Coyne signs Indy Lights runner-up Sting Ray Robb after losing Sato


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Indy Lights runner-up Sting Ray Robb will step up to IndyCar this year, driving for Dale Coyne Racing with Rick Ware Racing.

The 21-year-old American brings IndyCar’s 2023 rookie roster up to four drivers, and he is one of three who will do the full calendar of ovals, road and street courses.

Robb replaces two-times Indianapolis 500 winner Takuma Sato, who is joining Chip Ganassi Racing this year to contest a part-time campaign only including the oval races.

Robb graduates to IndyCar after two seasons in Indy Lights where he won once and claimed two pole positions in 34 races. He finished second in the 2022 standings courtesy of finishing on the podium in more than half of the races.

“This is an opportunity – a dream – that has been long in the making,” said Robb.

“I’m honoured to join forces with Dale Coyne, Rick Ware and the whole organization. I am excited and grateful to be on the IndyCar grid for 2023. We had a great first test together in early January [at Sebring] and I was very impressed with the efficiency of the DCR with RWR team and how well we worked together on our first day.

“Dale Coyne Racing has a historically distinguished programme that has seen success with many drivers and most recently, with young, talented drivers. I’m looking forward to continuing in that trend and expecting some strong results as we enter my rookie season.”

The majority of his car racing experience came in Indy Pro 2000, the step below Indy Lights on IndyCar’s support bill. He made 61 starts across four years there and won the 2020 title with seven race victories and five pole positions.

He made his IndyCar test debut at Mid-Ohio last July with Andretti Autosport, the team he was racing for in Indy Lights at the time, then started this year by testing at Sebring with Coyne.

Robb completes the youngest line-up on the IndyCar grid as his team-mate is David Malukas, who is also 21 and made the podium in his rookie campaign in the series last year.

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  • 4 comments on “Coyne signs Indy Lights runner-up Sting Ray Robb after losing Sato”

    1. Where’s Linus Lundqvist like no one wants him but that’s what happens when Roger destroyed Indy Lights oh sorry Indy nxt or getting Agustin Canapino someone I didn’t even know until Juncos did some laps in termas

      1. Yeah its really sad he has no seat next season, its a great talent, after winning Brittish F3, Formula regional America, Indy lights in 2022 etc one would think someone would pick him up. He has no backer with a fat wallet, and its a bit painful to see it play out like this :/

    2. I was ready to make a joke about his name but read the wiki first:

      ‘Robb’s first name, Sting Ray, comes from a place his ancestors lived (Stirlingshire, Scotland, shortened to Sting) and his grandfathers’ first names (Ray).’

      Still a bit odd, but at least I understand it now.

      1. That is still a ridiculous name

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