Formula 3 will award points for disrupted sprint race after all

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Formula 3 will award points for today’s sprint race at Spa-Francorchamps, having previously stated they would not.

The championship originally announced no points would be awarded for the opening, 12-lap race which was won by Caio Collet.

“As the minimum of two racing laps were not completed without the intervention of the Safety Car, no
points are awarded for the race as per the sporting regulations,” said the series in its press release after the race.

However RaceFans understands that after consulting the regulations, the FIA and the series have determined points should be awarded.

The clause which states points will not be awarded if too few laps are completed under green flag running only applies to races where “the scheduled race distance is shortened or if a race is suspended under Article 42 and cannot be resumed,” the regulations note.

Therefore Collet will score the maximum 11 points for his win and fastest lap. Taylor Barnard and Paul Aron, who completed the podium, will take nine and eight respectively.

The decision is good news for championship contender Zak O’Sullivan, who will pick up seven points towards his pursuit of Gabriele Bortoleto, who did not score. The two will be separated by 36 points at the top of the standings.

Jonny Edgar, Franco Colapino, Hugh Barter, Nikola Tsolov, Dino Beganovic and Luke Browning will also gain points from the race.

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Formula 3

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  1. This is utterly ridiculous by the FIA. I mean, I applaud the decision of granting points, but say “no” and then “yes” is farcical.

    FIA just puts themselves in an impossible situation, giving wings to the stupid conspiracies favouring some drivers over others. Just follow your damn rules and you’ll avoid this stuff. I guess they like the toxicity on social media.

  2. Once again, the important people in charge fail to read their own rules

  3. Can I have some points?

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