Spain the closest I’ve come to maximising car despite crash – Sargeant

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In the round-up: Logan Sargeant believes the Spanish Grand Prix was the closest he has been in his season so far to getting the maximum performance out of his Williams

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Spain the closest I’ve come to maximising car – Sargeant

Rookie driver Sargeant crashed in final practice in Spain before qualifying and finishing 20th and last. Despite the result and the lack of performance from Williams compared to their rivals, Sargeant says he feels he got closest to his car’s ultimate performance than other rounds this season.

“I think it was a really good build-up on Friday,” he said. “I think the one mistake was very, very costly.

“I think [it] was the closest I have been, although it didn’t show in qualifying. I just think that mistake in P3, having to rush the car build back together was very, very costly. I think without that we would have been close to extracting everything.”

Red Bull building new trophy cabinet

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner says that his team are working on building a new trophy cabinet at their Milton Keynes factory after the heavy success the team have enjoyed in recent years.

The team have dominated the 2023 season so far, winning every single race of the year to date. Red Bull also secured both championships last year, winning 17 of the 22 rounds.

“I’m a great believer in never having empty cabinets,” said Horner.

“We’re filling them quicker than we can build them at the moment. I think that it’s always been a superstition that I’ve had – you win the trophies first and then get a cabinet.”

Leclerc struggling with “inconsistent” Ferrari

Charles Leclerc says that he is finding his Ferrari challenging due to how the car’s balance varies durign the course of a grand prix.

“It’s not like I’ve got understeer in the car and I can say, ‘okay, this is a very understeery car’,” he explained. “I’ve got understeering on one tyre and then on the same hards you’ve got a very oversteery balance.

“As a driver you just did exactly the same thing. So, it’s just inconsistencies but it’s very difficult to work on inconsistencies, especially when you do again exactly the same thing on both sets.”

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Comment of the day

On the day the Le Mans 24 Hours begins, reader asd wants the influence of F1 to be kept well away…

Le Mans organizers will – rightfully – never agree to F1 steal their thunder and have and F1 car beat the track record. That would take away from the greatness of the WEC cars competing at the track and setting track records, and it would ultimately diminish the value of the entire race and the WEC racing series.

The LeMans 24h and the Indy 500 are the two greatest motorsport events, which also show fans that F1 is not the be all and end all of motorsports. For many casual fans, those are the only events that show them there IS motorsport outside of F1 in the first place. This should be cherished and protected.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Aslan Lateh!


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  1. So the already-existing cabinet on the right-hand side in the entrance lobby has proved insufficient with the present & recent past success.
    I wonder where in the factory the new one will be.
    Nevertheless, success inevitably always has or eventually introduces a good problem like this.

    Yes, one is enough per se.
    However, once the Qiddiya circuit is ready for debuting (in 2028, based on the most recent info), I think Jeddah staying alongside is more likely than getting replaced altogether, but we’ll see.

    F1 races in Scripted form, I’m looking forward to seeing how that’ll work, albeit the article seemingly hasn’t got the memo about the Emilia-Romagna GP cancellation, given they’ll refer to 23 races regarding the ongoing season rather than 22 as per the post-cancellation status.

  2. It’s a fine line between maximising a car and totalling it!
    “Build up” on TV (and much of the jokey, matey so-called commentary) has been scripted and lame for years…

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