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2023 British Grand Prix TV Times

2023 British Grand Prix

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Join us on RaceFans Live throughout every session of the British Grand Prix weekend. Look out for the live page on the site during every session and follow all the action with your fellow RaceFans.

Here’s how to watch the 2023 British Grand Prix live in the UK and USA:

2023 British Grand Prix: Friday 7 July – Sunday 9 July 2023


DaySessionChannelSession startsSession ends
FridayBritish Grand Prix first practice liveChannel 4 / Sky Sports F112:3013:30
FridayBritish Grand Prix second practice liveChannel 4 / Sky Sports F116:0017:00
SaturdayBritish Grand Prix Formula 3 sprint race liveSky Sports F109:20
SaturdayBritish Grand Prix third practice liveChannel 4 / Sky Sports F111:3012:30
SaturdayBritish Grand Prix Formula 2 sprint race liveSky Sports F113:15
SaturdayBritish Grand Prix qualifying liveChannel 4 / Sky Sports F115:00
SundayBritish Grand Prix Formula 3 feature race liveSky Sports F108:20
SundayBritish Grand Prix Formula 2 feature race liveSky Sports F109:55
SundaySix Hours of MonzaEurosport 211:30
SundayBritish Grand Prix liveChannel 4 / Sky Sports F115:00

USA (Eastern)

DaySessionChannelSession startsSession ends
FridayBritish Grand Prix first practice liveESPNU07:3008:30
FridayBritish Grand Prix second practice liveESPNU11:0012:00
SaturdayBritish Grand Prix third practice liveESPNU06:3007:30
SaturdayBritish Grand Prix qualifying liveESPN210:00
SundayBritish Grand Prix liveESPN210:00

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2023 British Grand Prix

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8 comments on “2023 British Grand Prix TV Times”

  1. isthatglock21
    4th July 2023, 13:15

    Thanks for this, you should really pin this as it disspears as the week goes by & is hard to find. Much better than Sky F1’s graphics who somehow screwed up the timings again last weekend by saying Sprint quali started at 11:30am when it was 11am.

    1. Easiest way to find this article is genuinely a Google search!
      Once upon a time it was pinned, then it wasn’t, then it was, now its not again.

  2. yes please pin this article @keithcollantine like you used to! In the burger menu (which has disappeared)

  3. @keithcollantine – as the others say – an easy to find pinned link is really useful for these articles please :)

  4. I concur with others. Pin it please.

  5. Totally agree with all the pin it comments! I’m an occasional fan & so TV times aren’t engrained in my head do I often have a hunt on a Friday to find out what time the highlights shows are at. Really difficult to find.

    Same thing goes for the standings – how would you actually easily find the drivers & constructors standing for 2023 on this site? I know after each race they are updated, but once it rolls off the front page (maybe at most a day) I don’t know how to find it again. Probably through a search, but feels like the sort of info that shouldn’t require a search…

  6. Either pin it or have some way to easily select it in the menu bar at the top. I also sometimes take ages scrolling through to find the TV times by the time Friday or Saturday rolls around.

  7. Fred Fedurch
    7th July 2023, 12:38

    You never needed a schedule before. Start times were 1pm local. The only time that would ever change was due to force majeure (eg: monsoon rains in Japan).

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