Rate the race: 2022 Brazilian Grand Prix sprint race

2022 Brazilian Grand Prix

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What did you think of today’s sprint race? Share your verdict on the Brazilian Grand Prix Sprint Race.

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36 comments on “Rate the race: 2022 Brazilian Grand Prix sprint race”

  1. The best Sprint thus far.

    1. Absolutely the best sprint. 8/10.

    2. As pointless as a red flagged start, pointless though, race is tomorrow.

  2. Love seeing the first two votes as 2/10. Obviously an objective view cannot present this as a 2/10. It’s just wah wah I hate sprints. F1 is full of O.L.D.

    1. petebaldwin (@)
      12th November 2022, 20:09

      Is it a separate rating or are we rating this compared to proper races? If it was a proper race and ended there just as things were starting to get interesting, I’d struggle to give it over a 4.

      If I’m comparing it in its own category – “rate the sprint race” instead of “rate the race”, then sure, it scores well.

    2. God forbid people expressing their opinions

  3. 8/10 from me. I enjoyed that.

  4. petebaldwin (@)
    12th November 2022, 20:06

    Some decent racing but it all just felt a bit irrelevant. It’ll be interesting to see how much pace Max has tomorrow compared to today in the proper race. Mercedes are certainly on it so he’s going to have to be quick very to keep up.

    I wonder what Mercedes will do at the start. They need to protect the first 2 places and they can then work for the win from there. Trip over each other in the first corner and it’ll make it much easier for Max.

    1. Yeah, the on track action was decent enough @petebaldwin, with some nice scraps at the front of the field.

      We also got another Lance-shuffleTM that could have easily ended in almost the same manner as when he moved over late and got Alonso into the air. Alonso did his own race in nicely too, and ensured Alpine are a lot further back then where there pace was.

      In the end, we get the main portion of the race with a grid that is almost “noachs’ Arc” apart from having Norris sandwitched between the Ferraris instead of the nicely mixed up grid we were at from qualifying. At least we can hope the Mercedes put up a good fight between them and might have a shot at challenging for the win. But if Russel drives like he did last week in the first corner, it will be another easy win for Max as you mention.

  5. Ocon was fantastic at the start – push your teammate like you’re fighting for the WDC, so that the teammate nearly spins and crashes into your car.

    What happened later was a really bad misjudgement from Alonso. Like, very-very bad. But in the end, he still managed to overtake the sore loser. The lesson is – just always be higher than Ocon in qualification, and you will never have a problem. Gasly must note this.

    PS: Russell was more or less fine, but Hamilton, Sainz and Verstappen will destroy him tomorrow. I don’t believe in Russell considering how he was driving during the second part of the season.
    PPS: Leclerc clearly doesn’t care any more. I wonder if he’s looking for a contract with another team.

    1. You are right about Charles, he seems to have lost it. Carlos was a lot more feisty today.

      And congrats, Russell, go get a race for Merc, it was about time. Max defended well and fair but you were faster. The RBR has been the best machine for most of the season, after an early dominance by Ferrari, but not anymore. But pretty please, George, stop snitching, it is unbecoming, unsportsmanlike and unproper in a racer, leave that for the chauffeur.

  6. Gets a 1/10 purely for it been ‘action’ robbed from the actual Grand Prix.

    Anyone that was out of position basically recovered so what would have been a fun opening stint to a grand prix has taken place today meaning the grand prix tomorrow will likely feature a lot less action making it less interesting and exciting than it otherwise would have been if the sprint hadn’t normalised the starting grid.

    We saw it at several of these sprints now. Cars out of position after provisional qualifying recover those places in the sprint so it always end up been racing action taken away from the grand prix.

    1. It wouldn’t be that kind of action in full race. When they get on low fuel, fresh tyres, order would already be more or less settled. Probably less kamikaze moves in the pack.

    2. You can easily fix that by watching the sprint race and not just the GP. It’s the same action at the same track featuring the same cars. If they’re reclaiming their usual positions anyway, it doesn’t matter at all if it happens on Saturday or Sunday.

      But I gotta respect the amazing mental gymnastics trying to bad-mouth the sprint.

      It’s here to stay, get comfortable with it. Two or three more years and we’re finally having a sprint every weekend.

      1. A thing I like about this format is that I always look forward to meaningful sessions, so waiting a couple weeks for a race can sometimes be boring, normally it’s friday “meh, practice 1, 2, meaningless, need to wait till tomorrow”, instead sprints bring meaningful sessions 1 day earlier and there’s an important session in 3 different days.

  7. Enjoyable. 2 Alpines trying to crash each other. 2 AMs trying to crash each other. Feel badly for KMag but the car is a dog. RB putting an exclamation point on where Perez stands on the team as they would not switch his position.

    1. I guess verstappen wasn’t happy already about the tyre, I don’t think it was reasonable to ask him to let perez by.

  8. Rate the race which determines the grid for the proper race, but which is not qualifying and that is why the driver starting first is not on pole (as if being on pole does not mean starting first)…

    Yes there was action and it was enjoyable, but this has nothing to do with the format. It is just like red flagging a proper race.

  9. 0 Pointless.

    This could have been the real genuine race that would have continued with more action.

  10. I don’t like the sprint format and wish it would stop BUT that was an exciting race the best one (Sprint or GP) in a long while.

  11. Depends how you want me to rate it.

    As a race it was fine i guess (Especially if you get a lot out of DRS passes, Which I really don’t) but as a pointless abomination tossed into the middle of a race weekend that shoves qualifying to friday where less can watch it live, Renders said qualifying session less relevant, creates confusion about what pole position actually is and acts to take mixed up grids and sort them out the day before the grand prix thus taking that action away from the grand prix and making the grand prix that bit less interesting then it’s a 0/10.

    Seriously, Imagine how much better it would be if the Grand Prix had the grid we left qualifying with and if the sprint we just got was the opening stint of the GP. But it isn’t so qualifying was rendered largely pointless and all the ‘racing’ we just got is ‘racing’ we won’t be getting tomorrow which means the Grand Prix, You know the thing that is meant to be the most important main event of the weekend will be less action packed.

    But I guess Liberty don’t care about the Grand Prix.

  12. It was a really good race in itself, but I do fear it has detracted from the grand prix already. We now have a normalised grid with the top 6 cars at the front (bar Sainz’s penalty), and we have a representative pace comparison between the cars on soft tyres.

    Just hearing Andrew Shovlin’s interview on Sky. He thinks RB’s decision to put Max on softs may have been because there is a big pace difference between softs and mediums and they wanted to preserve two new softs for tomorrow. We will see if that pays dividends tomorrow but might not be as good as it currently looks for Mercedes.

  13. Great, for a sprint race.

    But… it’s so frustrating that it wasn’t the first 24 laps of an actual grand prix, and things would carry on from there rather than stop, ahead of a whole new race tomorrow.

  14. Now Liberty will use this to justify more sprints. -14.

  15. “Rate the race: 2022 Brazilian Grand Prix sprint race”

  16. Red Bull must be thrilled so many of their competitors used soft tyres on this sprint race.

    Still, fair play to the drivers even further down for giving it a proper go. Disappointing that two huge DRS sectors at already good overtaking spots have made most of the passing forgettable though.

  17. I am a bit susprised that Max was nor ordered to let Checo by. Horner recemtly stated that the fight was now getting P2 in the WDC for Checo, and he needed the points a lot more than Max.

    I always dislike TO moves so good for them if they didn’t but it made sense this time. Maybe Max does care for the record points in a season. Were they afraid that Charles would pounce on Max. Were they simple afraid of riling Max?

    1. I’m pretty sure the reason is the last one you said, and it makes sense they didn’t for me.

      1. You are probably right but Charles so close with Max in a damaged car with the wrong tyres was also probably a factor, And well, it was just 1 point. Which might prove decisive for Checo anyway.

  18. Interlagos has worked its magic once again. For the borefest that are those sprints, finally the action on display was worth the time.

    But honestly, I would rather have Hamilton/Sainz/Russell’s flexes and Magnussen starting from pole on race day. Btw, Kevin could have had a better chance with the prospect of strategy and such, but no.

    Let’s give’em tHa ShOw!

    1. @niefer In a normal race Magnussen would have dropped well outside the points. Now his stunning qualifying at least earned him a point.

      1. @f1infigures – today was a normal race, and he indeed dropped down. Though, on race day, one has to manage different stints. I still believe he’d have a better chance.

        1. @niefer I’d say it will be even more difficult to keep drivers behind when you have to manage the tires. Haas are not particularly good at strategy either. Anyway, his main race sadly didn’t last long.

  19. Voted a 7 but all I can think is how we were denied a great grid for the actual race.

  20. 1 (11%)
    2 (3%)
    4 (1%)
    5 (4%)
    6 (1%)
    7 (8%)
    8 (38%)
    9 (14%)
    10 (20%)
    Total Voters: 74

    That’s pretty good, I went for 8 and I was on the fence (8,5), there was a lot of action, especially at the front, was surprised to see verstappen struggling with those tyres, so verstappen, russell, sainz at least made some interesting action, while when hamilton passed it was a simple drs pass in the middle of the straight, schumacher had a good recovery, and a few positions for leclerc and perez too, good that magnussen got a point, in the end I think if this had been the race he wouldn’t have scored any, so probably a sprint has been more helpful for him.

    We don’t have a big sample size, apart from brazil sprint races have only been max once per venue, but definitely brazil gave us 2 exciting sprints, 80% of voters gave it 7 or more, that’s as good as it gets for a sprint.

  21. Best race of the Season, after the best qualifying of the season.
    Hope tomorrow follow suit.

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