Lotterer gains points as Porsche succeed in overturning his Jakarta EPrix penalty

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In the round-up: Porsche has been successfully appealed a penalty against Andre Lotterer at the Jakarta EPrix, resulting in a change to the classification.

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Lotterer Jakarta penalty rescinded before Marrakech round, changing result

Lotterer has been restored to eighth place in the last round at Jakarta, Indonesia after he was cleared of responsibility for a collision with Nyck de Vries during the early stages of the race.

Stewards initially determined Lotterer collided with De Vries, giving him a puncture which meant he had to pit. Lotterer was given a five-second time penalty and one penalty point against on his e-license, the Formula E equivalent of a super license. The penalty meant that Lotterer was initially recorded as finishing the Jakarta Eprix in 11th.

Originally, the penalty decision simply concluded “the driver of car 36 [Lotterer] caused a collision in [turn eight] with car 17 [de Vries].”

After reviewing video evidence and data ahead of the Marrakech Eprix this weekend, that penalty has been removed. Following an appeal lodged by Porsche, the stewards concluded De Vries had suffered the puncture prior to the impact and that his loss of 10 kilometres per hour relative to the pace Lotterer would have expected him to be at was the cause of the collision.

The updated decision reads “There is a significant and relevant new element which was unavailable to the parties seeking the review at the time of the decision concerned. The stewards cancel the five second time penalty. The stewards withdraw one penalty point (now two in total). The stewards give the proxy to the stewards of the Marrakech Formula E-Prix to sign the amended final results of the Jakarta Formula E-Prix.”

In their revised ruling the stewards deemed “an issue with a flat tyre let the driver of car 17 reduce his speed at the beginning of [turn seven] more than usual and he brakes earlier for T8. The speed was 10kph less between [turn seven] and [eight]. Mr Lotterer was not aware of this and he hit car 17 at the rear. Due to the tyre deflation car 36 had no opportunity to avoid the collision. The stewards consider the case as a normal racing incident.”

As a consequence of the penalty being rescinded, Lotterer rises to eighth in the final classification. That demotes his team mate Pascal Wehrlein to ninth, Sam Bird to tenth and Sebastien Buemi drops out of the points. As a consequence, Wehrlein falls to 10th in the drivers’ championship, although Lotterer, Buemi and Bird’s positions are unchanged.

Teams permitted to use overnight tyre blankets at Silverstone

Formula 1 teams will be allowed to use overnight tyre blankets to maintain tyre temperatures during the British Grand Prix this weekend.

Temperatures at Silverstone are expected to be in the high teens at most, dropping to 10-11C overnight, with rain also predicted.

The instruction to teams reads “In addition to the minimum heating times and temperatures specified in the Pirelli Event Preview, competitors will be permitted to leave their tyres wrapped in blankets and heating to a maximum temperature of 30C throughout the nights in order to minimise any issues relating to the colder overnight ambient temperatures.”

Formula 3 World Cup not part of Macau Grand Prix again

The Macau Formula 3 Grand Prix is off for another year
The World Motor Sport Council has confirmed that the FIA Formula 3 World Cup will not run as part of the Macau Grand Prix again this year, as in 2020 and 2021.

The decision, announced today, reads “The FIA Formula 3 World Cup in Macau will not take place in 2022 due to ongoing restrictions related to the Covid-19 pandemic.”

Formula E confirms calendar for first ‘Gen3’ season

Formula E’s 2023 calendar has been approved by the FIA, albeit with three venues yet to be confirmed.

Unusually, the championship will start in Mexico in January. Saudi Arabia has opened the last four seasons and the country was thought to hold the rights to stages the opening round for at least a decade.

14th JanuaryMexicoMexico City
27th and 28th JanuarySaudi ArabiaDiriyah (two races)
11th FebruaryIndiaHyderabad
25th FebruaryTBATBA
11th MarchTBATBA
25th MarchBrazilSao Paulo
22nd AprilGermanyBerlin
6th MayMonacoMonaco
20th and 21st MaySouth KoreaSeoul (two races)
3rd and 4th JuneIndonesiaJakarta (two races)
24th JuneTBATBA
15th and 16th JulyItalyRome (two races)
29th and 30th JulyUnited KingdomLondon (two races)

Fourth driver takes up Charouz Formula 3 seat

The Formula 3 race seat originally occupied by British F3 runner-up Ayrton Simmons has now passed to a fourth driver. Simmons competed in only the opening Bahrain round before a lack of funding saw him exit the seat, which David Schumacher drove in Imola and then Lirim Zendeli in Barcelona.

Zdeněk Chovanec, who raced much of the second half of the 2021 F3 season will Charouz, has been announced as the driver for the Silverstone round. No driver has yet scored a point in the seat.

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Comment of the day

@Becken-lima rejects Nelson Piquet’s claim he did not refer to Lewis Hamilton using a racist expression:

I’m a black man from Brazil and let’s make this clear: Piquet was absolutely racist in his comments about Hamilton.

I feel ashamed by his words as a Brazilian and disgusted as a black man. My father was a huge Piquet fan and it’s sad to see that his hero is a resented racist.

So, don´t buy his false apologies and the way he is twisting the word’s meaning in that context.

You only have to visit the big Brazilian news outlets to witness a collective condemnation of his actions.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Rhys, Mike-E and Optmist!

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10 comments on “Lotterer gains points as Porsche succeed in overturning his Jakarta EPrix penalty”

  1. Get well soon, Keith! (And whichever other RaceFans contributor is also positive).

    The ray tracing article is interesting. Racing games have always pushed the boundaries of what contemporary computers are capable of. When Grand Prix 2 was released in 1996, there was no home PC on the market capable of running it at its maximum specs.

    1. @red-andy I think one of the happiest days of my life was when my dad came home with a copy of GP2 under his jacket and said “don’t tell your mum”. When I installed it and messed around with the settings on my bedroom PC it was a blocky pixelated smorgasbord of colours. It was incredible fun to play though. I still think it’s the best game I’ve ever played, or probably the most hours spent on it.

      Years later at uni, the next door neighbour left out their PC for tip collection and I still had the disk, asked if I could have the PC and for the first time I saw it in it’s full pixelated perfection. That huge monitor, tower, with GP2 was played more than the PS2 underneath it.

      I assume a lot of us owe Geoff Crammond a handshake and a thank you.

  2. I read the Chadwick column in the guardian yesterday – the headline is horribly misleading. It makes it sound like she’s questioning her own ability when really she’s just making some rather obvious statements that equate to “women need opportunities to take show they can compete”. There’s some other stuff about potential inequities in car design (size of steering wheel etc) that are quite interesting.

    1. @frood19 How would steering wheel size impact things? They’re relatively small & lightweight anyway.

      1. @jerejj Length of the fingers required to reach all buttons and tabs? How well your hand fits or is loose in the side slots but that should be easy fix at F1 level, maybe not so much in lower categories?

        Just trying to find some points here, no idea how valid they might be.

        1. @jeanrien @frood19
          Valid points, although hand sizes don’t really differ between individuals like feet, head, or body sizes, or at least I’ve never noticed any proper difference between people or genders.

      2. @jerejj it’s explained better in the article, but it is about the size and making it usable for people with smaller hands – women tend to have smaller hands, obviously, but racing cars have been designed for decades around male body shapes. Chadwick hints at the idea there might actually be performance benefits to designing the cars around women instead but mainly the thrust of the article is that all this unknown until someone gets an opportunity.

    2. The faster F1 cars become the stronger the G forces and braking forces become, the less likely it is women will be able to compete with men in F1.
      And there is nothing wrong with that.
      There are plenty of racing series where women can compete with men.

  3. Surprisingly late result change.

    Unchanged DRS zones, of course, as with every circuit (except Miami without previous reference) thus far & probably also all remaining ones. Perhaps slightly redundant to report about each separately since nothing changes anyway.

    Surprising that offensive graffiti even got into rFactor 2 in the first place.

    1. RandomMallard
      30th June 2022, 21:25

      @jerejj My understanding is a right to review, which I believe is what Porsche requested, is not usually heard until the next race weekend. I seem to remember the Mercedes review of the incident in Brazil wasn’t heard until Qatar, Red Bull’s review of the Silverstone incident wasn’t heard until Hungary, and Alfa’s request to review of Raikkonen’s penalty in Imola wasn’t heard until Portugal. With Formula E in Marrakesh this weekend, that would make it the normal time for a review.

      Also I think the DRS zone was changed in Imola, and it was changed during the Australian weekend. But apart from that I agree, they have been very similar.

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