‘Premature end to F1 dream hurts’ says de Vries in first comments since sacking

2023 British Grand Prix

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Nyck de Vries has put out a public statement for the first time since he lost his Formula 1 seat two weeks ago.

Daniel Ricciardo was announced as de Vries’ replacement at the team following the British Grand Prix.

He took to social media today to provide an update on how he is feeling after losing his job, and also to clarify that any quotes attributed to him since his sacking are not real.

“After recent events, I decided to take some time for myself away from social media, which I will continue to do,” said de Vries.

“I would like to thank Red Bull and Scuderia AlphaTauri for the opportunity to live my dream. Of course it hurts that the F1 chance I dreamed of for so long ended prematurely. But life is not a destination, it’s a journey, and sometimes you have to take the hard road to get where you want to be.

“I am grateful for our privileged lives, proud of our journey and my family. This is just another experience, we move on and look forward to the next chapter.

“Thank you to everyone for your kind and encouraging messages in the past week. It’s been heart-warming to feel your support.”

De Vries also rubbished false quotes attributed to him by other publications, which claimed he said he had been promised a seat alongside Max Verstappen at Red Bull in 2025 and alluded to Lewis Hamilton’s controversial 2021 championship defeat.

“I received some interesting articles about things I’ve said in the last week,” said de Vries. “For clarity, I haven’t spoken to any media and for the time being I’ll enjoy some me time.”

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2023 British Grand Prix

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10 comments on “‘Premature end to F1 dream hurts’ says de Vries in first comments since sacking”

  1. Good that he acknowledges everything & seemingly took the outcome relatively well, even though he’s, ofc, disappointed as any driver would be for losing a drive on the highest circuit-racing level all or most drivers dream about reaching.

  2. I still think Nyck deserved more time in F1 and has been treated incorrectly by AlphaTauri / Red Bull. Numbers and statistics don’t tell the whole story (just read Yuki’s comments on Nyck’s departure). His reaction on the situation shows true class and I hope he gets another chance (although unlikely in F1).

  3. I like the wisdom in his words. Red Bull should have handled this much more professionally. I don’t know why they handled it so poorly, but that’s their prerogative. My prayer is he finds a seat where his abilities can shine.

  4. I don’t know why they handled it so poorly,

    Simple answer – Marko.
    Whatever talents Marko has, tact and diplomacy are low on the list, if they make it at all.

    1. That’s because he acts from position of power. I wish we could see him in a completely opposite situation. Than we’d know the real Marko. In any case, I’m not sure what his own talents and worth are, and how he even got that position.

      1. Helmut Marko was born in Graz, Austria. He was a very good friend of Jochen Rindt (Formula 1 world champion in 1970) Marko competed in 10 Formula One Grands Prix in 1971 and 1972, but scored no World Championship points.

        But had a carriere in enduring races with a few wins and had to stop after he lost his left eye. After that he got a title Doctor in Law that why everyone says Dr. Marko.
        But is a owner of 2 hotels became a driver manager of Gerhard Berger and Karl Wendlinger and several F3 drivers. Came in contact with the Red Bull owner and he was contacted as advisor to setup Red Bull F1.

        This makes him knowing the drivers side but as you see he can be very hard and doesn’t quit easy.

        So he knows more about F1 then us armchair F1 experts…..

    2. Marko should be hired by Gene Haas. Marko and Gunther… what a team.. would be entertaining.

  5. I bet he’s regretting not going to Williams instead.

    1. True, assuming he actually had a choice to go there, didn’t notice anything about it.

  6. I think the reason Red Bull didn’t even want to wait till summer break is because the 1st race after summer break would have been Nyck’s home race. Imagine the backlash they would get.

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