Daniel Ricciardo, McLaren, Spa-Francorchamps, 2022

Ricciardo: “Nice to still be valued by top teams” after Mercedes and Red Bull talks

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In the round-up: Red Bull’s new reserve driver says search for 2023 job boosted his self-worth.

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What Ricciardo gained from search for 2023 F1 role

After eventually deciding he wanted a reserve driver role in Formula 1 next year, having lost his race seat with McLaren, Daniel Ricciardo says he was warmed by his talks with Mercedes and Red Bull, who he eventually signed for.

“Once we connected with Red Bull, I was very appreciative of them giving me the time because they don’t owe me anything. So there was something there, and I felt it was – I was probably a little surprised, like they seemed as excited as me [about signing],” Ricciardo told the Australian Grand Prix podcast.

Although Ricciardo has returned to his old team, he confirmed it wasn’t the first time he’d looked at joining Mercedes. “Even when I was at Red Bull, Mercedes was always a team [to consider]. They were dominating, it was a team I was looking at.

“I had some conversations with them back in the day, and to have a few more now, it was nice. It was nice just to still be valued by some top teams after obviously the couple of years I’ve had.”

Ricciardo drove for Red Bull from 2014 to 2018, winning seven races and twice coming third in the championship. His subsequent moves to Renault and then McLaren resulted in only one win and two further podiums from the next four seasons. His substandard performances at McLaren led the team to end his contract with them a year early.

Mahindra makes Daruvala their Formula E reserve

Red Bull junior Jehan Daruvala will be the reserve driver for Mahinda in Formula E next year, the first season of the championship’s Gen3 era.

The 24-year-old Indian is a significant signing for the team, which is Indian-owned and will have a home race for the first time in Hyderabad next February. Daruvala is expected to combine his FE role with a fourth season in F2 in 2023.

“To be a part of an Indian motorsport team is a dream come true,” said Daruvala. “FE is very competitive, and I am really excited about this new chapter of my career. Season nine promises to be very exciting with the all-new Gen 3 car and I am looking forward to learning and contributing, especially to car development and supporting the team.”

Super Formula reveals 2023 calendar

The 2023 Super Formula schedule has been revealed, with a reduction from ten races to nine for next season.

Fuji Speedway hosts the opening two races on the 8th and 9th of April, then two weeks later the first visit to Suzuka is made. Following that are races at Autopolis (21st May), Sportsland SUGO (18th June), Fuji (16th July) and Twin Ring Motegi (20th August) before the season concludes with a double-header at Suzuka on 27th-29th October.

The final race of the year will be the Japan Automobile Federation’s Japan Grand Prix.

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Comment of the day

McLaren are organising a private test programme for Oscar Piastri prior to his F1 debut with the team next year, but all of his running will come in cars from the championship’s radically different previous technical ruleset. The outings will not impact McLaren’s cost capped budget, but running such a programme does still raise further questions.

Just out of interest I assume that all this testing and associated costs count toward a teams budget cap?

If so, does it count for this season or for 2023’s cap given the season is over.

Seems to me that they’re pouring quite a bit of cash into having someone drive a car that bears absolutely no relevance whatsoever to the current generation of their car and they run the risk of having their new driver totally confused by jumping into something that is wildly different to the one they’ve been training him in.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to James Kehoe, Blythe Schembri and Dan!

On this day in motorsport

  • Born today in 1948: Guy Tunmer, who made his only F1 start in the 1975 South African Grand Prix driving a Lotus 72E entered by Team Gunston

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14 comments on “Ricciardo: “Nice to still be valued by top teams” after Mercedes and Red Bull talks”

  1. It’s surprising indeed, whether they are right or wrong, top teams seem to be giving a lot of importance to a driver’s peak era, even when that era is pretty old, think about vettel too.

    1. Not saying ricciardo can’t get back to his best ofc, just that they’re clearly thinking about the 2016-2018 ricciardo when approaching him.

    2. Riccardo is still a talent and give him a car that suits him will be very fast. He’s also a very experienced driver which counts for a lot as a third driver, it’s fairly rare to get a top talent who knows the current cars inside out and knows the team well to be a third driver, that’s a big win in anyone’s book.

    3. People do it here too.
      “Oh, but he’s won so many races and/or so many world championships…. He really is that good… It wasn’t just the car and team.”

    4. Ricciardo had a broad on the back burner all this time.

  2. I suppose it’s like when you put your house on the market, have kept it looking neat and tidy, and the period for offers comes to a close and the agent opens his bag and – there is only one.

  3. The conviction is unlikely to have consequences for his F2 career.

    Seems like there isn’t much that has consequences for Cordeel’s F2 career.

    1. Pretty crazy right @red-andy

      1. Just as well he isn’t driving on a UK competition licence as in the UK you automatically lose your competition licence if you lose your road licence.

        The Board of Motorsport UK confirms that disqualification from holding or obtaining a driving licence under the Road Traffic Acts (‘RTA’) following conviction for offences under that legislation is incompatible with the holding of an ASN Competition Licence.

        This incompatibility is a combination of the regulatory requirements of the sport in respect of the highest standards of conduct and behaviour, potentially bringing motorsport into disrepute and the alignment of the ASN with and support of the FIA programmes for action on road safety in a global context.

        The Board confirms that the following applies to any person disqualified from holding or obtaining a RTA driving Licence following conviction under that legislation:

        The licences of all persons so disqualified under the RTA are hereby withdrawn……….

  4. I hope Jaguar’s idea of an asymmetric livery gets copied by one of the F1 teams:

    While displaying the same sponsors, both cars mirror each other, which makes for a dynamic view. Kudos to the Jaguar graphic design team for coming up with the idea and having the courage to execute it!

    1. Yes, so brave, I agree #metoo

      1. 1999 BAR Honda anyone?

        1. It is not the same:

          At first, the 1999 BAR Honda was a different sponsored livery for each car. Then (after complaints from the FIA) the two different liveries were combined for each car (with a zipper graphic). The livery was exactly the same for both cars.

          What Jaguar has done here though, is mirror the same livery to each car, making them look different from each other while forming a unit together. It subliminally reinforces the team spirit idea. It is pretty clever.

  5. Daruvala doesn’t really have anything to gain by doing a fourth year in F2, although neither does Nissany doing his ninth or something.

    I’m happy about having more SF events on non-F1 weekends, four rather than two like this year.

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