Max Verstappen, Red Bull, Monza, 2022

2022 Italian Grand Prix championship points

2022 Italian Grand Prix

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Max Verstappen leads the drivers championship by 116 points from Charles Leclerc after the Italian Grand Prix.

2022 F1 drivers championship standings

PositionDriverPointsGap to leader
1Max Verstappen335
2Charles Leclerc219116
3Sergio Perez210125
4George Russell203132
5Carlos Sainz Jnr187148
6Lewis Hamilton168167
7Lando Norris88247
8Esteban Ocon66269
9Fernando Alonso59276
10Valtteri Bottas46289
11Pierre Gasly22313
12Kevin Magnussen22313
13Sebastian Vettel20315
14Daniel Ricciardo19316
15Mick Schumacher12323
16Yuki Tsunoda11324
17Zhou Guanyu6329
18Lance Stroll5330
19Alexander Albon4331
20Nyck de Vries2333
21Nicholas Latifi0335
22Nico Hulkenberg0335

2022 F1 constructors championship standings

1Red Bull545
6Alfa Romeo52
9Aston Martin25

Standings with 16 out of 22 races complete.

2022 Italian Grand Prix

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    15 comments on “2022 Italian Grand Prix championship points”

    1. Surely that must be the end of Latifi in F1, the utter waste of racing room.

      Well done to Nick de Vries – fantastic drive.

    2. The ‘classic championship’ standings, only including the races at the ‘classic tracks’: Monaco, Silverstone, Spa-Francorchamps and Monza, with Suzuka and Interlagos still to come:

      1 Max Verstappen 72
      2 Sergio Perez 70
      3 Carlos Sainz 70
      4 Charles Leclerc 50
      5 George Russell 37
      6 Lewis Hamilton 32
      7 Fernando Alonso 24
      8 Lando Norris 23
      9 Sebastian Vettel 7
      10 Esteban Ocon 6
      11 Pierre Gasly 6
      12 Mick Schumacher 4
      13 Valtteri Bottas 2
      14 Nyck De Vries 2
      15 Kevin Magnussen 1
      16 Alexander Albon 1
      17 Zhou Guanyu 1

      1 Red Bull 142
      2 Ferrari 120
      3 Mercedes 69
      4 Alpine 30
      5 McLaren 23
      6 Aston Martin 7
      7 Alpha Tauri 6
      8 Haas 5
      9 Williams 3
      10 Alfa Romeo 3

    3. BLS (@brightlampshade)
      11th September 2022, 15:47

      20th Nyck de Vries 2pts
      21st Nicholas Latifi 0pts

      Not a great look for Nicholas. Nyck very much deserved those points as well, a storming drive, very well deserved.

    4. Latifi is still the only regular driver without a single point.

    5. If I’m calculating it correctly, Verstappen should clinch the title in Singapore if he wins and Leclerc finishes no better than 9th, AND Pérez finishes no better than 5th.

      1. Jelle van der Meer (@)
        11th September 2022, 16:03

        Yes that is correct, Max can be mathematically champion by the end of Singapore, to do so he must be 138 points ahead (5 wins, 5 FLAP and 1 sprint race win), he is currently 116 ahead of Leclerc and 125 ahead of Perez.

        So to win the DWC in Singapore Max must win and Leclerc 9th or lower (8th or lower if Max takes FLAP) and Perez 4th or lower.

      2. Jelle van der Meer (@)
        11th September 2022, 16:04

        More likely is that wins WDC in Japan as after Japan only 112 points available meaning that Leclerc/Perez must gain points on Max in Singapore and/or Japan.

      3. Hamilton is now too far behind to win the WDC, but he is guaranteed to finish ahead of Nyck ;)

      4. Crazy idea: RB voluntarily takes grid penalties on VER car for Singapore race.
        They would do that to save VER from the problems on the first lap.
        Given the RB/VER performance, even in SIngapore, he could find his place back to the podium.
        On current conditions, the only thing preventing a VER podium is a first lap crash.
        The first turn would be a knife fight between LEC/SAI/HAM/PER/RUS – someone got to give and maybe not even finish the first lap.
        VER wiliingly takes grid penalties, wait to see what happens after the start, by lap 2 he would be between 7th-10th (exxageration), by lap 20 he is 5th (business as usual), and then was a fair cruise waiting to benefit from Ferrari mistakes and the almost certain red/yellow flags during the race.
        Worst case, he keeps his advantage and goes to Japan to win with Honda.

    6. Jelle van der Meer (@)
      11th September 2022, 15:59

      Lewis is mathematically out of the Championship race, 167 behind with 164 max to score.

      1. (Irony mode on): this is how impactful Tsunoda shenenigans were.

      2. Best piece of news in a sesquidecade

    7. Nick de Vries. An emergency stand in at the last moment, for a single race, now has a 1/3rd of Williams total points for the season.

      Unless Latifi is giving Williams 20+million a year, he needs to go.

      1. Ahem, probably is
        (I really don’t know, but it would be the only explanation)

      2. What stops him from finding that money, with a father with 3 billions? The only way to get rid of him is if williams decide on performance over money, like mclaren did.

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