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Seven-times Formula 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton had a little assistance from FIA president Mohammed Ben Sulayem at Spa.

Can you come up with the best caption for this picture? Post your funniest suggestion in the comments below.

A selection of the best will feature in a future edition of the RaceFans Round-up.

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45 comments on “Caption Competition 195: Hamilton and Ben Sulayem”

  1. “After a season of telling activist drivers like Hamilton to put a lid on it, Ben Sulayem in the take matters into his own hands.”

  2. Ben Sulayem: “WHAT ARE YOU?”
    Hamilton: “A human rights sandwich”

    1. Properly chuckled for that one, cheers.

  3. When driving in my country, make sure you keep the neck free.

  4. Luckily Lewis was well equipped to prevent Mr Sulayem from applauding the actual race winner.

    1. Very good, very good

  5. Whilst he had no legal recourse to prevent Hamilton’s protest statements emblazoned on the sides of his helmet, Ben Sulayem was adamant that they would not be seen by the media.

  6. Ben and Lewis swore revenge on the perennial trickster Danny Ric for his ‘Superglue on the helmet’ stunt.

    1. Sorry for the multiple entries, but this picture is a goldmine. I have a few more, but I will resist (and perhaps post after it has closed if no-one else comes up with the same.

  7. Now grasshopper helmet on helmet off

  8. Hey Louie, check out my new hair helmet!

  9. “See how I place my hands? You do that everywhere in paddock, we have no ear jewelry issue no more.”

  10. The FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem is showing great interest in all aspects of F1 besides the prestige and the cash.
    Here he is seen actually speaking to a driver and learning about their safety equipment.

  11. After 4 months of innovating to remove negative crowd effects, the FIA release their newest safety feature.

  12. Horner wants this next to his Abu Dabi well deserved trophy…

  13. After an uncharacteristic first lap accident the president of the FIA takes it upon himself to check Will Smith hasn’t stole the Mercedes again.

  14. “Let me cover up those pride flags, I want us to be on the arabic front pages”

  15. “Off with his head!”

  16. Ben, mate, you’re checking the wrong helmet for piercings.

    1. In the real world, this is the winner!

  17. The president of FIA are checking itself the application of rules regarding jewellery wearing during races.

    1. Checking for nose rings trough helmet visor opening.

    2. Slapping the two sides of the helmet simultaneously checking for ear rings (if the driver react to that with discomford probably he wearing).

    3. Punching the chest of the driver to check for necklace and crosses.

  18. I like your headscarf.

  19. FIA’s new boo filter.

  20. I remember the very early days when there used to be a person who walks here and there all over the place with players and guests. Ben Sulayem it was. Became a popular very man. A true winner.

  21. “Nice head you’ve got there … be a shame if something happened to it!”

    1. @nullapax – my winner right here!

  22. Mohammed Ben Sulayem applies the finishing touch to the Hamiltonbot being trialled for 2023 onwards.

  23. “Just keep that helmet and those overalls on, Colton, and no one will notice!”

  24. Great rendition of “COOL RUNNINGS”.

    Lewis: I can’t get my helmet on, coach!!!
    Lewis: Uh… thanks, coach.

    1. @placid Hehe.

      Sanka: “You want to kiss my lucky egg?”

  25. “Lewis, you have so many piercings under this helmet I’m going to call you Prince Albert from now on.”

  26. Just once… let me see you with my own eyes

  27. “No … please don’t take off my helmet … the high G-forces can affect my hair style … sometimes it appears I’m wearing fashion jewellery”.

  28. Lewis, I’m your father. Said in a Darth Vader voice

  29. Following the driver weigh in, Lewis thought he’d try his luck at the jewellery inspection…

  30. With my Midas touch I have turned your purple helmet to gold

  31. “I wasn’t joking when I said I will literally take matters in my own hands to prevent drivers from wearing earrings in the car”

  32. Liverty Media’s newest idea to make more money. Undercover Boss F1 edition. Ep 1. Ben takes the wheel

  33. Ben Sulaymen: “I’m sorry Lewis but the rules state that helmets must be removed when entering this area”

    Lewis: “No, they say ANY helmets, not ALL helmets, so I’ve chosen to keep mine on”

  34. “There’s this scene in The Exorcist where…”

  35. “Accept the FIAs handling of last years Abu Dubai championship shuffle or I twist!!”

  36. Good idea Lewis. Keep this on at all times! It’s a dangerous place (and we won’t need to listen to you then).

  37. Look at me Son! Stop whining for once!

  38. And if we take this mask off we’ll see that the Petronas Monster is, in fact, none other than the old caretaker… Fernando Alonso!

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