Herta commits to Andretti until end of 2027

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In the round-up: F1-courted IndyCar star Colton Herta commits his racing future to Andretti Autosport

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In brief

Colton Herta signs Andretti contract extension

IndyCar race-winner and former AlphaTauri target Colton Herta has signed a new four-year deal with Andretti Autosport to the end of 2027.

Herta first drove for the team in Indy Lights in an entry co-owned by George Steinbrenner IV, and he won six races across two seasons. Steinbrenner then backed Herta’s promotion to IndyCar with Harding Racing, and he became the series’ youngest ever race winner with victory at the Circuit of the Americas on just his third start in the series in 2019 and aged 18.

Andretti came onboard with the Harding entry for 2020 and propelled Herta to third in the standings and another race win. He then moved into the main Andretti line-up, winning three races in 2021 and one in 2022.

His contract with the team ran to the end of 2023, but earlier this year it looked like it could be broken as Herta joined McLaren on a Formula 1 test contract and was then courted by AlphaTauri for a F1 race seat but was ineligible due to FIA superlicence requirements.

Driver ratings on F1 22 adjusted once again

Nicholas Latifi has gained the most in the latest changes to driver ratings in the F1 22 video game. His overall rating has risen by two to 69 and three of his attributes – experience, awareness and pace – have risen by one while his racecraft has risen from 72 to 75 following his points-scoring result at the Japanese Grand Prix.

Alpine’s Esteban Ocon has had his experience and racecraft increase by one, but his pace rating has fallen by one to 81 following his failure to get beyond Q1 in United States GP qualifying.

At the top of the ratings, Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen have each had one point knocked off their overall scores. Verstappen remains the highest rated driver in the game on 95 points, two more than Hamilton.

Lindsay Brewer signs up for second USF Pro 2000 season

Social media personality Lindsay Brewer will continue her single-seater racing career with a full season in USF Pro 2000 in 2023.

The former touring car driver joined the second rung of the IndyCar support ladder this year part-time with Exclusive Autosport, finishing eighth on her debut and coming 15th in the standings, and will contest the entirety of next season.

“I hope to bring more attention to women in the motorsports world, as we all push to work together in a sport where women and men can compete together,” said Brewer. “I hope 2023 will be a competitive season, as I have a goal of entering IndyCar and the Indy 500 in the next few years.”

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Comment of the day

There’s been changes to cars, a technical directive set by the FIA, but bouncing is still an issue with the 2022 Formula 1 technical regulations and McLaren’s Lando Norris had to resort to medication to get through the latest grand prix. So maybe not enough has been done to eradicate the problem from F1…

Seems like if Lando needed headache drugs to compete, the new directive about violent vertical movement causing a safety issue for drivers hasn’t quite done the job yet. Whether the vertical bumps are caused by aerodynamics or the track itself doesn’t really matter in terms of the end result on the driver. I’d be curious what McLaren’s G readings were compared to the other teams.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Luigismen, Xivizmath, Jayfreeseknight and Greg Kingston!

On this day in motorsport

The notorious collision between Jacques Villeneuve and Michael Schumacher happened today in 1997

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8 comments on “Herta commits to Andretti until end of 2027”

  1. Another site says Herta signed for double the salary of the next highest paid driver in IndyCar for the guarantee of staying with Gainbridge and no F1 until 2025. He’d only be 27 at that time.

    1. @Don
      Interesting, but a small side note is that he’ll turn 25 in 2025 unless you indeed mean 2027, as referenced above.

  2. Lindsay Marie Brewer is actually an only fans model

    1. Is her social media platform relevant to the story?

    2. I hope to bring more attention to women

      Even more than now, heh?

  3. So no F1 racing for Herta until at least the 2028 season.

    1. He probably has an exit clause when it comes to F1.

  4. I guess he’s concluded that racing Indycars is more fun than F1, and I can’t blame him – Indycars are beasts that need so much more involved hussling to rag around on the limit.

    Though it reminds me of Lando Norris’s long term Mclaren deal. Both seem to be mistakenly selling their talents short by committing to a mid-grid team for a large chunk of the prime of their careers.

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