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Alfa Romeo expect to be stronger in Miami than Imola

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In the round-up: Alfa Romeo’s Xevi Pujolar believes the Miami circuit layout will suit their car during next weekend’s Miami Grand Prix

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Alfa Romeo “will be strong” around Miami circuit, predicts Pujolar

Alfa Romeo’s head of trackside engineering, Xevi Pujolar, predicts that the Miami Grand Prix circuit will suit their car’s strengths next weekend.

The team currently sit fifth in the constructors’ championship, having acquired 25 points over the first four rounds. Pujolar believes that the Miami circuit will suit the car better than Imola, where Valtteri Bottas scored their best result of the season so far with fifth.

“We expect to be stronger than in Imola,” Pujolar said. “I think the type of layout could maybe suit us a bit better.

“Now we’ve got an idea – we’ve got a layout in the simulator and everything – but how actually it will look, we’ll have to find out when we are there. So we’ll see. It’s kind of a layout that I think we will be strong, but we’ll have to see in terms of the tarmac and everything what actually what it will be. But everyone has a lot of expectation and for us now with the package and everything, fighting with Alpine and McLaren is very encouraging for us.”

IndyCar lacking “buzz” around racing – Rossi

Alexander Rossi says IndyCar would benefit from creating more “buzz” around itself.

Speaking ahead of yesterday’s Grand Prix of Alabama at Barber, Rossi praised the quality of racing in IndyCar but said the series needs to create greater excitement around itself away from the track.

“I think we all have to remember we are an entertainment property, ultimately,” said Rossi. “That is what we are. That’s why we always talk about the show. That’s why we’re always interested in improving that with car updates. It’s talks and conversations we always have. I think IndyCar is aware of that.

“I think the on-track product is not necessarily the issue, right? It’s creating that buzz around it that we lack, that we struggle in. I think that takes someone much smarter than me… to figure out.

Evans “lucky” to take second after energy issues in Monaco

Mitch Evans says he and his Jaguar team were “lucky” to finish second in the Monaco EPrix after he had to carry out more energy saving than he anticipated in the race.

Evans had started from pole position and lead the early laps until he had to back off to conserve energy. The Jaguar driver admits he “got a bit of a shock” after the team had figured out his energy level.

“We had a clear strategy and obviously got the lead at the start,” Evans explained. “For the first few laps, I was under-consuming. Everything for our plan was looking strong until we got the energies and got a bit of a shock when I when I heard I was down on energy.

“It was quite stressful and I think we recovered really well. I think to get second today we were very lucky. We’ll analyse things – obviously something’s gone wrong somewhere because the car felt fine, but just the efficiency and the energy wasn’t quite there.”

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5 comments on “Alfa Romeo expect to be stronger in Miami than Imola”

  1. 36,000 parts, referenced in 25.000 drawings, 1.5 litre, 600 bhp!
    Sounds unbelievable.
    They must be counting each rivet and nut and bolt. 12.000 rpm is impressive but the power figure is out of this world it must be on rocket fuel or at least alcohol.
    Is Alfa getting ferrari’ps pu upgrade? I can’t see why they’d be particularly stronger around Miami.

  2. We’ll see if Miami indeed proves stronger for Afla than Imola.
    The midfield is very tight as usual, so for now, predicting the specific order between them Haas, Alpine, & AT is hard.

  3. I wonder why Alfa thinks they will be more competitive at Miami. Maybe their latest upgrade works even better in low to medium downforce configuration. They seemed to have had the third quickest car at Imola, with Bottas making up 12 sec on Russell after a slow pit stop and almost matching Leclerc’s pace. Zhou also had a great Q1, setting the 4th quickest time.
    If the reports are true and Ferrari are bringing an ERS upgrade to Miami (I hope Alfa will take it), then they could easily lead the midfield.

  4. I have been really pleased with Grosjean’s performance in Indy to date, but that contact was quite disappointing.

    On a side note, I don’t think it’s great form for Horner to be pictured on the quad with no head protection. I know it’s common, but those things are notoriously dangerous and given his position I think he should se a better example, if only for the camera.

  5. Bottas ahead of Hamilton is quite a joke – I’m enjoying the Alfa being right up there!

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