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Daly gets another IndyCar call-up as Pagenaud is ruled out of return again


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Meyer Shank Racing has called up Conor Daly for this weekend’s IndyCar double-header at the Iowa oval as Simon Pagenaud remains unable to race.

Pagenaud crashed during practice for the Indy 200 at Mid-Ohio at the start of this month and IndyCar’s medical team ruled him out of racing. MSR were able to call upon the services of Daly at late notice to take over Pagenaud’s car for the rest of the weekend. As Daly was not able to take over Pagenaud’s car in time for qualifying he started 27th and last, from where he finished 20th.

For last weekend’s race on the streets of Toronto, MSR opted to hand an IndyCar debut to their IMSA driver Tom Blomqvist rather than utilise Daly’s services once again as Pagenaud continued his recovery. Blomqvist finished 25th in his first race.

As Blomqvist is back on IMSA duty this weekend, Daly became the logical option for MSR to turn to after confirmation came today that Pagenaud has still not been medically cleared to make a return to the cockpit.

“I’m thankful to Mike [Shank] and Jim [Meyer] to calling me up to fill in for Simon again this weekend in Iowa,” said Daly, who claimed pole at Iowa in 2020.

“Obviously I’m wishing him the best and hope that he gets well soon. Iowa has definitely become one of my favourite tracks in the last couple of years. Obviously I have qualified really well there – qualified on the pole and started in the top three the last two years.

“Hopefully we can replicate that qualifying performance, but also deliver in the race. The team does an incredible job to prepare the car, so we’re going to do our best for Simon again. We’ll do everything we can to score some more points for the team and I’m thankful to drive this number 60 car again.”

Pagenaud, the 2016 IndyCar champion, has now fallen to 25th in the standings and is on course for his lowest finish since his part-time campaign in 2011.

“With the care and recommendation of the IndyCar medical team who has been tremendous through this process, I have not been cleared to race Iowa,” Pagenaud confirmed in a statement. “I am working hard to get back to 100% and I hope to return to competition soon. Thank you for the continued support.”

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6 comments on “Daly gets another IndyCar call-up as Pagenaud is ruled out of return again”

  1. So unfortunate for Blomqvist.

    1. Well, he’s got zero oval experience. Toronto was a total disaster for him.

      A little worried about Simon. He seemed fine being interviewed after the crash.

      1. 6¾ flips in ~4 seconds.
        His head probably felt like a bell clapper.
        I’m surprised his eyeballs aren’t still spinning round.

      2. This was Pagenaud’s statement after the crash: “I feel fine, but you have to be careful. The brain is something you can’t check, just like that,” he said. “Obviously, (I have) no bruises, very safe, but when you roll like that, you’ve got to be careful with the brain.”
        They are probably taking precautions like with combat sports (boxing, MMA) and just give him some extra time to stay on the safe side.

  2. The word in the paddock is that Blomqvist will drive for MSR next year. He did reasonably well in the car last weekend, before being caught up in an unfortunate lap 1 incident not of his making. But at this time with not even a single lap run on an oval it is best for everyone involved that he sits this one out and let Daly handle it.

    As for Pagenaud, “concussion-like symptoms” are being mentioned, specifically vertigo. It is not unusual that such things can persist for a while after a big crash, even though one might otherwise feel “fine”.

  3. playstation361
    21st July 2023, 13:58

    Mark Webber focused so much on silence which is appreciated even today.

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