Zandvoort, 2023

Rate the race: 2023 Dutch Grand Prix

2023 Dutch Grand Prix

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What did you think of today’s race? Share your verdict on the Dutch Grand Prix.

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What were the best and worst moments of the race? What was the main thing you’ll remember about it? Rate the race out of ten and leave a comment below:

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29 comments on “Rate the race: 2023 Dutch Grand Prix”

  1. A decently exciting race overall.

  2. 6 – big thanks to the weather.
    Not so great in the middle when it stayed dry.

    1. Wow, tough to please. So are the 8% of voters who (at the time of posting) gave the race less than 5/10.

      I have been watching this sport for 31 years and thought that race was incredible, I really don’t know what the new generation want from F1 if they thought that was a sub 5/10 race…

      1. Their driver to win?

      2. I don’t know exactly what the new generation want from F1 either – I’ve been watching it for more than 35 years.
        Nor do I have any preferences about who wins. Perhaps being completely unbiased means I’m scoring it based on different aspects to those who are – certainly my experience of it would be different.

        Besides – I don’t think this was one of F1’s best by a long shot. Not even from the last couple of years.
        I certainly won’t remember it for very long.

  3. The discussions around future spec and tires need to consider how to make the cars safe in the rain.

    When it came in towards the end of the race, it should have been a trigger to really see who had the skill. I get that with the cars and tires as they are, it needed to be red-flagged; but we need to do something to change that.

    The race until then was decent. Rain always makes a race interesting (if it doesn’t wash it out), and several drivers put in strong performances.

  4. Another redbull win so it’s a 1. No battle for the lead or decent battles for top positions.

    1. So this was pure car dominace?
      Looks like you dislike the outcome instead of the race

    2. I get that you’re anti-Red-Bull, anything they win you vote 1, that’s your choice.

      But how can you say there were no battles for the top positions? Alonso, Gasly, Perez were sparring all race. Alonso took Perez on the track. Gasly got into the 5-second window. Sainz came up to challenge for 4th.

      Earlier we saw Russell overtake Norris to lead the race; Alonso’s first-lap charge into 2nd. There were overtakes all race from 2nd down.

    3. That isn’t how this vote works. You don’t vote 1 just because Red Bull won, the clue is in the name. You RATE THE RACE based on its quality.

    4. Are you 5 years old?

  5. It needed the weather to make it interesting…
    but at least it was interesting.
    An 8 from me

  6. A lot of non drs passing, exiting weather conditions, great track, great atmosphere.
    Excellent fighting throughout the race. Well deserved Winnir and runner up.
    Formule max to the fullest.

  7. I’m fed up with the uselessness of those cars in the rain.
    4/10 out of respect for some good drives I’ve seen today.

    1. What I learned today is that the only use for the wet tyres is to save a pair of new Intermediates for the restart.
      Hats off to Alpine’s strategy for Ocon.

      Somebody (please raise your hand) explained once the likely reason:
      It could be that the ground effect cars cause the water under the car to evaporate (low pressure) and immediately turn into a vapour cloud (fog) when back in normal atmospheric conditions.
      A wet tyre can get rid of water, but not of clouds and fog. Even a wheel guard wouldn’t help.

  8. Pretty good race, helped by the circuit and the rain, but I am detracting a bit for the rolling restart. 7/10

  9. First race I’ve seen live in a while, and didn’t finish. The shot of the rain at sea made it obvious they were going to red flag as soon as one guy spun out because of course they were all going to go to Intermediates because of course they were all betting on a safety car.

    Better to just drop the pretense that F1 can race in the wet and use the money wasted on Intermediate and Wet tyres to fund some junior careers instead.

    Also, big thumbs up to Pérez for his inspired ‘wink wink’ tyre strategy after the first shower. I hope the money is worth it.

    1. Perez got first place with this strategy so what do you mean by this?

      1. The stop during the rain was excellent, but not the one after the first shower.

        Even if he was (very) slow, the way they brought in Verstappen first was just awkward. Even if Pérez outwits Verstappen, his own team will do everything they can to get him back in his ‘proper’ place.

    2. I think this is overly negative. This was quite good by the standard of most races this year.

  10. Credit to how the race was restarted. The FIA were up front and very clear about a rolling start and two laps behind the safety car, unlike the dithering in some recent races. All the drivers and fans knew how and when it would restart.

  11. I thought it was all quite entertaining. Especially with the rain and there were some good overtakes. I thought I read a few comments saying it was difficult to overtake at this circuit. It wasn’t really.

    I think I may have been over-marking some pretty average races this season. So by comparison I gave this a 9. Compared to my 7s or 8s for some previous races. They probably should have been 6/7s.

  12. 8

    Without the ‘vitaminated’ Red Bull, this race and others this season, thanks to the weather, could have been great, but watching a fight for mid top-ten it’s not the same that fighting for a victory…
    If this continues, this year and perhaps next… F1 will begin loosing spectators.. on track and on TV… Peoples reactions will take a little bit to show, because people have tickets bought for some time before the races…

  13. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
    28th August 2023, 0:52

    8 without the wait – 7 with the wait.

    1. Very similar to my reasoning, weather wise this race deserved a 9, the conditions really made for an interesting situation, with a dry start, a decent short period of rain forcing intermediates, then a smaller period of light rain allowing them to stay on slicks and then towards the end rain strong enough that full wets could perhaps find some use; unfortunately drivers and teams by now are used to the fact that as soon as someone crashes they neutralise the race, making full wets pointless, so generally no one picks full wets and the few who do end up regretting it, so they stayed out on intermediates even if it was obvious someone would crash.

      This fact that they didn’t allow to race with full wet conditions drags it down to 8 for me, it’s still however the best race of the year most likely, mainly thanks to the rain.

  14. 8 for me, Very entertaining race. Could have been a 9 if the last red flag would not have been there. Red flags add a level of luck (free repairs to some cars) to me that is too much and distracts from the race.

  15. 7/10
    Intermittent rain and the track drying up quickly made the race exciting. The kind of form Max is in, it seems impossible that anyone else can win unless there is an technical failure or an incident. But the race from second place onwards is relatively interesting.

  16. 8/10. Weather helped. Middle part wasn’t the greatest and the red flag and long delay annoyed me, but really fun over all

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