Mid-season rules change on porpoising ‘not correct’ and ‘very hard to police’ – Verstappen

2022 Canadian Grand Prix

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Max Verstappen has questioned the need for the FIA to take steps to reduce the porpoising and bouncing drivers have experienced over the opening races of the season.

The sport’s governing body confirmed yesterday it had issued a technical directive to teams describing the steps it would take to address what it described as a safety concern.

However the world champion does not believe changes should be made to the rules during the middle of a season.

“For me, regardless if it’s going to help us or work against us, I think always these rule changes in the middle of the year, I don’t think it’s correct,” he said.

Verstappen said the teams who are suffering most from the porpoising problem could cure it by raising the ride height of their cars to reduce the severity of vertical movement.

“Of course I understand the safety part of it, but I think if you talk to every engineer in the paddock, if you raise your car, you will have less issues anyway,” he said. “Of course naturally I think ourselves, but also the team, you’ve got to try to find the limit of what you can cope with, your body itself, for performance.

“But I don’t think it’s correct that now they have to intervene and start applying these kind of rules that if you can’t deal with the porpoising, that you have to go up on ride height because it is very simple: just go up on the ride height and you won’t have these issues.”

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The FIA also said it intends to devise a metric to set a maximum limit on the severity of impact drivers can be subjected to through their suspension travel. Verstappen predicted some aspects of the FIA’s clampdown on porpoising will prove “very hard to police.”

The difficulties teams have experienced with porpoising were not anticipated when the new technical regulations for this season were devised, Verstappen believes.

“I think nobody really expected it to be like this, so that’s probably overlooked, maybe,” he said. “But we have a lot of smart people here who can find a solution to that, for sure.

“Hopefully very soon, maybe not this year, but for next year, maybe there are some solutions to get rid of that.”

However he suspects addressing the problem could lead to fundamental changes to F1’s technical regulations, which were extensively revised this year to aid overtaking.

“I think all the cars are bouncing a bit too much,” he said. “You can see clearly at the moment there are a few teams who don’t really have that issue as bad, but it’s something we have to look into.

“Just how the cars are designed because of having to run it so low for downforce and having to run it so stiff, the whole design of the car. So if you want to get rid of that, you need a whole change of philosophy as well, of the car.”

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2022 Canadian Grand Prix

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    11 comments on “Mid-season rules change on porpoising ‘not correct’ and ‘very hard to police’ – Verstappen”

    1. Barry Bens (@barryfromdownunder)
      17th June 2022, 18:24

      AMuS has stated that all engineers in the padock agree that if Mercedes got to drive their car as low as they intend, they’d easily have the beast aero package. So it makes sense for Mercedes to hold onto this concept and pray (and cry and complain and whine) for a free fix such as active suspension. It would literally hand them the best car in the field.

      Instead, the FIA takes a fair (or I should say: less unfair) point and points the finger to the teams by saying: ‘raise the car or else’. However, this is a short term fix with a bigger permanent one coming eventually. Which, again, hands a free best car to Mercedes.

      And yet Russell is still not happy. Claiming it’s unfair because Mercedes has to raise the car and others might not. Do they truely have no shame?

      1. Unless I need new glasses, according to the article above your comment it’s Verstappen who’s not happy about the rule change, not Russell, and elsewhere on the site there’s another article saying Russell is criticising the drivers who are complaining about the rule change, so your comment is very puzzling.

      2. Hmm a German magazine making these claims about a German brand, and speaking for all engineers no less. You really think Newey would go along with this? I’m just not buying that Mercedes is on to something with zero sidepods. And no matter the suspension, how much lower can they go? None at all from what I can see.

        1. AMuS has actually quite often brought articles clearly based on Redbull talking points @robbie, remember Dr. Marko speaks German and is well connected.

      3. Article about Verstappen talking about a future technical directive coming into force but lets have another comment about Mercedes…

        On the other hand this is the same team that wants the budget cap increased mid season.

    2. “I think all the cars are bouncing a bit too much. …it’s something we have to look into”—-Verstappen

    3. What about the rule changes made during the last race in 2021, Max?

      1. Ugh, get over it bud..

        1. oil rules? frick ban? how about race/quali modes aka party mode ban? they were all rival requests mid season against mercedes… oh mercedes was dominant it was ok…. sure… everyone got over it… i m sure max will too. it is not like rb are favs or anything… oh well…

    4. I think Max meant to say . “Mid year rule changes are a terrible thing. Rules should only be changed during the race. “

      The whining is making F1 unbearable. At least we don’t have to hear Toto and Christian complaining during the races anymore.

    5. Max in a Merc: “I don’t mind the rule changes if it helps with the porpoising.” It is only matter of perspective. If there is a possibility that rivals can catch you speak against it. If it helps you do the opposite.

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