directly above.

    2. He’s basically sold himself out as a clothes model in the paddock.

      I think most people would rather keep their dignity instead of even more money, but hey.

  7. Would I be right in thinking these wings are far less adjustable? Looks like the whole lower portion is moulded in place and has no adjustment at all? So it’s only the top flap that can be moved to change downforce? Seems a big change from previous years where it looked like there was multiple slats that could be altered or removed/added. Does this mean the entire whole wing will need multiple versions to change between differing tracks? Maybe that was always the case but I’m just wondering how this works now compared to before.

  8. Hulkenburg looks ready to go! When does he find out if he’s racing or not this weekend?

  9. Mr Scallywag
    25th March 2022, 8:08

    Nobody told Lewis you never go full Thriller.

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